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CHARLOTTE, NC (September 25, 2007) -- The NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series travels to Kansas Speedway this weekend for the LifeLock 400. This weekend's race at Kansas marks the third race in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Chase for the NEXTEL Cup. For the fourth week in a row, Kenny Wallace will drive the #88 Snickers® Ford, while Ricky Rudd continues to recover from his separated shoulder injury. Wallace is a native of St. Louis, Missouri and considers Kansas Speedway his home track. Wallace and the rest of the Snickers Racing team look forward to positive results this weekend as Wallace returns to his roots to go racing in the #88 Ford.

Quoting Snickers Driver, Kenny Wallace:

This is going to be your fourth weekend driving the #88 Snickers Ford, how has this past month been?

"Ricky Rudd has always been a tough competitor. From the day that he raced in the Daytona 500 with his eyes taped open due to a horrible wreck the week before, to the normal wear and tear that drivers endure on a weekly basis, he's a man who never gives up. A separated shoulder is a very difficult injury for any athlete to endure and we just want to make sure that he gets enough recovery time. Ricky and I have been getting along really well and I am so grateful to him helping me out at every race that I've driven his car. He really is a terrific driver and I've been so fortunate to have him behind me supporting me every weekend with the team. It really has meant a lot."

This weekend at Kansas, what are you looking forward to?

"Well we're going back to the standard car this weekend and honestly to me, I don't have a preference of either car style; I just like to race. I know the team is excited to go to Kansas because they feel they have a better handle on the old car style over the Car of Tomorrow. I'm just so excited to go to Kansas Speedway this weekend. I'm from St. Louis, so I'm very excited to go and I feel that it's going to be a very fun week for me. My oldest daughter will be at the race this weekend and I'm just very thankful that I'll have the opportunity to race for my daughter this weekend. It's going to be a great time."

Chassis #77 is the chassis the #88 Snickers Racing team will be running this weekend for the LifeLock 400 at Kansas Speedway. This is the same standard chassis the team used earlier in the 2007 season. Chassis #77 was run in the rain-shortened Pocono 500 as well as the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard at historical Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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