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MARTIN WINS 35TH CAREER CUP RACE WITH FORD * Mark Martin registered the 35th NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series win of his career and his first at Kansas Speedway. Martin is the active all-time leading Ford winner and third overall behind Ned...


* Mark Martin registered the 35th NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series win of his career and his first at Kansas Speedway. Martin is the active all-time leading Ford winner and third overall behind Ned Jarrett (43) and Bill Elliott (40). All of Martin's 35 NNC wins have come in a Ford.

* Martin is the fifth different Roush Racing driver to win a Cup points race this season, joining Kurt Busch, Greg Biffle, Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards.

* Martin has won a Nextel Cup race at every active series track except six (Pocono, Chicagoland, Daytona, Homestead-Miami, Indianapolis and New Hampshire).

* Today's win is the 13th of the season for Ford, which is three more than last year.

* Ford has 567 all-time NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series wins.

* This marks the second time in 2005 that Roush has posted a 1-2-3 finish. The last time came on Sept. 10 at Richmond when Kurt Busch won with Matt Kenseth, second, and Greg Biffle, third.

* It also marks the second time Roush has placed four drivers in the top five. The last time came on June 19, 2005 at Michigan when Greg Biffle won with Mark Martin, third; Kenseth, fourth; and Carl Edwards, fifth.


"I just want to say to Matt and Arlene that I wish you guys were here. It's a really special day for me. I want to thank all the fans for all the great support I've had this year and Pat Tryson and the Viagra team. This Ford was incredible today. It reminded me of the old days in a Busch car. It was just awesome. These guys want to win so bad and they believe in me and they made a winner out of an old man today."

BIFFLE GAINED AND THEN FELL BACK. DID YOU PULL OUT SOME RESERVE? "I don't want to lose. I always tell these guys to give me the lead with four fresh tires with the end in sight and you'll never get a fight like you're gonna get from me. I had the race car to do it. I ran as hard as I could run there in the beginning. I maybe saved it a little bit and then when Greg started coming I stepped it up. I could have drove maybe a little bit harder, but I might have wrecked. That's as fast as I could go and keep him behind me."

A THOUGHT ON THE CHAMPIONSHIP. "My thoughts on the championship are they probably slipped out of my hands last week, but winning is great. Leading the most laps and winning probably puts us back close, but it's gonna be a lot harder now than it was gonna be if we could have finished in the top 10 at Talladega."

SEVENTH PLACE, 113 BACK. "That's too far back, but we can go win us some more and you never know. The thing is these guys are my heroes. They're the ones that put me in this chase and they kept it together and kept working hard and they're a championship team and they deserve to be in the chase. We made the chase and unfortunately we had some trouble - big trouble - at Talladega and it may be impossible to dig out of, but I'll love them forever for what they've done for me."

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 2nd)

"I tell you what, it was a great run for our National Guard car. The thing ran flawless all day. I'll finish second to Mark Martin any day of the week. He drove his butt off out there and made two tires work. My car, I was probably a little faster, but I was just aero-tight behind him and couldn't get any closer. I was just waiting for Mark to make a mistake, but that's highly unlikely for Mark Martin to make a mistake, but that's all I was waiting for."

HOW CONFIDENT ARE YOU ABOUT THE REST OF THE WAY? "We were pretty confident coming I here and we're still confident that we'll be able to make our way towards the front. It just depends on what the 20 does. If he passes all his stuff and nothing happens, it's tough when you only two spots in front of him to gain any points."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 DeWalt Taurus (Finished 5th)

"We didn't really run as good as I expected today, we just got real tight. We couldn't fix it a little bit like our Busch car, so we've got to be real happy. We had the pole and finished fifth and that was cool that Mark and those guys won. I would have liked to have run a little bit better than we did, but overall it was a good day."

WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE CHASE? "I think you've just got to look at every race and do the best you can every race. I think everyone in front of us was in the chase, so they're all gaining points on us, but you can't really look at it like that. You've got to do the best you can. We've raced three out of the four chase races and finished in the top five, and we were running great at Dover before we blew a tire. We were running in the top five there, too. That's all you can ask for. If you run that good every week, you're gonna have a shot at the end."

SURPRISED YOU FINISHED IN THE TOP 5 WITH THE PROBLEMS YOU HAD? "Yes and no. We just sort of missed it. I was kind of surprised. We had a really good car in practice on Friday, but the track changes quite a bit. After that first run when we fell back, I just really fought the car and couldn't get it to turn very good. We had great pit stops. Without our pit stops we probably would have run 15th or so, so you've got to give it to those guys. They get me up front every week and did a good job recovering."

FOUR ROUSH CARS IN THE TOP FIVE. "Yeah, our stuff is awesome right now. I just wish I wouldn't get beat by my teammates all the time, but if you're gonna get beat by somebody, it's good to get beat by those guys. It was awesome to see Mark win. He hasn't had a win in a while. He won the all-star race but hasn't had a win in a while before that, so that's awesome to see him there in victory lane. Overall, it was a great day for us."

YOU CAN'T GIVE AWAY POINTS LIKE LETTING TEAMMATES LEAD LAPS. IS IT EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF? "Yes and no. I think the 97 is mad, but we help each other a lot. I've helped the 97 a lot through the years and he's helped me a lot through the years - Kurt has helped me a lot and Greg and everybody - but when you get in the chase you've got to get all the points you can. There's the 97 and there are a whole bunch of them lined up behind him that haven't led yet that were in the chase too. It would be pretty stupid to give somebody a free five points and lose the championship by four at the end of the year. Right now, it looks like we're a ways out of it, but Jimmie Johnson went out there last year and made up a ton of points. You've got to race. There comes a time where you've got to race and that's all there is to it."

THERE ARE MORE OF THESE TRACKS COMING UP. "The encouraging part for me is that we've been running a lot better. We've had three top fives in the chase. We were running in the top five at Dover at the end when we blew our second tire. We've had some problems and still been able to finish good, so even though we're a ways behind those other guys, they haven't had any problems yet. We're going to some tracks like Charlotte and stuff that is kind of an unknown and I feel good about our performance. I just feel like if you can run in the top five and even the top 10 every week, you're gonna be there at the end."

CARL EDWARDS - No. 99 Office Depot Taurus (Finished 3rd)

"The Office Depot Ford was really that good. Man, it's kind of strange to be disappointed about a third-place finish. I really wanted to win here in front of what I consider a hometown crowd. It's cool to see this many folks here and how much support we've got. But third place is awesome. Mark Martin won and Greg Biffle was second, so congratulations to those guys. It was a great day. That last restart got me. I tried some stuff on the top and if I would have stuck to the bottom we might have had something for them."

SOME GOOD MOMENTUM GOING TO LOWE'S. "Yeah, we'd like to go to Lowe's Motor Speedway and run really well. But I had a good time today, that's what matters. Everybody was safe. We had a good race and Mark Martin won, so it's a good day."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Motorcraft Genuine Parts Taurus (Finished 9th)

"We were a real good race car on a long run. We couldn't go on a short run and it just killed us at the end. We had a restart - 10th in line - and that's really 20th with all of those lapped cars. We could run fast, but we just couldn't go on the restart."

IS THIS AS GOOD AS THE TEAM HAS BEEN? "We were better at Atlanta, but we don't have anything to show for that. That's when we had a wheel bearing go out, but we were better there at Atlanta. On the long runs today the car was really good, but it didn't like traffic at all. You'd get in around traffic and it would kill the lap times."

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