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Kasey Kahne, Driver, No. 9 Budweiser Dodge -- Gillett Evernham Motorsports Weekly Dodge Motorsports Teleconference Transcript Oct. 28,2008 Q: Talk about Racing at Texas this weekend. A: "I always look forward to racing at Texas, especially ...

Kasey Kahne, Driver, No. 9 Budweiser Dodge -- Gillett Evernham Motorsports
Weekly Dodge Motorsports Teleconference Transcript
Oct. 28,2008

Q: Talk about Racing at Texas this weekend.

A: "I always look forward to racing at Texas, especially after Atlanta last week and the troubles we had there. Texas is a track that we run pretty well at. We are running the same car that we ran second with at Charlotte, so hopefully we can challenge for a top-five. In the spring race, we had a top-10 car, but had an issue with our splitter that forced us to make a green-flag pit stop so we didn't get the finish that we were capable of."

Q: What separates Texas from the other mile-and-a-half tracks?

A: Getting into Turn 1 can be tricky. It is real flat (straights) and then as you come into the corner, you get into the banking. It's almost like you fall into the corner at 190 miles per hour. Turn 3 is similar, but it is not as drastic. It is a difficult place to get your car to handle the way you want. It is a great track, but you really need your car to handle well on entry to be competitive.

Q: Can you talk about the progress the No. 9 team has made this year with the mile-and-a-half program?

A:  I feel like we've been decent at some of the mile-and-a-half
and two-mile tracks...the momentum tracks.  We were off at both
Atlanta races.  We are a little bit hit-and-miss with the COT car.  I
think the tires and air pressures are so much different these days.  If
you hit it (the right set up), it's good.  If you miss it,
it's terrible.  That's where we were at last week.

Q: If you're leading the race at Texas with one lap to go, what five drivers would scare you if you saw them in your rear-view mirror?

A: I'm not sure. If one of them is catching you, then probably any of them would scare me. If they're not catching you, I could care less who's back there.

Q: Are there five drivers that you get scared of who are around you when you're on the track?

A: I think the only reason that you get worried is if somebody is catching you and is going to pass you. So if Kyle Busch was catching me, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon....yeah....if any of those guys are catching you, you're worried about getting beat and how you can go faster. As far as scared, I don't know if I've been scared in a while.

Q: Is there anybody that makes you nervous when get around them on the track?

A: The 77, 42, 28...with those guys, you never know what's going to happen. They're just racing as hard as they can. Once in a while it worries you a little bit...which direction they're going to go.

Q: What is it like racing at Texas Motor Speedway?

A: It's a great track. You can move around on it a lot which is awesome. There is a pretty good bump in the middle of (Turn) 1 and in 3 if you're (running) up high. It's flat getting into the corners and flat coming off the corners and then you're in a lot of banking in the corners. You have to make sure you're pointed (for proper entry) and your car has the right attitude. That's critical. If you get that stuff right, you can be pretty fast.

Q: Do you remember dressing up as anything stellar (Halloween) when you were a kid?

A: No, I really don't. As a kid, I really don't remember dressing up. I remember going and trick-or-treating and getting dressed up, but I really can't tell you what I was wearing. I'd probably have to ask my Mom (laughs).

Q: Is it good to get 'butterflies' before a race? Do you get butterflies before a race?

A: I definitely agree with it. I enjoy the butterflies and the suspense with qualifying or the start of the race or different parts of the race. I like getting butterflies for practice or coming to a track. I enjoy it. I think that's a big part why I race.

Q: Did you ever imagine the celebrity status you would gain in racing?

A: No, not at all. I grew up wanting to race cars...sprint cars, midgets, NASCAR...anything that I could fit in and drive. That's what I wanted to do. The whole celebrity side of it just kind of happened. All I ever wanted to do is race and it's turned into a little bit more than that. I enjoy it. I love what I do. It's exciting and fun, but I just mainly want to be a driver.

Q: Can you talk about the unique Victory Lane awards of cowboy hat, pistols and the cowboy boot trophy at Texas Motor Speedway?

A: Texas has its own victory lane. It's different than any other victory lane and it's a blast to be in there. In Texas, there are always lots of people...always lots in Victory Lane, in the grandstands. It's loud and entertaining. To be part of that and wear that cowboy hat is a pretty cool deal. It doesn't happen to everyone, so I think that (Texas) is one of the bigger races that I've won and hope that I can win another race at Texas.

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