Ken's NASCAR Notebook 97-05-02

Ken's NASCAR Notebook - May 2, 1997 Hello! Its been nearly two months, but the notebooks are back again. Thanks to everyone who checked up on me. I switched jobs, and the new one is much more demanding, and also sometimes requires travel.

Ken's NASCAR Notebook - May 2, 1997

Hello! Its been nearly two months, but the notebooks are back again. Thanks to everyone who checked up on me. I switched jobs, and the new one is much more demanding, and also sometimes requires travel. Also, I had problems with getting my home computer upgraded to Windows 95 and the latest version of Compuserve and Netscape and importing my address book - which is where I hope to be sending these from now on.

------------------------------------------- AMW Teams Up With NASCAR ------------------------------------------- America's Most Wanted teamed up with NASCAR, Dura Lube and the Trickle family to find the person who shot Chris Trickle. Chris was shot on Febuary 9th, while driving on a deserted Nevada highway, and remains in a coma to this day. Police suspect an altercation erupted on the highway, and they are looking for a man who was at the scene of the accident. They have issued a composite sketch of man in his 30s, and are asking people to call 1-800-CRIME-TV.

Chris is Dick Trickle's nephew, and won the 1996 Most Popular Driver Award in the ASA series. Dick Trickle drives the Dura Lube Chevy in Busch series, and now has the America's Most Wanted logo on the rear quarter panels of his car.

------------------------------------------- NASCAR Keeps Winston Cup ------------------------------------------- U.S. District Judge William Osteen has ruled that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can regulate tobacco as a drug, but the FDA cannot regulate cigarette advertising. This means that tobacco companies can continue their sponsorship of stock car racing, in particular NASCAR's top series sponsored by the Winston cigarettes. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. has been involved with the sport since 1971, and reportedly puts $25-30 million into motorsports advertising and promotions each year. The ruling from this judge should not come as a surprise, since he is from Greensboro, N.C., the heart of tobacco and NASCAR country.

------------------------------------------- Kellogg's Corn Flake Promotion ------------------------------------------- The grocery stores up here are now carrying a special twin-package of Kellogg's Corn Flakes and the new Honey Crunch Corn Flakes, each featuring a special picture of Terry Labonte. Included with the package is a special die-cast car of Terry's #5 Chevy Monte Carlo, which comes in three different paint/color schemes. You'll need to eat six boxes of cereal in order to get all three cars...... Look for Terry to be one of the leaders this weekend at Sears Point.

------------------------------------------- Gibbs signs Tony Stewart ------------------------------------------- Joe Gibbs, team owner for the Interstate Batteries car driven by Bobby Labonte, has announced that he signed three-time USAC champion Tony Stewart to drive Pontiacs in NASCAR competition on a full-time basis beginning in 1998. Stewart will run a limited number of NASCAR Busch Series races out of Labonte's shop in Trinity, N.C., later this season, then he will run the full BGN schedule and a parttime Winston Cup schedule in 1998. In 1999, he will run the full schedule for the Winston Cup Series. Stewart, who also competes in the Indy Racing League, and will continue to compete in the IRL through the 1998 season.

------------------------------------------- Fry's & Iomega join NASCAR ------------------------------------------- Joining a string of other computer related companies sponsoring NASCAR, Fry's Electronics and Iomega corporation have agreed to share title sponsorship of Sears Point Raceway's NASCAR Winston Cup Series Busch Pole Qualifying Day on Friday, May 2, and the NASCAR Winston West race on October 5. Pole Qualifying Day for the Winston Cup cars at Sears Point will be titled: "Fry's Electronics/Iomega Pole Friday." Both companies are first-time sponsors of events in the wine country.

------------------------------------------- Sabates Makes Crew Swap ------------------------------------------- NASCAR Winston Cup Team SABCO owner Felix Sabates made crew changes between the No. 40 Coors Light and the No. 42 BellSouth teams. Tony Glover's Coors Light crew will change to BellSouth colors and join driver Joe Nemechek, and the Mike Hillman-led BellSouth team will switch uniforms and move to the Robby Gordon/Coors Light effort. Felix says he doesn't look at this like a big change, since he feels that all three cars are part of one big team, as opposed to three separate teams. Apparently, the third team of Wally Dallenbach is unaffected.

------------------------------------------- Help Lake Speed & the Melling team ------------------------------------------- Lake Speed and the Melling Team need your help in persuing full time sponsorship of their team. Please see the ACE Hardware feedback homepage for details:

See the Lake Speed Unoffical Newsletter web site:

See the full story on Jayski's page

------------------------------------------- Ernie Irvan Rumors Update ------------------------------------------- The rumors say Ernie is in hot water with his wife, his team, and his car owner over some scuffle that occurred in a bar down south. Most of the rumors focus on him leaving the #28 at some point. However, Ernie's mom says otherwise. See Jayski's "Ernie Rumors" page for more details:

------------------------------------------- Thunderbird Production to End ------------------------------------------- If you haven't heard it by now, Ford is going to cease production of the current Thundebird (and Cougar) after the final build of 1997 models. They intend on running the current body style for 1998 and 1999 in Winston Cup racing, since it will be eligible for all three years. Ford supposedly intends on redesigning the Tbird into a Corporate flagship as a retrospect two-seater similar in style to the Viper and Vette. Ford will reintroduce the new body-style to NASCAR for the 2000 race season. Rumors of a Taurus NASCAR body-style seem to be abundant, but unsubstaniated up to this point. See Jayski's Ford Rumors page:

------------------------------------------- Happy Motoring :-) =Ken=

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