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Ken's NASCAR Notebook, June 10, 1996 ------------------------------------------- Buddy Parrot Update ------------------------------------------- During the Dover weekend, Buddy Parrot reportedly was complaining of chest pains and was taken to...

Ken's NASCAR Notebook, June 10, 1996

------------------------------------------- Buddy Parrot Update ------------------------------------------- During the Dover weekend, Buddy Parrot reportedly was complaining of chest pains and was taken to Kent Memorial Hospital and later released. A Roush Racing spokesman said that the tests he underwent showed no signs of heart problems, and he is now home and doing well.

Parrot, well known as the former Crew Chief of Rusty Wallace, is now with Roush Racing and the #99 Exide Team.

------------------------------------------- What's the Point? ------------------------------------------- After Dover's race, Earnhardt continues to lead the Winston Cup Points Race with a total of 1901, and is reportedly on track to challenge the record for most points earned in one season. Cale Yarborough won the 1977 championship with a total of 5000 points, in his second of three consecutive championships in that decade.

Mark Martin is struggling this year, and after his dismal 40th place finish at Dover has dropped out of the top ten in points, and is now down to 13th.

Bobby Labonte's finish at Dover pushed him into the top ten for points, and is now 9th overall.

Visit my friend's website where you can get race statistics such as Lap Leaders, Manufacturer Points, Average Finishes and other information. The URL is (You will need MS Excel.)

------------------------------------------- Rusty's Got A New Chassis ------------------------------------------- Penske Racing South has supplied its first in-shop-built chassis for Rusty Wallace. Up until this point, the Penske crew had bought their production version chassis from Hopkins.

Rusty is referring to the new ground-up car as "PC-1" which stands for the first Penske Chassis. The driver and crew will refer to the racecar as PC-1, until it wins a race. After winning a race, the crew has a tradition whereby they give the car a nickname such as Midnight, Captain or Killer.

------------------------------------------- NASCAR Aero Concessions ------------------------------------------- Again, Except this time they give concessions to Chevy. NASCAR will allow the Chevrolet Monte Carlos to add an additional quarter-inch to the front air dam and rear spoiler for the upcoming races at Pocono and Michigan.

Dan Rivard, director of Ford's Special Vehicle Operations, says "The logic behind NASCAR's actions on this escapes me. It really makes us wonder if they want competitive, multiple-manufacturer racing."

Ford has fought long and hard to get NASCAR to allow changes on the Thunderbird which would even the playing field with the Monte Carlo. Ford had asked for 1.25 inches to be trimmed from the Thunderbird's roof height to help them gain parity with the Chevys in downforce. NASCAR has allowed two separate changes so far this season to the Ford roof which total three-quarters of an inch.

Darrell Waltrip, owner/drivers of the #17 Western Auto Chevy, says that all this change will do is bring the middle of the Chevy pack up to the front. He says his race team can use all the help they can get.

Ford teams say that the Chevy Monte Carlo, with its modified rear width to meet NASCAR's rear spoiler requirements, didn't need anymore help than it already had.

------------------------------------------- Jarrett Family Expands Race Team ------------------------------------------- Dale Jarrett has announced a new partnership with a leading sports marketing firm called ISL, as well as plans to expand DAJ Dale A. Jarrett) Racing. Dale is currently the driver for the #88 Ford Quality CareThunderbird, and owns/drives the #28 MAC Tools Busch Series car as well.

The DAJ Racing team will try to expand to two cars in the NASCAR Busch Series and will add one entry in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Dale and son Jason will share the driving duties on the primary Busch Series car, while Dale's older brother Glenn will drive the truck. The team will also begin an in-house engine development program.

Ultimately, the team has a long-range goal of moving up to NASCAR Winston Cup Series, but the marketing program initiated by ISL must deliver the necessary funding first.

Dale stated " For at least the next two years, however, I will remain committed to my role as driver for the Ford Quality Care/ Red Carpet Lease Racing Team fielded by Robert Yates Racing."

------------------------------------------- Pocono Repaved, Finally ------------------------------------------- Many people have been hoping, wondering, and even praying that Pocono would get completely repaved someday. My personal lasting memories of the that track include a broken windshield in my Mustang from a high-speed track event there.

Over the years, the track has been patched, repatched, and partially repaved. In the midst of the summer heat, the problem of crumbling asphalt is exaserbated by the 3500 lb stock cars grinding through the corners.

The track now sports completely new paving all the way around, just in time for the Winston Cup race there this coming weekend. Johnny Benson Jr. tested there this weekend, and reports that the track is "smooth, very fast and tricky." Johnny ought to know, he spun turn three and wrecked his #30 Pennzoil Pontiac. Johnny was unhurt and the team was forced to end its practice session.

------------------------------------------- SuperTruck Updates ------------------------------------------- The NASCAR Craftsman Truck series is being infilltrated by more and more Winston Cup drivers. Add Jeff Burton to the list, as he made his SuperTruck debut this past weekend at Heartland Park in Topeka. Burton's #99 Exide Ford F150 also made its debut. Jeff will run atleast two more truck races this year, at Nazareth and Martinsville. Jeff also runs in the Busch Series driving the #05 Ford Thunderbird of Key Motorsports, complete with a Roush Racing engine.

Kenny Wallace and Wally Dallenbach, Jr. also made their debut at Topeka in the Truck Series. Dallenbach was driving a Chevy pickup truck, but he got special permission from Ford when they were unable to find a Ford ride for him. Dallenbach is a road course expert but only managed to finish 25th after having transmission problems.

Jeff Burton's Roush Racing teammates Mark Martin and Ted Musgrave are also planning on running selected Truck events later in the year.

Tommy Archer, a well known truck racer and very successful with Mopars, is trying to form a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series entry. His manufacturer of choice? Dodge, of course. Tommy is trying to obtain factory support, and his decision to enter the race may be dependent on whether the factory is capable of providing the necessary financial support.

------------------------------------------- Irvan Returns to Michigan ------------------------------------------- For the first time since he near-fatal accident, Ernie Irvan returned to the Michigan International Speedway to practice in his #28 Havoline Ford Thunderbird. Reports from the track say the driver and team were extremely happy with their test results. When asked about his feelings about returning to the track that almost killed him, Irvan says that everyone else remembers the accident and that he doesn't.

Oh yes, Ernie also plans on running a few truck races at the end of the year as well. Irvan is owner of the 1-800-COLLECT truck driven by Bryan Reffner.

------------------------------------------- Ford is committed to NASCAR ------------------------------------------- Two weekends ago, TNN's Raceday reported that Ford might quit building the Thunderbird, Cougar and Lincoln Mark VIII cars, which could potentially eliminate all of the current bodystyles that are eligible for NASCAR Winston Cup racing.

This weekend, Raceday spoke with Dan Rivard, head of Ford's SVO division, and found out that their concerns were only speculative at best. Rivard stated that Ford is committed to NASCAR and Winston Cup racing for a long time to come.

------------------------------------------- Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet ------------------------------------------- So you're a die-hard Ironhead fan, who thinks he has every Earnhardt collectible made including the neat little black #3 underwear? Well, are you driving a black Dale Earnhardt signature edition Monte Carlo? If not, call 1-888-333-DALE and order yours today!

------------------------------------------- 1997 Winston Cup schedule ------------------------------------------- Reports are still being circulated that NASCAR will release next year's schedule in late August, which is mush earlier than usual. Speculation surrounding the reason for the early release is focused on several major changes to the schedule, including the addition of the newly constructed Texas and California speedways. Folks from the Las Vegas speedway say that while they would like a NASCAR race, they do not have a confirmed date on next year's schedule.

------------------------------------------- Silly Season Rumors ------------------------------------------- There was a a rampant rumor that Ernie Irvan might be parting ways with the #28 Robert Yates team, but Irvan and Yates have made it publicly known that everything is okay, and Irvan will stay to finish out his contract thru next year. In an interview with TNN's Raceday reporter, Irvan said that he was not leaving and would have to be kicked off the team in order to leave.

------------------------------------------- Eli Gold's RaceTalk Online ------------------------------------------- Eli Gold, former voice of NASCAR's MRN Radio, now has a new weekly show on TNN called RaceTalk. The show is filmed live from the various tracks around the country and features a call-in show with racecar drivers or team members. He also now has a homepage, complete with updated news, on the Web at the following URL:

You can contact Eli Gold's new RaceTalk show on TNN via email at or call 1-888-CALL-ELI for the voice mail option.

------------------------------------------- NASCAR teams are generous ------------------------------------------- After Robert Yates, Ernie Irvan and Dale Jarrett learned of Scott Brayton's death at Indy, the three teammates began taking up a collection in the garage area at Charlotte. They managed to raise more than $10,000 for an education trust fund for Scott's daughter, Carly Brayton. The collected funds included a donation of $5000 from the money raised in Kyle Petty's Charity Ride Across America.

------------------------------------------- Happy Motoring :-) =Ken=

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