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Kyle Petty #45 Wells Fargo Dodge

Kyle Petty:

"Kansas is a great racetrack. They did a nice job with the transition in the corners and you have plenty of room to pass. I know they plan on applying for a second date and I think they should get one. You hear a lot of grumbling about the fact that we have a lot of mile-and-a-half tracks on the schedule, but Kansas is a unique racetrack that happens to be 1.5 miles in length."

"The Kansas City area has always been a special place for me and my family. It began with our partnership with Sprint. They were the primary sponsor on Adam's car and have since grown to become a major partner of the Victory Junction Gang Camp. So when we started looking for a location for a new camp, Kansas City made sense for so many reasons. Not only did it have a central location, geographically, but the community really embraced the idea. It's that support that's allowing us to make a second camp a reality."

"You know, everybody loves an underdog story. We need them from time to time to show that hard work and determination can prevail. The United States' Ryder Cup team gave us an example of that last weekend. Not many people gave them a chance and they came out and beat the Europeans pretty handily. That's the attitude that we have at Petty Enterprises. Nobody works harder and we are seeing the results with the gradual improvement of our racecars."

* In Petty's six starts at Kansas he has a top finish of 15th, which came in 2002.

* Petty had one of his best runs of 2007 in this race. He ran up front for a large portion of the race and led four laps.

* Petty will be part of a press conference on Friday morning at 9 AM in the Kansas Speedway media center to discuss the progress of the new Victory Junction Gang Camp in Kansas City.

* Petty will be the opening act for the Dale Jr. charity concert and memorabilia auction at Whisky River on Oct. 12. Petty, who briefly dabbled in music early in his career, will open for acclaimed recording artist Gary Allan.

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