Joliet: Ford Racing qualifying quotes

RICKY RUDD-28-Havoline Taurus (qualified 42nd) "We really didn't know when we started. We'd been having some problems in practice, we kept bottoming the car out. It bottomed out so bad it grabbed all the teeth off the flywheel, and we had to ...

RICKY RUDD-28-Havoline Taurus (qualified 42nd)

"We really didn't know when we started. We'd been having some problems in practice, we kept bottoming the car out. It bottomed out so bad it grabbed all the teeth off the flywheel, and we had to push-start it to get it to crank a while ago. So, we really didn't know what we had when we qualified, and obviously, we missed it pretty big time on the setup. We spent all day just trying to get it to not bottom out. So, not a real good day for us."

DALE JARRETT-88-UPS Taurus (qualified 11th)

"We picked up from practice, so that's a good thing. I actually had been hitting turn one better in practice and turn three wasn't quite as good. We fixed turn three, but it kind of skipped across turns one and two. But, it was a good lap. That'll get us a decent starting spot, and hopefully we can put this UPS Ford in Victory Lane."

STUART KIRBY-57-CLR Taurus (qualified 26th)

"We came here and tested about three weeks ago. We were in, like, the .60s, .70s and .80s. We came here and struggled for the qualifying setups, but the guys over here, the CLR Ford team, did an excellent job, made two or three changes, and just can't say enough for 'em. We came out here and picked up a half second, and got in the field. I think we're going to have a good starting spot, and I'm just excited about getting in this race and finishing every lap and getting all the experience I can." HOW MUCH PRESSURE WAS ON YOU? "A little bit. Not as much as that first one last year. I was real nervous. Usually, I don't get too bad, but this one was better. I knew I had to pick up a half second, you know, to really get in there solid, in the field. We did it, and I'm just happy for these guys. And now we get to go ahead and race and make a lot of laps."

MARK MARTIN-6-Pfizer Taurus (qualified 13th)

"I was just hoping for about 20th place. We missed the last 30 minutes of practice there, and we had a little problem with the oil situation there, but the guys pulled it together and fixed it, and we just got a good lap. I mean it really surprised us to run that well. It's going to be a decent starting spot, and we're going to get 'em on Sunday."

RUSTY WALLACE-2-Miller Lite Taurus (qualified 8th)

"We changed so many things in practice. I figured, 'This is better, that was better,' but we never able to put it all into one package. In qualifying, we put it all in that one package and went for it. With one run, with older tires, the left-front spring was better, and the next run the right-front spring was better, track bar, wedge, a shock, or whatever. But, when I went to qualify everything was there and hopefully it was all going to work, and it did."

DAVE BLANEY-77-Jasper Engines & Transmissions Taurus (qualified 7th)

"We just chased the car a little bit in practice. We weren't real happy with it. Right at the end of practice we made a pretty good lap, and thought we could go from there. Actually, I was a little surprised with that lap, that was a little faster than I thought we could go, but it was really good. The car turned good, and the motor ran great, and a good starting spot for us."

JEFF BURTON-99-Citgo Taurus (qualified 18th)

"It was disappointing. We were top 10 all day, and we just got a little too tight in qualifying, we got a little too conservative. But, we ran well all day, but we didn't put it down when it counted. But, I'm happy with the way the car drove, and thought we did some real smart things today. We just didn't put it down when it counted." SO, NOT A LOT OF CHANGES TO BE MADE BEFORE SUNDAY? "Anymore, there's a lot to do between racing and qualifying. You never know what kind of car you're going to have until you get to Saturday. You can't base it off a Friday because everything's so different. But, just disappointing. We thought we were going to be, we wanted to be in the top 10, and that's not going to do that, for sure, but, like I said, we did some smart things today. We had a good day all day, we just didn't put it down when it counted."

RICKY CRAVEN-32-Tide Taurus (qualified 25th)

ON THE BIG JUMP FROM PRACTICE. "It's the same deal. These guys continue to work hard and try to give them good feedback, but I needed some help and they gave me some. This Tide team's a lot of fun to work with."

WAS IT ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR, OR A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING? "Oh, there was plenty going on. It was a variety of shocks, springs. Really, went back to the set of shocks that we liked, but the spring changes in the rear made quite a difference."

RYAN NEWMAN-12-ALLTEL Taurus (qualified 1st)

"It doesn't matter what track it is, if you're fast in practice, no matter where you're at, it's always tough to back it up. It's difficult because conditions change and the way the air affects these cars so much anymore, it changes a lot. Fortunately, we were able to duplicate and make it a little bit better. I messed up my second lap pretty big, but the first lap is the one that counted for us."

KURT BUSCH-97-Rubbermaid Taurus (qualified 2nd)

"We were going for it on lap one. We went out there with stickers, we went and taped it off to run one lap. It just came up a bit shy. It's hard to know where we're losing it at because we've qualified second three times now this year, we just haven't broken through for that pole."

ELLIOTT SADLER-21-Motorcraft Taurus (qualified 19th)

"It was better than what we ran in practice, but not up to the standards that we've been qualifying here lately. Pat and the guys have been giving me a great car each and every weekend. The Motorcraft Ford Taurus has just been a little bit off all day, but that's alright. We're going to put a good race setup in this thing, and we'll be fine come Sunday."


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