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CHEVY NNCS AT INDY: Weekly Top 10 with Kyle Busch


ON SMOKEY BURNOUTS AND COMING OUT OF CAR IN SMOKE AFTER A WIN: "I don't really know how it came about, but I was talking about it one day and the guys thought it would be pretty cool, something special. The biggest thing is it is kind of like a Vegas show, like Lance Burton or someone coming out of the smoke. It is just fun to try and get enough smoke. Sometimes on windy days, it is tough to get it to stay in the right place, and if it is too windy, you just stay in the smoke for too long. It has to be just right. Everybody has their own special deal. Carl (Edwards) has the back flip, Tony (Stewart) has the fence climb, I don't know if my brother (Kurt Busch) has adopted the diving in to the grass or what, but for me it has been this way for a while now. I did it for the first time at Lowe's Motor Speedway a few years ago when I won the Busch race. It turned out pretty cool, so I have just done it ever since."

ON DRIVERS BEING COCKY: "You become arrogant and people don't like that. You want to go out there and do the best you can for your team, your sponsors, your car owner and everything and everyone else. When you win races, you don't have to be cocky about it, you want to be confident enough in your team at the beginning of the day where you feel like you have a chance to win, but you don't have to be shoving it in everyone's face afterwards. It is so hard to win now days, that is the big deal. Everyone has their own different way of celebrating a win. Like I said, Tony climbs the fence and then got stuck in with the fans at Daytona. Denny Hamlin just gets out of his car and puts his hand up, he doesn't yell or scream or do anything, is like 'Yea, ok.' So is that cocky? Who knows, maybe that is just his way of celebrating. Mine is to go out there and do a big enough Smokey burnout to where I can get out of the car and appear there when the smoke clears and then go on and do your thing."

ON TALK OF YOUNG GUYS GETTING CRITICIZED FOR THINGS HAPPENING ON TRACK: "It is difficult. There are a lot of times and different circumstances when you can and can't give and take. I wouldn't say so much it is the youngest driver, I would say it is more the less experienced drivers maybe. The thing is that it is just so hard to understand when and how to do it. One of the most finicky drivers about it might be Stewart (Tony), but Mark (Martin) does it all the time. With Stewart, you will be racing around him, if you do something not exactly the way he wanted it to be done, he will do it back to you. There is a lot of times when guys will take a rap from others, you just have to go on."

DO YOU THINK A YOUNGER DRIVER SHOULD GET OUT OF THE WAY IF AN OLDER DRIVER IS COMING WHEN YOU HAVE A FAST, COMPETITIVE RACE CAR? "No, not at all; especially at places like Pocono or Indy where it is so hard to pass. Here at the test, Jeff (Gordon) had been out there for like three laps; and I came out on stickers and am about eight car lengths back, I couldn't get within five car lengths of him. As soon as he pulled off the track and went back in the garage, I picked up three tenths of a second. Clean air is just that big of a deal. I hope we don't see it that bad this weekend, but I am guaranteeing we probably will."

ON JEFF GORDON AND 24 TEAM HEATING UP: "You never know when any body can heat up. We could go into this weekend and for the next five weeks see Dale Jr. (Earnhardt) light the world on fire, you just never know what is going to happen. It is tough now days to understand who has got the momentum on their side or to exactly know who is going to run well at different places. You can always see Jeff running well here at Indy because he has over the years. You can also see Tony running well here. It all depends on what kind of tracks you are coming up to and what tracks drivers fell the most comfortable at. It is good for anybody to run well. We would love to have Brian (Vickers) go out there and win some races too. That would be a very proud thing for the company (Hendrick Motorsports) to have everybody running well. For us, for the No. 5 Kellogg's Chevrolet team, it is just something we try to do every week is to run as best as we can and do what we need to do to run up front, not always win."

ON COMMUNCATION WITH JEFF GORDON ABOUT HOW TO RUN WELL AT THE BRICKYARD: "It is tough to ask exactly how to run well at a track, especially this place (Indianapolis Motor Speedway). You have to have a car that will turn, run well down the straight-aways. And you have to qualify well, qualifying is a big deal here. For us, it isn't going to make a huge difference on how well we do, we definitely want to do the best we can."

ON BEING HIS OWN PERSON SEPERATE FROM HIS BROTHER KURT: "I have been trying to do that for 21 years. It hasn't worked out too well yet. I get called Kurt all the time and at his own wedding, he actually got called 'Kyle' right at the alter. We are never going to get separated from one another; it just isn't going to happen. For me, my biggest step in that direction was moving over the Hendrick Motorsports and making the change that way and doing the best I can over here. Running the best I can and of course, trying to do what I think is right for myself. It is tough, because we will probably never get separated the way we would like to."

ON BIGGEST COMPLIMENT SOMEONE COULD PAY HIM ABOUT RACING: "When you get a win, it feels great to get congratulations from everybody when you walk through the garage. It is pretty cool when everybody comes out and congratulates you on a job well done the last week."

ON SIMULATING THAT HE WAS IN THE CHASE AT THE END OF LAST SEASON: "I think we figured it out we would have been seventh or eighth. We had a couple of bad races there at the end. Homestead was a bad race for us. We put ourselves in the Chase in 10th spot and simulated it to see if we could live up to the pressure and what not. It wasn't the real pressure of it, but we could at least try to simulate some of it. We did what we could to make ourselves more worthwhile at the end of the season which what we need to do."

ON POSSIBILITY OF WINNING CHAMPIONSHIP THIS SEASON: "I don't see any reason why we can't."

ON SEPARATING POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE OF RACING AT BRICKYARD AND THEN GOING TO SATURDAY NIGHT STYLE RACING AT ORP: "The biggest thing is I race each track like it is. I don't go any place and throw any added pressure in to it. The Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, Coca Cola 600 aren't that big of a deal to me. We would like to win them.that would be great. But they are just another race on the schedule. You have to get as many points as you can. If you have a shot at winning it, great. You aren't going to take any extra chances to do it if you are in the points hunt, which we are. So we have to just go out there and do what we do any other week."

ON SCHEDULE BETWEEN IMS AND ORP: "I am not looking forward to the schedule of going back and forth. We don't even know how I am going to be able to practice because the first practice is early and we go out 51st in Cup qualifying. So do we go to the early practice and skip the second or how we are going to work it out."

ON BRISTOL: "Bristol is a tough little joint. Anything can happen there. There can be a spin out of turn two when you are coming off of four and you can be in something because everyone is checking up.

The biggest thing for me is you try to keep you nose clean as much as you can but probably understanding that everything happens so fast there, there isn't a whole lot you can do."

ON DIFFERENT STRATEGIES BETWEEN A TRACK LIKE IMS VERSUS A TRACK LIKE BRISTOL: "That is what makes race car drivers race car drivers. You have to have the adjustability built within yourself and be able to have the composure it takes to change your mind set to go into different places like that. For me, you have to just be able to adjust that quickly."

ON CHANGES CHASE HAS MADE TO NASCAR: "Very dramatically. The biggest thing is thing is you have to race hard to get in and then you have to race hard once you are there. There are a lot of different areas where it has changed. You don't race 36 races now; you race 26 races then you race 10 races. It is a lot different. I have yet to be in the Chase to find out how different the mindset is. Hopefully this year when we get in, we will see how it plays out. I think we will just try and do what we do every other race, which we would. We try to go out there and do your best. If you get caught up in something that is not your doing, it is just something that happens, it is bad luck or something. You have to go along with you."

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