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DJ Returns to Indy as Two-Time Winner MOORESVILLE, N.C., (August 2, 2005) ----- Dale Jarrett and the ...

DJ Returns to Indy as Two-Time Winner

MOORESVILLE, N.C., (August 2, 2005) ----- Dale Jarrett and the #88 UPS Racing Team travel to Indianapolis Motor Speedway as two-time winners of the Brickyard 400 (1999 and 1996). Jarrett was the runner-up in this event one year ago, and hopes to become a three-time winner in the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard this weekend.

As he is one of only 11 drivers to compete in all of the Brickyard 400 events, Jarrett will look to draw on his knowledge of the flat, two-mile track where he has won twice, posted five top-five and seven top-10 finishes in only 11 starts.

"I think once you win at Indianapolis you certainly get an idea of what your car needs to do and a feel for the race track and you know how to win then there," Jarrett said. "You know what it takes and what you're looking for in your car, so it's easier to adjust towards that and if you haven't, then you're still searching a little bit for that. It's just a race track that I enjoy racing - the challenge that it presents with the four different corners."

Jarrett Discusses Racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

How did the test for the UPS Team go a couple weeks ago?

"We felt like it went well. We chased the track a little there but we started to get some rubber back down on it we were able to really learn some things. This is an important race to me and this team. Being a former winner I understand everything that goes along with winning this race, and I just love to compete at Indianapolis. The couple of times I haven't had a very good car at Indy, it's just been a miserable week because you come here wanting to run well. Last year was a lot of fun even though we didn't win, and other years where maybe we didn't have competitive cars and didn't win, it was still a lot of fun to race. So, I put this race very high on my calendar."

Does this track still hold the same attractiveness that it did the first time you came through the tunnel?

"Without a doubt this is still a very special track not only to me but to just about everyone who races at there. This is Indianapolis and I think certainly that's what makes this place what it is. The race itself, that's what we look at is the history that you have surrounding it and the amount of people that come here. Could there be a better racing facility that is better and more conducive to our type of race cars? Yeah, there could be. But I think that we've had some pretty entertaining races. All of the races haven't come down to that last lap battle, but I've been in a number of battles over the years so it can lend itself to good racing. Yeah, the history is what really makes this but you can say that about a lot of places."

What makes this track so difficult for finding the right set up on stock cars?

"With the lack of banking that we have at Indianapolis, as you carry speed and make more speed through the corner, which we do and which we've done with aerodynamics and getting the cars as soft as they are in the front, you're traveling faster down the straightaway. So it's going to be harder to keep the car with the flat surface in the corner to keep it on the bottom. As we've gotten to a different type of tire here that's a little bit of a softer compound but more the softness of the sidewall and flexibility of it, I think that's when we see as the cars get probably 15-20 laps on them, you're going to start to see the car slide around a lot in the corners. But that's what makes this place what it is. You have to get that balance. You have to decide if you're going to go fast for 10 or 15 laps or you're going to try to go at a good, hard pace for the 35 laps or so that you can run on fuel."

Notes of Interest

* As a two-time winner of the Brickyard 400, Jarrett is one of only two NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series drivers to post multiple wins at Indianapolis. Jeff Gordon leads all drivers with four wins at the historic two-mile track.

* Jarrett is second on the laps led list at Indianapolis among NASCAR drivers. He has led 186 laps and is second to Gordon who has led a total of 433 laps.

Chassis 44

Chassis 44 is the car Jarrett races during this weekend's Allstate 400 at the Brickyard. This marks the second time the UPS Team is racing Chassis 44. The car was raced earlier this season at Richmond International Raceway. The chassis has since been re-worked and it is one of the two cars the UPS Team tested at Indianapolis in late July.


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