Keselowski: We’re in an ‘agree to disagree’ stage

The Penske Racing team is in the process of the appeal and Keselowski was very careful on his comments with the media at Kansas Speedway.

Brad Keselowski, driver of the Penske Racing No. 2 Miller Light Ford Fusion, met with the media after the first practice at the Kansas Speedway.

Your reaction to the penalty? Were you surprised about the severity? “I don’t think I’ve been surprised by much of anything in the last two or three days, but I think it’s really important to allow the appeal process to work its way out on its own. That’s why it exists. I’m thankful that there is a process for appeals because, obviously, we’re in an ‘agree to disagree’ stage between Penske Racing and NASCAR, and there’s, thankfully, a third panel or group to settle those disagreements.”

Can you give us some background on what's going on? “I think it’s important for the appeals process to work out on its own and then I’ll save those comments for how that works out. I don’t want to jeopardize the ability to have a clear appeal.”

Do you see similarities between your situation and the C-Posts on Jimmie Johnson's car last year where their appeal was successful? “Yeah, I think there’s definitely some similarities. I’m not gonna say it’s an identical situation, but there are definitely some similarities, yes.”

Some Hendrick guys called this turnabout as fair play after the comments you made about them last year. What's your reaction? “I haven’t heard any of them say that to me personally, so I’m not gonna comment on something I haven’t heard one of them say to me. I’m sure there are some people out there thinking that, but no one has said that to me.”

How much time and energy will it take for the appeal and how involved will you be looking ahead? “I think it’s definitely a challenge for us, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to continue to show how strong of a team Penske Racing can be, and I think there are a lot of passion inside this group. The strong will survive.”

What was your point last week when you were outspoken in the garage? “I think it’s pretty obvious that defining cheating in this sport is something that’s been very poorly done, and I think you all are probably the ones that need to step back and try to figure out how to define that better because, clearly, this garage is having a hard time doing that.”

Were the parts approved on the car by NASCAR? "As far as I know, yes.”

They're saying no. Is that what you understand? “Let’s go back to what I said earlier, agree to disagree.”

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