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CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion "If it rains this thing out, that's a gift for us. It'll be a gift, so we'll see what happens. We're not running well at all, so it would be unreal if it keeps raining. It would be ...

CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion

"If it rains this thing out, that's a gift for us. It'll be a gift, so we'll see what happens. We're not running well at all, so it would be unreal if it keeps raining. It would be great."


JAMIE McMURRAY -- No. 26 Crown Royal Ford Fusion

"We had a pretty good car. The 38 car and I got tangled up on the backstretch, and tore a fender there and we had to go all the way to the back. We fought our way back up, but when we replaced the fender it made the car way too loose. Honestly, if we can get going again, I think we can get a top-10. I don't know if we can get it started again, though."

WAS THE STRATEGY TO RUN LIKE THE RACE WAS ONLY GOING TO GO HALFWAY? "I don't know. That's for the crew chief. They told me that we were going to run as long as we could because rain on the way. That's all I knew."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 AAA Insurance Ford Fusion

WAS THE TEAM'S STRATEGY TO RUN LIKE IT WAS GOING TO GO 135-140 LAPS? "Yes and no. We were just running to the next caution or our next green-flag pit stop, and then when we were within a few laps of pitting, that's when it really got dark and we saw a few sprinkles. So we decided to just keep on running a few extra laps -- we always weigh in a lap or to of cushion in our fuel mileage, and I think we're right there in our cushion right now. Certainly, our car was pretty good. We were able to pass some, we just need some track position, but for the most part, yeah, just trying to take that chance and, hopefully, the best works out."

BEFORE THE RAIN, IT WAS QUITE WINDY. HOW DOES THAT AFFECT THE CARS, AND DID IT AFFECT THE CARS DIFFERENTLY WHEN THEY WERE RUNNING TOGETHER THAN WHEN THEY WERE SPREAD OUT A LITTLE BIT? "It affects you just a little bit, but it's the same for everybody, and it's been like that, basically, since we've been here, so we're kind of used to it by now. So, it really wasn't a big factor."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion

"I think Tony had a tire going down and he was doing everything he could to get out of the way, and Kurt got him there. Everybody's doing the best they could. It's too bad. I heard Clint's leading the points right now -- he's a local gut, that's pretty good. But, man, just it's hard to keep a smile on your face after something like this. I guess we've got seven races left, but we're here to win this championship. And, I just got to say once again, thanks to everybody for coming out and supporting me, and maybe Clint will get this one today."

ON ALL THE TROUBLES THAT CHASE DRIVERS EXPERIENCED TODAY. "I know Matt had trouble today. Tony's obviously's torn up. A lot of guys -- Kyle. But that's what makes it exciting. As long as everyone gets their fair share, it'll all work out."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 DeWalt Ford Fusion

"It's just disappointing, but we ran real well, and my team did a good job, so that's about all I can ask for. I couldn't do anything about that wreck, we just got caught up in someone else's mess."

MORE ON THE DAY. "Well, that goofy deal with the rain. I wish there would've been a caution, like, right at halfway, so that everybody could've pitted the same. But, anyway, that put a lot of cars a lap down, a lot of cars at the tail end of the lead lap. You knew there probably was going to be some action, somebody spun out on the bottom. I slowed down for the wreck and just got ran. So there was really nothing, I don't think, that I could do about it. The team did a good job today. Wepitted the race like we needed to, just got unlucky with that rain and got unlucky being in that wreck."


ROBBY GORDON -- No. 7 Camping World/Winegard Ford Fusion

ON HIS TOP-20 FINISH. "Got a top-20 out of it -- that's what you get for not giving up. I'm real happy for my buddy Greg Erwin [crew chief of the No. 16] -- he got his first Nextel Cup victory as a crew chief. I don't how much heart and soul he's put into it, so I'm going to walk down here and tell him, 'Hey.' Yeah, it was a good run for us, all in all. I'm pleased and happy that we could maintain position. At the beginning of the race we were absolutely horrible, and this was the first weekend working with Peter Sospenzo, and he did great job. I look forward to more races in the future with him."

-credit: ford racing

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