Interesting sponsor to back Josh Wise at Talladega

Much Dogecoin. Such Sponsorship. Very Speed. Wow.

A crowd funded car will take to the track at Talladega Superspeedway with Josh Wise behind the wheel and Phil Parsons owning it when the Sprint Cup Series visits the track.

But how did the car get its sponsorship? It wasn’t done through normal donations. No, it was done through one of the most interesting trends to hit the internet: Cryptocurrency. More specifically, Dogecoins.

Dogecoins? What the heck are Dogecoins, you ask?

Well, Dogecoins are a type of cryptocurrency, which is a digital form of payment. Many might have heard of the most popular form of cryptocurrency known as Bitcoins. Obtaining such means of payment can be explained through various google searches, but Dogecoins were created simply as a joke currency. However, the joke took off a life of its own.

The currency has become primarily used for tipping users for various funny comments on Reddit’s Dogecoin messageboard, as the coins hold very little value ($1 is equivalent to approximately 1,627.84 Dogecoins as of this writing).

Josh Wise, Ford
Josh Wise, Ford

Photo by: Action Sports Photography

Dogecoins were released as a cryptocurrency in December 2013 with no cap on how many Dogecoins will be produced, keeping the value of the currency low.

The namesake for Dogecoin is the internet meme Doge. Doge is a dog who uses the five words such, much, very, so, and many in various forms of broken English, such as the sub-title of this article.

The idea for sponsoring Wise’s car was floated to Phil Parsons by a Reddit user who was told by Parsons that the car would need $50,000 in sponsorship. Several days and one unfortunate (for the user, not for Wise and Parsons) case of typographical error causing one donor to donate $15,000 instead of $1,500 worth of Dogecoins later, the team confirmed on Tuesday night that the sponsorship would, indeed, take place.

The hard part now is finding the right paint scheme for the car, and, if the demand is strong enough, possibly creating some Dogecoin themed merchandise to sell.

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