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KANSAS CITY, Kan. (September 29, 2009) -- Marcos Ambrose escaped a spectacular crash while in close quarters with Joey Logano on Sunday for a top-15 (14th) finish in his No. 47 Little Debbie® Toyota at Dover International Speedway. Ambrose recaps his thoughts on last weekend as his JTG-Daugherty Racing team prepares for the Price Chopper 400 at Kansas Speedway this weekend.

"We missed the crash with Joey," Ambrose said. "Joey admitted it scared him and it was an honest statement. If you look at the crash, who wouldn't be worried about what's happening around you? If you've got guys running into your door and then all of the sudden your car is flipping, it's not a nice situation. I've never been upside down, but it's natural for him to feel the way he did. We're racing fast cars that weigh a lot and when they start tumbling down the track I'm sure it doesn't feel nice."

Ambrose admits for a driver to be successful at his job there is a balancing act.

"I guess it is like any job," Ambrose said. "We race cars and it's a dangerous business, but I try to balance it all out. I weigh the risks versus the rewards on what I do on the track and I trust my judgment. There are some days where I may miss an opportunity to get a spot, but I'd like to think I'm being balanced and not putting myself in a precarious situation. Because of that, I bring the car home more times than not and I keep myself safe. All the drivers at this level have that instinct in them -- self preservation. That's what makes a true champion -- they know when to push the envelope to take those chances and when not to."

It's also about possibility and Ambrose has made good decisions this season to capitalize. He currently has four top-fives, seven top-10s and 12 top-15s as he takes a second swing at Kansas Speedway. Last year, he finished 36th driving for JTG-Daugherty Racing in the No. 47 Little Debbie® Toyota Camry.

"I actually qualified into the race last year in a JTG-Daugherty entry and it was only our second attempt together," Ambrose said. "We were having a pretty good day, but the window net fell down. I was holding it up with my left arm. I lasted 45 laps and I just couldn't do it any more. I pitted under green and we paid the price."

Having only one attempt in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series entry at the 1.5-mile D-shaped oval does not seem to concern crew chief Frank Kerr.

"Kansas is a lot like Chicago where we qualified 10th and finished 11th," Kerr said. "We raced well at Kansas last year and Marcos will be good there. It's a driver's track. The track is nice and there are a lot of different grooves. We're taking the same car we raced at Pocono and Indy. We feel pretty good about everything."

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