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BIFFLE BACK IN VICTORY LANE * Greg Biffle won his 16th career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race today. * It marks the second victory at Kansas for Biffle who also took the 2007 LifeLock 400. * Today's win marks the second victory of the...


* Greg Biffle won his 16th career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race today.

* It marks the second victory at Kansas for Biffle who also took the 2007 LifeLock 400.

* Today's win marks the second victory of the season for Biffle.

* The win was the 118th all-time NSCS win for Roush Fenway Racing.

* Today's win was the 597th all-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series win for Ford Racing.

* Today's win was the third at Kansas Speedway for Ford.


GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Finished 1st)

"Once we got our car adjusted we were off and set sail. The thing was really fast. I didn't think even if there were more cautions that they would catch us. We had such a great car today and I couldn't be any prouder of my 3M Ford team today and the Pit Bulls. I was even saving a little bit out there at the end too. I knew the caution was going to come out and I would need some tire to race these guys. So was Tony though. I think those guys were all saving for the end. Thank goodness this one isn't a controversial win. Last time people were skeptical if I kept my speed up. I think I kept up plenty of speed this time. This is such a great race track. I am so excited we will be coming here twice a year."

LAST TIME YOU WON, YOU HAD TO TAKE THE TROPHY TO JACK IN THE HOSPITAL, THIS TIME YOU GET TO CELEBRATE HERE WITH HIM, HOW DOES THAT FEEL? "It is awesome. I am so glad, not only for Jack but for all the Ford guys and Roush Fenway guys. Everybody has worked so dang hard and it makes it even more rewarding and exciting for us."


JAMIE ALLISON - Director, Ford North American Motorsports

YOU SAID THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME IN VICTORY LANE, HOW DOES IT FEEL? "It feels awesome. What a great feeling for everyone at Ford. What a great race that was. Running one, two, three Ford with 50 laps to go shows you that it is deeper than just one team. I am very proud of everybody at Roush, RPM and Wood Brothers. It is a One Ford effort."

CARL MENTIONED TO THE MEDIA THAT GREG HAD EXTRA INCENTIVE THIS WEEK. "Yeah, we wanted to reward the entire team. We like to reward for performance. I put a little reward out there for the Ford team to win and sure enough it came through. I think it was more than that though. It was a good team effort with good preparation. We were long overdue."


JACK ROUSH, Owner Roush Fenway Racing

WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR MIND RIGHT NOW? "The last time Greg won I was in a hospital due to my little problem at Oshkosh. It is really great to be back in Victory Circle with Greg and the 3M bunch and Sherwin Williams paint. It was a great race. We always try to be at our best at mile-and-a-half race tracks. We had a whole bunch of cars that could have won the race. All of our Fords were good out there today."

IT LOOKED LIKE YOU COULD GO ONE-TWO-THREE FOR A LITTLE BIT "I was covered that way if we had a flat tire or something. I felt a little naked when Greg was out there by himself. It worked out for us today though."


CARL EDWARDS - No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion (Finished 6th) - ON HIS 10th PLACE FINISH

"We are 53 points out of the lead now and got some bonus points. I was frustrated with sixth but now I find out we are only 53 points out of the lead, so that is huge. It was a good day for us from a points perspective, so I am extremely proud of my entire Aflac Ford team."

WERE YOU DRIVING MORE WITH HEAD OR HEART TODAY? "I had to be careful not to drive with my heart too much today. Seeing this crowd the size that it is and how many came to support me it is very difficult not to throw caution to the wind, but I knew that I couldn't do that." DOES IT BOTHER YOU THAT JIMMIE JOHNSON TOOK OVER THE POINTS LEAD? "No, it doesn't bother me. Those guys have run really well and they deserve whatever they get. There is nobody I would rather beat for the championship than Jimmie. None of us want to see Jimmie win, but it sure would be cool to beat him."

WHAT A GREAT RACE TO COME FROM WHERE YOU WERE. AT WHAT POINT DID IT APPEAR WITH JEFF THAT IT WOULD BE TOUGH TO FINISH UP THERE? "I realized once I started racing with Jeff that he meant business. We were going to battle for fifth place like it was the win. That is cool. If you can't go with the race it is fun to have a good race with someone. I realized then that we were going to finish fifth or sixth just because of how hard we were going to battle."

ARE YOU COMFORTABLE WITH WHERE YOU ARE NOW IN THE CHASE? "Yeah, I wish we were better off, but we have closed points on the leader and all we have to do is go have a solid run in California and some luck at Martinsville and Talladega. Greg Biffle is in victory lane and we had Fords running up front all day."

ROUSH HAD A GREAT DAY TODAY, WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR THE ORGANIZATION? "Ford told us right before the race that they were giving us an extra incentive to with the race. They had some extra money in a fund that they weren't using, so Greg is going to be handing out checks to his pit crew. That is really cool. Ford wanted us to step it up and Greg did that today."


MATT KENSETH - No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Finished 7th)

"We were pretty good. We just kind of didn't keep up with the track good enough at the end. I just couldn't keep up with them."

YOU HAD A GOOD BATTLE DOWN THE STRETCH WITH EDWARDS AND GORDON "I couldn't catch them, the 24 and 99 were in front of me battling and I just couldn't keep up with them."

ARE YOU HAPPY ABOUT THE POINTS DAY TODAY "I didn't even think about that. We are so far behind that I haven't even thought of that to be honest with you. I am just happy that we are more competitive. We have to finish them off. I am happy we are more competitive though."


PAUL MENARD- No. 98 Menards Ford Fusion (Finished 8th)

"Track position is important and the further back you got today, the worse your car handled. Clean air was very important. We got out front and were able to set sail. After a little bit, four tires showed up and the 16 passed us. I am kind of disappointed with fourth because we had a little bit of a slow pit stop the last pit stop. I am proud of the guys though because this was a fast car all weekend."


Kasey Kahne, driver of the No. 9 Budweiser Ford Fusion, started the Price Chopper 400 on the pole and led the first 26 laps of the race but was ultimately forced to the garage early after ripping up the right side of his car after hitting the wall on lap 164. Kahne talked about the incident in the garage.

KASEY KAHNE - No. 9 Budweiser Ford Fusion

WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE? "The car doesn't look too good. I was bouncing pretty bad throughout the whole race and through practice yesterday really. We never got it fixed. I just got all mixed up. It wasn't too bad when it first went green because I was out in the open. The longer it went, Jeff got by us. I knew from the time it went green that we were in trouble because of the bouncing. I couldn't hardly control it and still run competitive speeds. Something was bound to happen. I actually got loose in and then tight and then loose and spun out and hit the wall. I should have just slowed way down and I didn't. I just tried to get some more on that restart there and it didn't work out."

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