Ken's NASCAR Notebook 96-08-08

Ken's NASCAR Notebook - August 08, 1996 ------------------------------------------- Hear Jeff Gordon's radio tranmission ------------------------------------------- The Jeff Gordon Website is promoting a new feature that allows you to hear...

Ken's NASCAR Notebook - August 08, 1996

------------------------------------------- Hear Jeff Gordon's radio tranmission ------------------------------------------- The Jeff Gordon Website is promoting a new feature that allows you to hear Jeff's in-car radio broadcast from the recent Winston Cup Race. Check out the URL:

------------------------------------------- Charlotte Observer Motorsports ------------------------------------------- The Charlotte Observer Newspaper has a couple of web pages that might be of interest to some NASCAR fans. Nestled right in the heart of NASCAR country, they tend to have those hard to find articles you've been looking for on their motorsports page or their NASCAR archive page. Check out these URLs:

------------------------------------------- More Web Pages of interest ------------------------------------------- Dick Trickle unofficial homepage

Budweiser's NASCAR page:

Exide Batteries Race Page:

------------------------------------------- Elliott buys out Hardy's half ------------------------------------------- Bill Elliott has bought out partner Charles Hardy, and now retains full ownership of the #94 McDonald's Ford Thunderbird team. Charles, owner of a Ford dealership near Dawsonville, GA., became partner to Elliott last year, after Elliott left former team owner Jr. Johnson. Elliott stated that Hardy wanted to return his focus on his car dealership, and the two reportedly split on friendly terms.

------------------------------------------- Guess who's cryin' now? ------------------------------------------- Thats right, the Chevy guys. After the Brickyard race, with one Chevy in the top-ten, it is pretty evident that the Fords are strong on the flatter ovals. Rick Hendrick was quoted as saying the Chevies can't compete anymore, since the Fords have the horsepower and downforce advantage. (Sniffle, sniffle.)

------------------------------------------- Can Mark Martin Four-Peat? ------------------------------------------- Mark Martin is three for three at qualifying and winning the Bud at the Glen. Everyone is wondering if he can repeat this feat for a forth time. He says he feels the pressure but not as bad as last year when he "had to win." (I say he does it...)

------------------------------------------- Earnhardt turns Green over injury ------------------------------------------- Dale Earnhardt has called upon David Green to relief drive for him at the Glen. Earnhardt's spokeman said that he will not be able to complete the whole race, because the right and left hand turns at the Glen are too difficult with his injuries. Mike Skinner has a Craftsman Truck Series conflict this weekend.

------------------------------------------- Some things just aren't funny... ------------------------------------------- Some cruel person at Indy had printed up and posted psuedo "Ernie Irvan eye charts" that were frowned on by most folks. It was a poor attempt at humor over the Talladega incident with Marlin and Earnhardt.

------------------------------------------- Silly Season Rumors ------------------------------------------- There are a couple rumors out there that involve Robby Gordon (no relation to Jeff Gordon). Robby is driving IndyCars now, but has driven Trans-Am and NASCAR in the past. He has real close ties to Michael Kranefuss, and is rumored to talking with him to take over the #37 Kmart/Little Ceasar's Ford if John Andretti is released. Another rumor has him talking to Felix Sabates to take over the #42 Pontiac seat being vacated by Kyle Petty next year.

The Kyle Petty & Pepsi rumor seems to be picking up steam in the garage area. Rumor has it that Pepsi, Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken (burp!) will be co-sponsors on Kyle's car next year.

Rumors still persist that Robert Pressley will leave the #33 Skoal Bandit car next year, and the Jackson brothers will return to a one-car team. The other car involved is the #1 car driven by Rick Mast, with no word of where he will go.

Brett Bodine is reportedly close to making a deal for a sponsor for next year. Some say it might be a video rental giant or a long distance phone company.

------------------------------------------- See you at the Glen :-) =Ken=

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