Ken's NASCAR Silly Season Notebook 96-10-25

Ken's NASCAR Silly Season Notebook - October 25, 1996 ------------------------------------------- NASCAR Silly Season Central ------------------------------------------- Things have calmed down somewhat, but a few changes are still in the ...

Ken's NASCAR Silly Season Notebook - October 25, 1996

------------------------------------------- NASCAR Silly Season Central ------------------------------------------- Things have calmed down somewhat, but a few changes are still in the works. We now know who will be sponsoring Kyle Petty's car next year, but we still don't know where Morgan Shepard will land. A surprise or two also popped up as well, like Tony Glover leaving the #4. Look for some of these changes to finalized in Atlanta next month. A special thanks to all those that keep forwarding me updates for the list.

#0 - Delma Cowart.

#1 Hooters Pontiac - Precision Products & Richard Jackson will (next year) lose Rick Mast to the #75 car, will lose crew chief Kevin Hamlin to the #31 car and Hooters definitely will not return as sponsor. This team appears to be in trouble for Daytona, along with the #15 and the #12.

#2 Miller Ford - Penske or Rusty Wallace will stay together. The rumor that the team may lose crew chief Robin Pemberton has been dismissed since Rusty reported he and Robin have signed a 3-year deal. There are some rumors about a color change for this team next year.

#02 - Robby Faggert, Chevrolet.

#3 GM Goodwrench Chevy - what was formally no changes for Childress' team has turned into one of the most profound rumors so far this year. A rumor out of Charlotte has Dale Earnhardt doing a "farewell tour" for profit in 1997, and then coming out of retirement in 1998 to drive his own car.

#4 Kodak Chevy - what was formally no changes for Morgan-McClure and Sterling Marlin team has now become the best kept secret of silly season! Crew Chief Tony Glover was offered a job by Felix Sabates to join SABCO racing in 1997, but when Larry McClure found out, he let Glover go on the spot. McClure will temporarily fill-in as crew chief at the next couple of races, or until he decides how to fill the now vacant position. Several people seem to point towards Kirk Shelmerdine as the leading candidate to fill the position from outside the Morgan-McClure shop.

#5 Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chevy - no changes for Hendrick and Terry Labonte. Except maybe a new paint job??? Anyone else notice that the car still has that supposed to be "one-time paint job" with new cereal called Honey Roasted Corn Flakes???

#6 Valvoline Ford - Roush Racing has given Mark Martin a new crew chief, Jim Fenning from the #12 car. Steve Hmeil will reportedly stay on a team manager. Looks like Roush is trying to wake up his teams with a couple minor changes.

#7 QVC Ford - no changes for Geoff Bodine's team.

#8 Circuit City Ford - Stavola Bros. and Hut Stricklin to stay together, but the team may lose Circuit City as sponsor. However, recent good finishes may rekindle the flame.....

#9 Spam Ford - Spam gets canned as sponsor for Melling's team, and goes to new #91 team being formed. Lake Speed's ride will carry the colors and logo of the University of Nebraska athletic teams under the auspices of the Trev Alberts Foundation. Alberts, now an NFL linebacker for the Indianopolis Colts, a former All-American linebacker for the Cornhuskers. The sponsorshipof the team is "self-funded', with backing from several Nebraska corporations and along with a portion of the funding raised through the sales of collectables and souvenirs.

#10 Tide Ford - Ricky Rudd's team will lose Richard Broome, current crew chief, in 1997. Next year's crew chief has been named as Jim Long, current crew chief for the #9 Spamobile.

#11 Lowe's Ford - Brett Bodine loses Lowe's, still no replacement sponsor announced. However rumor has Blockbuster Video on the car.

#12 Badcock Ford - Bobby Allison has lost crew chief and long time friend Jimmy Fenning to the #6 Valvoline car, and will lose Derrike Cope as driver for next year to the #36 Skittles car & potentially may lose Badcock as sponsor. Reports have Allison talking to Todd Bodine & Gary Bradberry for '97. More and more rumors have Bobby Allison folding up shop and retiring from racing all-together....possibly to enter the political arena. The latest rumors out of the garage area have Allison's team up for sale....

#14 Racing for Kids/Toy Biz Chevy - Dale Earnhardt Inc's WC team had Jeff Green as driver, but Robby Gordon will drive this car in select races this year, beginning with Charlotte. I won't even try to explain what happened at the first race....Felix Sabates and Dale Earnhardt have formed a coalition to get Robby more seat time, in addition, Dale Earnhardt Inc's president, Don Hawk, will represent Team SABCO and Robby Gordon in all future business dealings.

#15 Hayes Modems Ford - Bud Moore may still lose current driver Wally Dallenbach to a parttime ride (15-18 races) with SABCO. Moore is also losing Hayes as primary sponsor, but they may stay on in some form as an associate sponsor. RealTree Camouflage (currently on #31) was supposed to be a candidate for next year's sponsor. Morgan Shepard may try to come back to this team next year. It appears that Daytona is in jeopardy for this team again next year.

#16 Family Channel/PrimeStar Ford - Roush, both sponsors, and Musgrave will back for next year (officially announced). Looks like Roush is trying to wake up his teams with a couple minor changes. Howard Comstock out as crew chief and into the team manager slot with James Ince as new crew chief. Ince has served as the chief mechanic of the #6 and #99 Roush Racing teams up until this time.

#17 Parts America Chevy - Darrell Waltrip recently added Waddell Wilson to his team as general manager in an effort to resurrect this team. Also, rumors continue to persist that '97 will be DW's last year as driver. These rumors began when DW hired Rich Bickle to drive some WC, BGN and Truck races next year. Many people feel that DW is grooming Bickle to take over the ride in 1998.

#18 Interstate Batteries Chevy - Joe Gibbs and Bobby Labonte will definitely switch to a Pontiac next year. Interstate Batteries will stay as primary sponsor. No other changes noted.

#19 HealthSource Chevy - no changes for TriStar and Loy Allen Jr.

#20 Ranier/Walsh and Indy 500 ROTY Tony Stewart will be joining together to form a brand new Winston Cup team in 1997. The Ranier/Walsh BGN team has hired a marketing firm to help attract a sponsor, which is its key to making the jump up to Winston Cup. Harry Ranier owned the team that Davey Allison drove for, before Robert Yates took over.

#21 Citgo Ford - no changes for Wood Bros. and Michael Waltrip.

#22 MNBA Pontiac - Ward Burton will be back with Bill Davis' team next year. Another rumor has Mark Rypien merging with Davis' operation somehow...but I haven't heard anything in a while on this.

#23 Smokin' Joes Ford - no changes for Travis Carter or Jimmy Spencer, but may lose ability to run Smokin Joe's logo with new FDA regulations.

#24 Dupont Chevy - no changes for Jeff Gordon and Hendrick Motorsports. Except rumors abound that Jeff Gordon is still considering IndyCars.

#25 Budweiser Chevy - Kenny Schrader will definitely leave and go to the #33 car. Rick Hendrick has finalized a "multi-year"deal with Ricky Craven, to drive the #25 car starting next year. Budweiser is named as the sponsor. The actual owner of the team is listed as "Papa" Joe Hendrick, Rick's dad.

#26 - Terry Byers.

#27 David Blair Motorsports Ford - this is the ex-Jr. Johnson team that is now owned by David Blair. Todd Bodine has left and is driving the #33 now, and no new driver reported for this team.

#28 Havoline Ford - no announced changes for Ernie Irvan and Robert Yates. Much of the ontroversy surrounding this team has subsided with their recent string of good finishes and a couple of wins under their belt. One rumor had Ernie driving for (currently retired) Jr. Johnson next year.

#29 Cartoon Network Chevy - Diamond Ridge Motorsports now has Robert Pressley driving this car for the remainder of the year, and Pressley has signed a multi-year contract with the team to drive full time starting next year.

#30 Pennzoil Pontiac - no changes for Bahari Racing and Johnny Benson Jr., except that Benson will be known as the '96 WC ROTY.

#31 RealTree Camouflage Chevy - Richard Childress is running a limited schedule with this sponsor and Mike Skinner as driver. Next year, Lowe's will sponsor this team with Mike Skinner as driver and Kevin Hamlin as crew chief (from the #1 Hooters team) for full schedule. RealTree Camouflage was reportedly talking with Bud Moore & the #15 team for sponsorship next year.

#33 Skoal Pontiac - Andy Petree has officially assumed full ownership as of Oct 2nd, and changed the name of the team to Andy Petree Racing. Robert Pressley to the #29 car to prepare for next year with Todd Bodine in for remainder of this year. Kenny Schrader will leave the #25 Budweiser team and take over this ride for '97. Skoal Bandit to stay on as sponsor for the new team. Leo Jackson may go back to work on the #1 car with his brother Richard.

#36 Skittles Pontiac - MB Motorsports is owned by a group including Nelson Bowers, a Chattanooga auto dealer, Atlanta investment banker Tom Beard and Atlanta attorney Read Morton. Jay Frye, former NASCAR program manager for Valvoline, is the team's general manager. Mars Inc candy company will expand their NASCAR involvment (Snickers, Pedigree) to have Skittles as the primary sponsor. Derrike Cope has signed on to drive this car next year and Ryan Pemberton (younger brother of Robin Pemberton) will be crew chief.

#37 Kmart/Little Ceaser's Ford - Tim Brewer has quit as crew chief for Kranefuss & Haas. John Andretti swapped rides with the Jeremy Mayfield of the #98 RCA Ford. Kranefuss may buy out Carl Haas' interest in the team.

#40 First Union Pontiac - Sabco Racing has announed that Robby Gordon will be driving this car - which will be a Monte Carlo - next year with Coors Light as the sponsor and Tony Glover as Crew Chief (from the #4 car.) First Union goes to sponsor the #87 team, with Wally Dallenbach as driver.

#41 Kodiak Chevy - Larry Hedrick is losing part-owner and driver Ricky Craven to the #25 Bud car (official). Larry Hedrick has announced that Steve Grissom will take over the driver's seat for 1997, with Kodiak staying on as sponsor.

#42 Coors Light Pontiac - Kyle Petty and Felix Sabates will part ways at the end of this year. Kyle is still trying to form his own team (see below), and will reportedly take three crew members with him: Bobby Kennedy (crew chief), David Evans (chief engine builder) and Glenn Funderburk. Sabates is looking into switching from Pontiac to Chevy for next year. SABCO has bought a majority of NEMCO #87 team, and will put Joe Nemechek in the #42 car next year, with Bell South Mobility as sponsor. Felix didn't want Robby Gordon to have to fill the shoes of Kyle Petty, so he put Robby Gordon into the #40 car next year with Coors Light as sponsor. Enter SABCO's third team with Wally Dallenbach driving the #87 on a limited schedule.

#43 STP Pontiac - Bobby Hamilton announced that he has signed a contract extension with Richard Petty for 1997. Huges Richard Petty is holding a contest to determine a new color scheme for next year, but I cannot find details on it anymore.

#44? - Morgan-McClure will not form 2nd team...on hold until the new race shop is complete.

#46 Independent Home Cable Chevy - Dean Monroe bought the team from A.G. Dillard Motorsports. Stacy Compton has been selected to drive the car and will reportedly run for Rookie of the year title in 1997. No sponsor announced yet.

#60 - Ed Berrier.

#71 Prodigy Chevy - Prodigy had sponsored Dave Marcis in this car for 1996, no official word that they will renew for 1997.

#75 Remington Arms Ford - Morgan Shepard will vacate this seat. Rick Mast has signed a 3-year deal to take over as driver in 1997 with Remington returning as sponsor. Morgan is reportedly trying to form his own team or work a deal for the #15 or #90 seat.

#77 Jasper/Federal-Mogul Ford - This team recently announced that Jasper Engines & Transmission and Federal Mogul will return as sponsors next year. They have also recently added Troy Selberg as team manager and crew chief. Bobby Hillin Jr. should return as driver, since he is part owner of the team.

#78 Diamond Rio & Hanes Activewear Ford - The Wilson Racing team had planned to have Randy McDonald run for Rookie of the Year in 1996, but now has Billy Standridge trying in this car at Charlotte. Looks like this team will try to run the full schedule next year, and enter Billy for Rookie of the Year.

#79 - Norm Benning.

#81 Square D/TIC Financial Ford -  FilMar Racing, Kenny Wallace  and 
 Square D will return for 1997.  TIC will not.

#86 - Kevin Lepage to run a five race deal with Ridling Motorsports in '97,as he now drives in BGN series for this team. Hopes are that he will be able to compete for ROTY in 1998.

#87 Burger King Chevy - Felix Sabates of SABCO Racing has become part owner of the NEMCO team with Joe Nemechek. The team will lose Burger King as sponsor next year, and gain First Union from the #40 car. Nemechek will move over to the SABCO #42 as driver for '97 and Wally Dallenbach will fill the seat on the #87 (from the #15). Wally Dallenbach may only drive this car in 15-18 races next year.

#88 Quality Care Ford - no changes for Dale Jarrett and Robert Yates.

#90 Heilig-Meyers Ford - Dick Trickle has taken over as driver for Junie Donlavey, but no word if he will retain that seat next year. Rumor is that Morgan Shepard is talking to Junie about next year.

#91 - Pro-Tech Motorsports, co-owned by Ron Neal and Tom Hanley will have Spam to sponsor their new team in 1997, with Mike Wallace as driver. The team will field Chevy Monte Carlos. Ron Neal currently fields a BGN car with Todd Bodine as driver. Hormel Foods, parent company of Spam, will also advertise three other food products - Dinty Moore, Kids Kitchen and Hormel Chili - on the car next year.

#94 McDonald's Ford - Bill Elliott and McDonald's will stay together in '97 as per their contract. The latest rumor has Tim Brewer, former crew chief on the #37 car, talking with Bill Elliott about next year. It is unclear what role he will have, but Brewer and Elliott have a good history together. There are some rumors about Elliott trying to field a second team with Ron Barfield as driver, which is where Mike Beam might move over to. Barfield is Elliott's protege who has driven BGN and Trucks.

#95 Shoney's Inn Ford - Sadler Motorsports has released Chuck Bown and hired Gary Bradberry to drive this car in selected races this year. The team will reportedly retain use of the #95 in 1997, and will not give the number to David Green's WC team effort next year. Bradberry is reported to be on the the list as a replacement driver for Derrike Cope for the #12 car.

#97 Sterling Cowboy Pontiac - Rypien Motorsports is currently running a limited schedule this year with Chad Little as driver and Sterling Cowboy as sponsor. Next year John Deere will be sponsor and Chad Little will remain driver, with team attempting to run the full schedule. A rumor has Mark trying to merge with Bill Davis Racing.

#98 RCA Ford - Cale Yarborough now has John Andretti (from #37) as driver replacing Jeremy Mayfield. They will retain RCA sponsorship. Jeremy is now driving the #37 Kmart/Little Ceaser's car.

#99 Exide Batteries Ford - no changes for Jeff Burton and Roush Racing.

#? - Kyle Petty to form new team with Mattel Hot Wheels as sponsor. He will continue to run Pontiacs and has David Evans as part owner. Petty will also take three crew members with him from SABCO, leaving Felix Sabates very angry over the whole ordeal. NOTE: Kyle's deal with the NWO #49 car is for the Busch Grand National series only.

#? - General Mills was planning on sponsoring a team next year, with Wheaties the likely candidate to go head to head with Corn Flakes. Apparently, they have changed their mind and are looking into CART.

#? - Morgan Shepard had thoughts about starting his own team when he decided to part ways with the Butch Mock's Remington Arms team, but he has now decided that he does not have enough time to find a sponsor. Look for him to fill the empty seat on the #90 car or possibly the #15 if Wally makes a move.

#? - Buz McCall's team with David Green is moving up from BGN to WC next year, with Caterpillar as primary sponsor & Sunoco as an associate sponsor. Unsure of what number the team will use, since their attempt to get the #95 from Sadler racing has failed.

#? - Tim Steele, current ARCA Bondo MarHyde Series sensation, will reportedly attempt to run Daytona in a Winston Cup car next year. His family's business, HS Die, will sponsor the car for a couple races, but does not have enough money to fund the whole year. This team is aggressively seeking a full time sponsor and a run at ROTY for Tim.

#? - Rich Bickle to run a very limited WC schedule in Darrell Waltrip prepared cars. No word on sponsor, but look for it be similar to the sponsorship on his car, or Bickle's BGN or Truck ride.

#? - Ron Barfield to run a limited WC schedule in an Elliott-prepared car, with possibly New Holland as sponsor.

------------------------------------------- Happy Motoring :-) =Ken=

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