Ken's NASCAR Notebook 96-08-26

Ken's NASCAR Notebook - August 26, 1996 ------------------------------------------- Corrections from Aug 23rd ------------------------------------------- Last time I said that the fate of the ...

Ken's NASCAR Notebook - August 26, 1996

------------------------------------------- Corrections from Aug 23rd ------------------------------------------- Last time I said that the fate of the #1 Skoal team is uncertain, but it should have been the #1 Hooters team. It used to be sponsored by Skoal, and may be again next year (read on). Sorry for the confusion. Also, TWS should have been TMS for Texas Motor Speedway.

------------------------------------------- Rusty Wallace Homepage ------------------------------------------- In case you missed it on the dash of Rusty Wallace's dash during the Goody's 500 at Bristol, Rusty Wallace now has his own official homepage. The URL is (of course):

------------------------------------------- Clinton, The FDA and Tobacco ------------------------------------------- President Clinton recently made nicotene an addictive drug and will reportedly allow the Food & Drug Administration to regulate the drug. It also paves the way for a prohibition of tobacco advertising at sporting events. A portion of the official document issued by the FDA's Department of Health and Human Services on Aug. 11, 1995 read as follows: "the proposed rule would limit advertising and labeling to which children and adolescents are exposed to a text-only format; ban the sale or distribution of branded non-tobacco items such as hats, and t-shirts; restrict sponsorship of events to the corporate name only..." NASCAR has officially taken a "wait and see" attitude, pending full disclosure of the regulations. It is expected that litigation previously filed by advertising and tobacco interests will move forward.

------------------------------------------- Ford Takes Over Points Race ------------------------------------------- With Rusty Wallace's win at Bristol, Ford has - for the first time in quite a while - moved ahead of Chevy in the Manufacturer's Points Race. Ford now leads Chevy with a 165 to 163 advantage.

------------------------------------------- Earnhardt Slips Two Spots ------------------------------------------- Dale Earnhardt's quest for his 8th Winston Cup Championship has slid backwards two positions, as a result of his 24th place finish at Bristol. Earnhardt is now in 4th spot, almost 200 points behind points leader Terry Labonte.

------------------------------------------- Weekly NASCAR Newsletter ------------------------------------------- NASCAR Online is now promoting a free subscription to a weekly email newsletter. "You can expect to receive the Newsletter every Monday morning after a race weekend and whenever NASCAR Online launches a new feature." Sign up online at the following URL:

------------------------------------------- Todd Bodine to run Darlington ------------------------------------------- Todd Bodine has reportedlty found some sponsorship and will use it to drive the #27 car in the Winston Cup race at Darlinton this coming weekend.

------------------------------------------- Changes for Bruton's Tracks ------------------------------------------- Bruton Smith has announced some changes for Bristol, first of which was changing its name to Bristol Motor Speedway, similar to all the other tracks he owns. He also plans on adding more seats and possibly a dome! The ESPN announcers reported that Bruton Smith is talking to a German company about adding a dome over the race track.

Atlanta Motor Speedway will also undergo changes before the November race. The back straight will get additional seating and new corporate suites, and the start/finish line will be moved to the back straight.

------------------------------------------- Silly Season Central ------------------------------------------- This section keeps getting longer and longer....I think I've got most all of them.

Robby Gordon to drive the #42 Chevy of Felix Sabates next year. Thats right, the word around the garage area is that this team will switch sheet metal from the Pontiac Grand Prix to the Chevy Monte Carlo.

Kyle Petty is rumored to now be going back to Petty Enterprises with Mug Root Beer as the primary sponsor. This report conflicts with what Kyle said after his announcement that he was leaving Sabco Racing.

Robert Pressley is out of the #33 Skoal car but into the #1 Hooters seat vacated by Rick Mast (keep reading), that will reportedly be sponsored by Skoal once again next year.

Brett Bodine has not yet announced his sponsor for next year. Lowe's goes to Childress for a second team with Mike Skinner behind the wheel.

Kenny Schrader leaves the #25 Bud car for the #33 Skoal Bandit car. Sponsor is rumored to be Bud next year, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

The #25 car of Hendrick Motorsports is rumored to be looking at Ward Burton as the replacement. News out of Hendrick is moving slowly, as they haven't even mentioned that Kenny is leaving....

John Andretti leaves the #37 Kmart car and swaps rides with Jeremy Mayfield of the #98 RCA car. Tim Brewer has left the team as crew chief, with no current announcement of a replacement.

Morgan-McClure adds a second team to keep company with Sterling Marlin in the #4 Kodak car next year, and the driver is reported to be Jeff Purvis. You remember him, he filled in as relief driver for the team from time to time. Sponsor is still expected to be AT&T.

A new rumor surfaced recently, that has Ted Musgrave leaving the #16 Family Channel car or Roush Racing. However, this doesn't bode well with the latest report that Family Channel and PrimeStar have extended their co-sponsorship of Ted Musgrave and the Roush Racing team for 1997.

It is official that that Morgan Shepard will not be back in the Butch Mock #75 Remington Arms ride next year. An official announcement has been made stating that Rick Mast has signed a three year deal with Butch Mock to take over the Remington seat. Morgan is trying to form his own team for 1997, but no word on his progress as of yet.

And no, I don't know where Steve Grissom ends up.....

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