Kansas: Biffle, Edwards post-race interview

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 2nd) CARL EDWARDS - No. 99 Office Depot Taurus (Finished 3rd) POST-RACE PRESS CONFERENCE GREG BIFFLE "We really struggled here off the truck. Our car wasn't that good. I didn't...

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 National Guard/Subway Taurus (Finished 2nd)
CARL EDWARDS - No. 99 Office Depot Taurus (Finished 3rd)


GREG BIFFLE "We really struggled here off the truck. Our car wasn't that good. I didn't think it was that good and really, really struggled. We tried a lot of stuff and I felt like maybe we had a top 10 car, but as competitive as we are these days, we want to have a top five car and feel like we have a chance to win. I didn't really feel like that going in, and then we sat down and made a lot of changes and ended up qualifying well. The car drove really good and I felt I could have qualified better at eighth, so that was kind of uplifting before the start of the race. When the race started we were just kind of right in there and just worked our way up. We adjusted on the car very little today and I'm just kind of amazed the 6 ran off there with two tires. That was pretty amazing. They had their car dialed in really good."

CARL EDWARDS "We had a good race. I think Tony was gonna let me go for a minute, but then he kind of thought, 'Maybe I can hold him off for 12 or 13 laps,' so we had a pretty good race there. Our Office Depot/Intel Ford was really good all day. We were great off the truck. It was just super-fast. To be honest with you, it's awesome to see Mark win the race. That's cool, and Greg to finish second, but if we would have played our cards just a little bit differently and if I would have done a little bit better job on those last two restarts, we might have been in contention for the win. Our car was awesome at the end, so, deep down a little bit frustrated to finish third, but, heck, it's an awesome points day and it was a lot of fun. I had a blast racing."

THE CROWD WAS LOUD WHEN YOU PASSED TONY. "That's good, but to me winning a race here would be bigger than any other race I could win. This would be the neatest thing in the world. Winning that race here last year in the Truck Series was just the most awesome feeling, so until we get to Victory Lane it's gonna be hard to be too excited about finishes other than that here."

BIFFLE HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT LETTING A TEAMMATE GET FIVE BONUS POINTS? "I think we just need to treat each other with respect. Now that the championship is on the line it's up to you, but you really probably can't slow down and let the guy just lead a lap just because - if he's 10-20 car lengths back there. If he's on your bumper, and you're dogfighting to stay in front of him, maybe letting him go is not that bad of a deal. But just to let a guy go and get five points, Matt is right. It's probably not the thing we need to be doing. We either need to all do it or not. Five points is five points, I guess. I had to fight Matt for the spot. Matt wasn't gonna let me just lead. I had to go up there and take it away from him to get my five points, so I was pretty frustrated when the caution came out right when I finally got to him, but we were able to get by him and get some points."

BIFFLE THIS ANSWERS THE QUESTION OF WHERE WERE THE ROUSH CARS IN THE FIRST THREE CHASE RACES. "I think so. Our stats kind of say it for itself. We ran really well at Dover, I think all of us did, but I got a flat tire. Talladega, you can't really count that one. We got third and fourth at Loudon the first race of the chase, so I don't think that's too shabby."

EDWARDS CAN YOU TALK ABOUT NASCAR WANTING TO LIMIT THE NUMBER OF TEAMS? "I kind of heard a little about that this morning, but I don't know. I'm sure NASCAR will do whatever is best for the sport and the longevity of this sport and everything. Right now I'm glad to be a part of Roush Racing. It's a really awesome team."

BIFFLE "The way I really look at it is each team, we've run like five individual teams sharing information, so we're rewarded for building good race cars. Nobody is handing this stuff to us on a platter. We're doing our best. You look at the Hendrick five teams. Kyle has run really good and so has the 25 and the 48 - all of them have - so I think it's more of the team itself than who owns the team. That's really how I look at it. If all five Hendrick cars were in there I wouldn't say it's because of Hendrick that all five are in there. We just have great organization and we build good race cars and we've got five good drivers. If we take some other driver out of the series and put him in the 99 is that car gonna be in the chase? I don't know. I feel we've got five of the best drivers in the series and it's hard to penalize a team owner for that."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT BATTLING TONY? "He's a tough customer. He runs really well. He's a smart race car driver. He thinks. He executes. Greg, his crew chief, is really sharp. His team has got years of experience. They're gonna be very hard to beat. They're gonna have to have another off day like they did at Dover and we're gonna have to not get a flat tire in order to close in on them. Just 10 points a race isn't gonna do it, and what are the chances of me finishing second for the next six races. That's pretty unlikely as well, so we can only do as good as we can do and can't really worry about the outcome. We're worried about it, but we really can't do anything about the outcome of the 20. He almost got wrecked today coming off of four. He slid up in front of me off of four and was not cleared at all - not even close. I got out of the gas so fast my car got sideways and I almost wrecked myself trying not to turn him around because I certainly didn't want to wreck him and everybody think I turned him around because he's leading the points. I tried my best to stay off of him and I almost wrecked myself, so that wasn't very smart of me to do, but we both survived it and moved on."

EDWARDS "I think that tells you something about how he's racing. He's not racing for points. They're racing to win, too."

BIFFLE "Yeah, everybody has got to go. It's time to go."

EDWARDS TALK ABOUT COMING HOME. "In a way I was sitting here thinking about what I said. I feel a little bit greedy to come up here and say, 'Wow, I finished third in a Nextel Cup race and I'm really disappointed' because it's an awesome achievement. I think everything we've achieved this year has been great. I did not expect in a million years to be in the chase, to have won two races and to be able to come here and be disappointed about third is just amazing. It's cool. It's awesome to come home. The fans here are great. I walk around at all these races and I'm kind of the new guy. There are a lot of fans who know who I am and stuff, and it's pretty cool, I get to sign some autographs, but I walked from the Busch garage to the Cup garage here and I got stopped. I couldn't move because there were so many people. I thought, 'This is crazy.' So the fans here are just so much fun. They're awesome and they've been behind me 100 percent and that means the world. It's always fun to come home."

EDWARDS DID YOU HAVE A LOT OF FAMILY AND WAS THERE A POINT WHERE YOU WERE PUSHING HARDER ON THE TRACK? "I did have a lot of folks here. I walked in my motorhome earlier before the race and I had a big cardboard collage that says, 'Go Carl Edwards' up in he front windshield and there were like 15 people in my motorhome. It was awesome. Everybody showed up. It's a lot of fun. There might have been 50 people here who are either related to me or married to someone that's related to me, which I guess makes them related to me (laughter). I have a lot of cousins and folks like that, so that was pretty cool. There wasn't a point in the race where I tried to push any harder. I knew right at the end we had like 15 to go or 13 to go and I got in third, I could see Mark and Greg out there and I thought, 'Man, if I ever could give 100 percent now is the time,' and I did but it was still too little, too late, but I gave it 100 percent all day."

BIFFLE THOUGHTS ON MARK WINNING? "I was really excited following him. That sounds kind of funny. Don't get me wrong, I was gonna pass him if I could, but I was real excited following him. I don't know why, but you've got a lot of time to think about stuff at this race track and I'm just picturing him buckled down in that race car just giving it all he's got every single lap. Mark is just sitting there driving the wheels off of that thing and knowing that I'm behind him, but I was thinking about him winning and it would mean a lot to him to win. Certainly, our job is to win too. We want to win for all the soldiers, but I'm probably as happy as he is that he won today."

EDWARDS "He's a great guy and it's cool because he's one of those people that gives so much to the sport and tries so hard that you can't help but be happy for someone like that when they have success, so it's cool to see him do that."

BIFFLE ARE YOU GETTING FRUSTRATED WITH ALL THE CLOSE LOSSES HERE IN BUSCH AND CUP? "I forgot that I lost the Busch race like that last year coming to the line and that was kind of frustrating. Not really, I guess if I come back next year and get two seconds I might start to get frustrated, but there's a difference between finishing second. Today, yeah you should have probably been a little more frustrated because we led a lot of it and had a pretty fast car, but yesterday my car was so stinking fast and so dominant, and I was so much faster than Kasey. I was nearly half-a-second a lap or better faster than Kasey and didn't win, so that kind of gets to you when you've got that good of a car and you basically don't get the job done. That's a little frustrating personally, but just didn't have enough laps. Maybe taking four tires, I could have replayed that a bunch and maybe done things different, but when you finish in the top five like this it's hard to not be happy, really."

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