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GIL MARTIN, CREW CHIEF, NO. 29 GM GOODWRENCH CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: "The GM Goodwrench car was great today and Kevin did a great job. I don't know what else to say, it was just a great, great race right there. The Lord stood by us right there."...


"The GM Goodwrench car was great today and Kevin did a great job. I don't know what else to say, it was just a great, great race right there. The Lord stood by us right there." WHAT MADE YOU COME DOWN PIT ROAD THAT LAST TIME? "Well, we had to right there after we spun up there in 1 and 2. We were able to come back and top the tank off right there. We knew with 200 to go we could make it, we had been 67 laps. It was a great day."


"We had a good car all day. If we could just get in clean air, man, we could fly. It was just real hard to get track position and Robbie and those guys in the pits just did an awesome job. I mean the pit stops were great but that was a great call too. Took a risk to go to the back of the pack and get back there in traffic. I was just so loose on new tires that Kevin got by me and I guess the way it ended up, coming down to me and him that last restart, kind of wish I would have fought him a little bit harder, but I was real loose. Maybe I could've stayed ahead of him and roles been reversed here we were just as good as he was but he got a good restart and drove his heart out and won the race. We're real happy for the DuPont Chevrolet to come home second."

YOU GOT CLOSE, FELL BACK: "It's just aero push, you know what that is. My car was good in clean air, but when I got behind people I just got real, real tight. Even if I could have caught him, I was on him on the restart when the tires were cool, and I got up on him, but as soon as I got into the corner the thing just started really pushing, so I couldn't do much."


"It's incredible. These guys at Hendrick Motorsports on this Lowe's No. 48 car have been giving me great cars, and to come out here, we don't really have backup cars, but we had to unload one we didn't intend on racing, come back to finish fourth. We passed more cars than anyone all day long. Fastest in a lot of segments, but we just didn't have the track position. We're not upset at all. To come back and finish fourth through this, it's an incredible day for the Lowe's Monte Carlo."

RACING WITH BILL ELLIOTT AND OTHERS IN THE LAST 20 LAPS: "It's so hard to get a run because you're stuck behind somebody and when you pull up on them down the straightaway you push them out ahead of you. When you had a run in the corner you had to do something with it. I tried the top and it worked a couple of times. I tried the apron, it worked once. Just anywhere that I could go trying to keep my momentum on my side to clear somebody to get past them."

WERE THERE GROOVES? "One and 2, the third line was still on the bottom. You could get a lap or two out there and work out a pass. It wasn't something that you could do all day.' FROM BACK TO FRONT: "I dodged a lot of stuff. There was a lot of things that came up that I was just lucky that I missed. Great race car, great stuff from Hendrick Motorsports, worked great."


"We had a pretty good car. Just the last set of tires we had on weren't worth a darn and just made the car really tight and being in traffic made it worse. It was a good day for us, didn't hit anything, and we came home with a decent finish. We need to be in that top 10 or the top five like we run all day. It's kind of disappointing 'cause we'd run there all day. When you don't finish it's kind of disappointing but we're glad for Kevin and those guys. RCR needed this and maybe we can build off that."


WHAT DOES THIS VICTORY MEAN TO YOU? "It's bittersweet. There are a lot of things that people can talk about you and we didn't say a whole lot, we just kept our head down, kept digging on our race teams, on our race cars. This isn't just the GM Goodwrench team. We made a big change there with the teams and everybody thought it was going to be better. I think in the long it's going to be better for everybody and then right now it's starting to show. I just can't say enough for Gil Martin and all these guys. They've been working and working and working. It's been coming. We've had good race cars every week, it's just we didn't have the finishes to show for them. We finished one, and we finished in the front. They had it planned out, how many laps to go and we just came in our window just like Johnny Sauter did yesterday and came out on top. It's really cool for everybody."

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ON LAST LAP? "I was just thinking, is the tire going to go flat, is the motor going to blow up, am I going to spin it out. I spun it out once. What's going to go wrong now? Everything's gone so good all day, and everything went right. We thought that our luck was going to turn around last week at Daytona, we missed a couple of wrecks; just have to take the good with the bad. And these guys keep digging and they don't ever give up on anybody. It's a team effort.

The RCR organization is strong and we're here to stay." WHAT HAPPENED ON THE SPIN OUT? "I just got down on the apron under Kurt. He had somebody on the outside of him and, when I came up off the apron I just lost the air off the back of the car and spun out."


"We had a car to win the thing and Park got inside of us and tore the whole right side up to the fender. We had the pull the front fender forward and lost a lot of downforce on the front. It's a big disappointment. We had a really fast car in the middle of the race. We were able to pull away from Tony. We had a really good car; the guys made some great, great calls. Congratulations to Kevin Harvick for his run. We should have easily had a top five."

WAS THAT WHY YOU DROPPED OUT OF THIRD? "Coming off of turn 2 I guess he must have got a push and caught us and just drug our fender off the thing. It happens, it's racing. No big deal. I hit the wall earlier and that cost us too. At one point we had the fastest car on the track. To come back and still finish inside the top 10 I'm pretty proud. We were just pushing too much at the end, didn't have enough downforce. Real, real proud of everybody at Richard Childress Racing."


WHAT HAPPENED TO NEMECHEK? "First we ran out of gas, which cost us two laps. Got back where we were one lap down. And then just had two flat tires and the last one finally put us in the fence."

WAS RUNNING GOOD ENCOURAGING? "I guess, there are some good signs. You still got to finish where you're running. We had a top 10 car and that's where we should have finished. I guess we'll pick up the pieces and go to Loudon and look forward to Pocono and Indy."

DALE EARNHARDT, JR., NO. 8 BUDWEISER CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: "The one thing that's wrong with this track is the bumps. The bumps are awful going into 1 and going into 3. If you get around those, work around them, you'd be..."

YOU HAD A GOOD CAR TODAY: "We took four tires and got beat."


WHAT WAS THEIR THINKING? "The tires would be faster. When you're 13th, 15th or whatever in line then you got 15 @#$% lapped cars on the inside. You can't pass 30 cars in 20 laps, nobody can, nobody's that good."

I said, God, we should've just got gas or whatever, you know. Damn. We'll be all right. It's a good run, feeling good to run up front."

FRUSTRATED? "No. We got to whoop some ass for a little while, and that really felt good."

MICHAEL WALTRIP, NO. 15 NAPA CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO, is out of the race on lap 138 with an engine failure. He did not hit the wall; he just pulled up against the wall out of the racing groove.

WALTRIP: "Something happened under the hood; I'm not sure what. It started missing a little bit and then it blew up. What a great effort for Slugger, Richie Gilmore and all the boys that put my NAPA Chevy together. I'd rather break running good than run all day long and run bad. We'll just take from this, learn from this. A great setup in our car. We're going to Indy tomorrow and test good. And hopefully get back into victory lane before much longer."

"I didn't hit the wall. We blew up. It's unfortunate, but, Man, Richie Gilmore and those guys let us lean on these engines and we got a lot of power out of them. Every now and then something's goIng to break. I'm not disappointed about what happened to it, just ecstatic about how we ran. We were as good as Tony (Stewart) all that run right there, then just needed to get caught back up after being really loose at the start. This year I'm smart enough to wait. Have been so far until it comes in and when it comes in, go. And we were going good. Unfortunately something broke under the hood."

ON POINTS: "It's disappointing, but I've had a lot more than I ever had at this time of year, with this team, so I'm pleased."


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