Indianapolis: Stewart, Vickers post-race interview

Post-race quotes; Tony Stewart wins at the Brickyard Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tony Stewart -- ...

Post-race quotes; Tony Stewart wins at the Brickyard
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Tony Stewart -- #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet

I didn't think we could get a shot at Kasey (Kahne) there at the end, but we definitely had a good car; we just couldn't keep up with him when we were leading. We were too loose when he got by. My car came to me, but it was just too hard to pass him at that point. But thank God for restarts.

MOST OF US NEVER GET TO SEE OUR BOYHOOD DREAMS COME TRUE, BUT YOU HAVE. WHAT DO YOU THINK? I'm dying right now (laughs). I'm too tired to chase fences right now. But give me five minutes and I'll be ready.

KASEY KAHNE GOT BY YOU WITH 27 LAPS TO GO. YOU GOT BACK BY HIM A FEW LAPS LATER. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN HE PASSED YOU? I knew I was loose at the time, but I just had to stay with him. When I got behind him I was actually a little better. I knew after we'd get 10 laps we'd be all right.

DRIVING AROUND THIS RACE TRACK AND LISTENING TO THE CHEERS OF THESE FANS, WHAT DOES THIS WIN MEAN TO YOU? I wish I could put it in words. I've wanted this my entire life. I feel like crap right now, but in five minutes I'll feel really good.

Greg Zipadelli , Crew Chief -- #20 The Home Depot Chevrolet

I'm just proud of this team. I'd like to thank my fab shop and motor room. This is a brand new car. Everybody worked night and day to get it built. We weren't happy with the one we tested. We went to the wind tunnel and the car looked good. And we brought it back here without even taking it to the race track. So I couldn't be prouder of everybody in our organization.

SO MUCH HAS GONE INTO THIS -- BOTH BEFORE AND NOW Oh, you have no idea. If the people at home knew what the first six years of a roller coaster it was at the Brickyard 400, they'd understand how important this was to this team. I'm just really proud of this team right now.

Brian Vickers -- #25 Garnier Fructis Chevrolet
3rd position

YOU GAVE IT ALL YOU HAD OUT THERE I wanted that win so bad. This Chevy was awesome all day. That was all I had. The car got tight there at the end but the GMAC Garnier Chevrolet and the pit guys did a good job.

ON TIRE PROBLEMS I think it was just a combination of everything. The rumple strips were definitely hotter during the race. Goodyear brought a good tire.

DID YOU HAVE A GOOD HANDLE ON THE CAR? I thought we had a good car. We were a little tight there at the end and that hurt us.

ON A THIRD PLACE FINISH AT THIS TRACK Third here is real special. Indianapolis is an awesome race track. A win here would be awesome but third is nice.

BASED ON HOW YOU RAN AT POCONO, DID YOU THINK YOU'D BE GOOD HERE? I've always enjoyed this race track - the flat, fast race tracks. Pocono we had a real good run. This team's pit stops have been awesome and that's important at these tracks too.

WAS TONY TOUGH TO BEAT BECAUSE HE WAS SO COMMITTED TO WINNING THIS RACE? I think we were all pretty committed to win this race. Tony just had the right car at the right time.

DO YOU THINK YOU HAD A CHANCE TO WIN? I feel like we did. There were definitely times when we had a better car. We were just too tight at the end.

ON THE TEAM'S IMPROVEMENT THIS SEASON We really have. This team has really come around and I'm so proud of everybody. It takes everybody from the engine shop, to the bodies to Lance (McGrew, crew chief) and all the guys to really make it happen.

ON HIS TEAMMATE KYLE BUSCH AND HIS GOOD RUN The teams are just doing real good. We've got a lot of momentum behind us and we need to keep it going.

ON HOW HE'LL REMEMBER THIS RACE 20 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD I think it will be a special race for me. Hopefully this one won't even come in my memory when I think about the wins.

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