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Global Crossing at the Glen Watkins Glen International Watkins Glen, NY August 12, 2001 Kenseth Expects to Make all the "Right" Turns at the Glen Matt Kenseth's NASCAR Winston Cup Series Performance Summary at Watkins Glen: Date: ...

Global Crossing at the Glen
Watkins Glen International
Watkins Glen, NY
August 12, 2001

Kenseth Expects to Make all the "Right" Turns at the Glen

Matt Kenseth's NASCAR Winston Cup Series Performance Summary at Watkins Glen:

Date: 08/13/00
Start: 12
Finish: 10
Laps: 90/90
Winnings: $54,565
Status: Running

Matt Kenseth's thoughts on racing at Watkins Glen:

You have already tested this year on the road course at Sears Point and finished well there. Will that help you out on the track at Watkins Glen? "Watkins Glen is a lot different from Sears Point. You can compare Watkins Glen to a speedway. Sears Point you have a lot of slow, sharp corners where the pavement is wore out you can spin the tires real easy. Watkins Glen has some real fast parts to the track. You are real fast through the esses and have longer sweeping corners with concrete where you can get a lot of grip."

What helps you out on a track where you are required to turn left and right, when you are used to racing on ovals where you only turn left? "I have a lot more experience at Watkins Glen from the Busch Series and have run pretty well there. We ran well there last year finishing 10th and when I go back there, I don't look at it like its anything different from a normal racetrack. Experience on this track definitely helps out."

Do you ever think that you could win on a road course? "I would never dream of winning at Sears Point, but the Glen is different. I think if we run good enough and are in the right place at the right time we could have a chance at it. I'm comfortable enough at the Glen to where if everything was perfect we could finish pretty decent."

Roush Racing usually does well at Watkins Glen. Last year Mark Martin finished 2nd, Jeff Burton finished 3rd and you were 10th. As a team do you compare notes? "Actually, it's harder to compare notes on a road course than on an oval. Everyone brakes, shifts and drives different. Last year we all tested up there and helped each other out. Three of us in the top-10 was great and we are hoping to have a similar performance this year."

Crew Chief Robbie Reiser's thoughts on Watkins Glen: "We are going to take car number 12 to Watkins Glen. This is the same car we ran at Sears Point. Last year we qualified 12th for this race and finished in the top-10. Matt runs well here and we are hoping to bounce back from last week's accident at Indy."

Mike Calinoff's thoughts on Spotting at Watkins Glen: "At the Glen, we usually use three spotters. One in the esses, one in the inner-loop and the third one in turn nine."

Notes of Interest: NBC's Today Show... Matt Kenseth will appear on NBC's Today Show Thursday, August 9, 2001. Kenseth and his No. 17 DEWALT Ford showcar will be the center of attention in Rockefeller Plaza for the morning show with talent Katie Couric, Matt Lauer and Al Roker.

New Look... DEWALT is proud of their New Products Paint Scheme. The paint scheme will be featured on the track through the Dover race. "The launch of the NEW Next Generation XRP line of cordless drills is one of the largest in DEWALT's history," said Tim Speno, Assistant Product Manager. "In addition, tool users are always asking us what is new from DEWALT.

"Promoting through Winston Cup helps relay the message that DEWALT has a brand new line of cordless drills and it relays the message out to hundreds of thousands of our target users. Most of the competition in the tool industry does not have the same 'reach' to their target user that DEWALT benefits from being a sponsor of the Winston Cup. The key to launching a product at DEWALT is to reach our user where he or she works, buys, plays, and learns. NASCAR Winston Cup racing is a preferred way our users like to play."

The paint scheme is an integration of the new product line and the designs submitted through the DEWALT 2002 Paint Scheme contest. The winners were Robert Williams Lutherville, MD and Brian Grossman of Cincinnati, OH.

Today the DEWALT Power Tools line consists of over 200 electric power tools and over 800 accessories including: drills and hammer drills; screwdrivers; circular, chop, miter, table, reciprocating, and jig saws; planers; impact wrenches; die, angle, and bench grinders; shears; nibblers; sanders; laminate trimmers; routers, and plate joiners. This year will be an exciting time for DEWALT as it offers its largest product launch ever - even greater than the initial product line introduction.


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