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KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 GM GOODWRENCH CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: "We blew a water pump gasket. It's too bad because the car was really coming to life there before it happened. Todd (Berrier, crew chief), made a great call to adjust the air pressures...


"We blew a water pump gasket. It's too bad because the car was really coming to life there before it happened. Todd (Berrier, crew chief), made a great call to adjust the air pressures and we were flying. That's the second time this happened to us this year. It's disappointing."


"I just spun out."


"We had a pretty good car all day. We really could never get there. It was a lot of fun racing (Dale) Jarrett there in the end. He was fast. He's a good friend. We had fun battling for position. There were just guys out there that were a lot better than us. But we gained on it. We tested hard and I was hoping it would pay off. It paid off. A top 10 finish, we'll take it."

(YOU WERE WORRIED ABOUT THIS RACE AND HOMESTEAD. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO COME OUT OF HERE WITH A TOP 10?) "It means a lot. It means we can really concentrate on Homestead now. The championship will probably be decided there. I don't think you'll get it before then. It's going to be great at that last race but we've got to work hard to get there."

(YOU GAINED A BUNCH OF SPOTS AFTER THAT LAST STOP) "We took two tires in that last stop. A bunch of guys came in and got four. My car was really working around the top. I just could get a run on guys on the top and I passed a bunch of them when they were sitting there."

(WAS IT A GOOD DAY OR IS IT FRUSTRATING BECAUSE YOU'RE BEHIND KURT BUSCH?) "No, I don't want to single Kurt out and let that decide whether it was a good day or bad. I think he would do the same. I don't think any driver is smart for doing that. But I'm real proud of my team. We were worried about how we would run here and we got a top 10. If we get a top 10 at every race these last races, I'll be real proud of my team and myself. That's what it's going to take to win this championship and that's probably what's going to happen.

(HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT CHARLOTTE NEXT WEEK?) "Charlotte's tough. Whether you run good or not, it wears you out. We were really, really good there a couple of weeks ago. But we've kind of struggled to stay in the top 10 there lately.


(IT WAS AN UP AND DOWN DAY FOR YOU) "We put ourselves in a hole on Friday when we qualified 30th. We just never could really get a handle on things this weekend. The car just never really gave me that feel I was looking for. And we fought hard. I'm proud of these guys and the effort that they put into it. It looked like maybe we were going to pull a top 10 out of it. We tried to do some different pit strategy and different things. It almost paid off for us but when (Ricky) Rudd got sideways going into Turn 1 it slowed us all down and all those guys with fresh tires had the momentum and once they caught us we were in trouble. But we didn't lose too much in the points and it was a tough 13th place finish for us and we're looking forward to going to Charlotte next weekend."

(WHAT'S YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON THE CHASE WITH SIX RACES TO GO AND 79 POINTS BEHIND?) "I don't feel like we've really lived up to our full potential. I feel like we're better than this. I hope we start hitting it here real soon and when we do we're definitely going to make a big difference in the points. But we've got to get some things going our way and certainly get the cars driving a little bit better and a little bit faster and we're going to work hard on doing that until this things is all over."

(IS THERE MORE PRESSURE THIS YEAR BECAUSE OF THE CHASE?) "Yeah, you're racing a lot more guys. You're not just racing one or two guys. As close as the points are, every race and every position is so crucial and so the intensity level is definitely higher."

(DOES IT MAKE IT MORE DISAPPOINTING WHEN YOU HAVE A ROUGH DAY LIKE TODAY?) "Yeah, oh yeah. The frustrating days are more frustrating and the good days are more gratifying."

(HOW MUCH OF AN UPHILL CLIMB IS IT NOW? DID YOU THINK YOU'D BE 79 POINTS BEHIND AFTER THIS RACE?) "I was hoping that we would have a better run today. We were good at Talladega last week. Right now, things have not been going as good for us as we need them to to win this championship. There's still a lot of racing left and we're still very close and there's a lot that's going to happen. All we can do is control our own destiny and that's to get our cars faster and more comfortable so we're up front leading laps and battling for wins."


"Some of the guys stayed out and got track position and that really hurt us. We got real lose there at the end. I thought we were in good shape and could get some stuff done. But for some reason we got real loose. We kind of felt loose all day, which was our goal. We kind of went into this race saying hey let's don't be too tight and when this race is over let's don't talk about being too tight. Let's talk about being too loose. We're on the edge of being where we need to be. We've just got to be a little better. We've just got to figure out what we need to do, but we're working on it."


"All those cautions and running out of gas - almost - he's probably out of gas right now. I don't even think he (Joe Nemechek) can do a burnout. Joe has been really on it. He deserves this. I really would have thought we'd have a win before this by the way the team has been running. We just couldn't quite get those finishes. But now we've put it all together. It was a great qualifying effort by Joe and I can't say enough about the team."

(THIS TEAM HAS REALLY BEEN THROUGH A LOT IN THE PAST TWO YEARS) "I can't even express everything this team has gone through and being backed up by the Army and all - I'm really at a loss for words. We wanted to do this for all the troops."


(TELL US ABOUT YOUR KANSAS SWEEP THIS WEEKEND) "Incredible. What a day for the Army and Chevrolet and Valvoline and all our sponsors. Our thanks to Hendrick Motorsports for building our engines. This is cool. To do a sweep at Kansas, who would ever figure? I'm so happy. I tried to save gas there at the end. I had them tighten it up that last run. I was a little bit too free most of the runs before that. And then I thought I was a little bit too tight. But I drove to the lead. I was thinking save gas, save gas, save gas. There at the end I was trying to save gas, and there came Ricky Rudd at the end and I thought Holy Moly. And then I had to get back on it. He got up beside me one time and I wasn't going to let it happen. It was just an incredible day. This is a really cool experience for myself representing the Army."

(HOW MUCH OF A FACTOR WAS WINNING THE BUSCH RACE YESTERDAY IN TODAY'S CUP WIN?) "I think a lot of that definitely helped. We talked about a few of the things I didn't like in the car and we changed quite a bit of stuff on the front end of this car to try and make it drive a little bit better."

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