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Greg Biffle is battling to secure a spot in the Top 12 for the annual Chase for the Sprint Cup. He held a Q&A sessions Friday afternoon before practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in preparation for Sunday's Allstate 400 at the ...

Greg Biffle is battling to secure a spot in the Top 12 for the annual Chase for the Sprint Cup. He held a Q&A sessions Friday afternoon before practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in preparation for Sunday's Allstate 400 at the Brickyard.

GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion --

DO YOU LIKE RACING HERE? "Oh yeah. I think like anything it's kind of a change of pace for us. We go from road racing, short track to mile-and-a-half and then an event like this. It's different. A big race track and lots of press and media around it. It's like the Daytona 500 all over."

WHAT'S IT LIKE COMING OFF TURN FOUR HERE WITH ALL THE FANS ON THE FRONTSTRETCH? "I think you notice it all the time just because the straightaways are longer than anywhere we go. Now I don't know about Pocono, how long there, but here they seem like they're an eternity. It's like forever to get to the other end, so you actually have a little bit of time to use your peripheral vision and see a little bit of the stuff going on around you in the middle part of the straightaway. So, yeah, you see all that stuff and it's pretty impressive."

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS TRACK? "I want to kiss the bricks, I know that much. That's one thing I've learned about this place is that or drink a little milk, instead of Coke. I know that's a different race, but it's just neat with all the things that are different about this. You think about all the things that have gone on for the Daytona 500 forever and that's kind of the same but different here. There's a lot of history here. We've kind of come in mid-term, so to speak, and we're getting to learn a lot about it."

HOW WOULD THESE CARS HANDLE ON THE ORIGINAL BRICKS? "I don't think they'd handle very good."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR POSITION IN POINTS? "It's unfortunate where we're at in points. It's obvious that we're out of the chase a little bit right now and our last three weeks haven't been very good. We're just gonna have to be better. We know we are. We're nervous about getting in and anything can happen here. We've got another race track we didn't run good at at the beginning of the year that's a good track for us -- Atlanta -- and Pocono we've run hit and miss. We've been really good there or really bad there, so there are some races we're concerned about leading up to the cutoff and we know we're on the bubble, so it's important to have good finishes right now."

DO YOU LOOK AT POINTS AND STUDY IT OR IS IT MORE IMPORTANT TO JUST GO OUT AND RUN WELL? "It's more important to just go out and run well. We know where we're at. We know we're 10 points out and we know we need 60-80 points to be safe and that's just the way it is. We know we've given up a couple hundred in the last three races and that's pretty amazing if you could think about that. I think we've given up more than anybody has in probably 10 races in three, so it's unfortunate, but that's where we're at."

DOES IT MAKE YOU MADE, FRUSTRATED? "Both. I'm as mad as can be and I'm sick to my stomach that we've put ourselves in this position, but these are the cards we're dealt and now we've got to work our way back forward. That's all we can do. We can't whine and cry about it, we've got to run well and that's it. We've got to run well."

DO YOU TRY NOT TO CARRYOVER BAD RUNS? "I think you've got to drop it. You can't think about all the problems you had at Chicago, you have to think about how good you can run at Indy. We tested here and our car was pretty decent, so we look forward to getting back on track and just run in the top five like we know we can do and move on."

HOW DO YOU GET BACK ON TRACK? "We just got done testing together yesterday at New Smyrna. I think that's helped us -- that helped kind of bring us together away from the race track, not under the pressure, and worked together a little bit. We all know where we're at. We all know we need to run well here and everybody knows they have to do their job. I think everybody is in good spirits."

YOU'VE LED A LOT OF LAPS THIS YEAR BUT YOU'RE NOT IN THE TOP 12. DO YOU CHANGE ANYTHING? "No, I think we've got to continue to do what we've done. That's why we've run so well and had good finishes. We need to continue to do that and just run as good as we can. I think we're totally capable of finishing in the top 10 here. I really feel like we can finish in the top five. Like I said, when we tested here we were pretty happy with the car and we've got a good group of guys. We know we can do it, we just have to put it to work."

DOES MOMENTUM PLAY A ROLE? "Momentum plays a lot and when you have three races that are not very good, that's dragging you down versus the other guys we're racing to get in the chase -- they've had six good weeks in a row or four good weeks in a row. That plays a little bit of a factor -- knowing you're gonna come in and run good. Me as a driver, I have to put those three races behind me and look at this one and look at the next one as our opportunity to gain those 50 or 70 points back, and that's what I use for motivation."

IF YOU COULD BUILD A TRACK ANYWHERE, WOULD INDY BE A MODEL? "That's a hard question because there are probably better race tracks that our type of car would put on a more competitive side-by-side race that the fans have really voiced their opinion that they really want to see -- like Bristol and places like that. No if it's a multi-use facility where they're gonna run other divisions, then maybe there's some sort of compromise, but if you're asking me, 'what's the best possible track for these cars to race on?' I would say more of a conventional oval. This race track puts on a good race. I think the fans love to come here and watch the race because of the history of it, but I would think if you were gonna go build something completely detached, this wouldn't be your first choice I wouldn't think."

IS IT WORTHWHILE TO RACE HERE? "Oh yeah, absolutely. It's definitely worth coming here and racing. I think it's a great place to come and race, but these days -- this era -- to go build a facility like this for NASCAR wouldn't be what you would do, but to come here and race, certainly, you wouldn't pass it up. It would be crazy not to come here. It's a great place to come and I think it's neat."

IS THERE ANYTHING THAT'S COME OUT IN THE LAST TWO MONTHS IN THE MAYFIELD CASE THAT GIVES YOU ANY DOUBTS ABOUT NASCAR'S RANDOM TESTING POLICY? "No, I don't think so. I've been tested once this season randomly and I feel like the test policy was a good test policy to have to where it made it more fair to just pull a guy out of the crowd randomly, instead of suspicion. For the test to be altered or not come back correctly or any of that, I don't really feel like that's possible. And I'm pretty confident that NASCAR has really done their due diligence. They've already told us clearly that if we have a prescription or we have whatever, that we need to disclose that and if there are any issues, they're gonna work through those issues whatever they might be. So I think it's pretty cut-and-dry at that point with how it works."

THERE ISN'T MUCH OF AN APPEALS PROCESS. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MORE OF SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN CASE YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS? "That is a difficult question and that should be something that is really looked at because, for instance, something came back inaccurate or whatever, how do they verify a new test or a B sample or do they take the guy off the track immediately. So that is something that they've thought through and I don't know exactly the procedure, but I would only say that would be if there was a false test come back or something -- that you would need some sort of way because, let's face it, we need to err on the side of safety. If somebody has tested positive with both the A and B sample, well then clearly there is some form of -- whether it's an illegal substance or not -- you kind of need to err on the side of safety. Even if it's a prescription drug, you can't compete on the race track with that in your system. Even if it's a prescription. We probably all flew here this weekend. Do you want him flying the plane if he comes back with something in his system with whatever it might be? That his decisions might be a little cloudy, or are we just gonna weigh on the side of safety and say, 'You know what, I'll take the next flight. You go ahead with that one,' just because I'm gonna err on the side of safety. I don't know all the answers, but I would have to say that if two tests come back positive, yes, there needs to be an appeals process to verify whatever there is, but there's also a safety issue involved whether it's prescription or not."


MORE SO THAN FOOTBALL OR BASEBALL? "I would think so because you work for a team in that aspect. You're just a player. That's why sponsors are so important, and image and all those things. I think that's why you see a lot of the drivers act the way they do -- in a manner that's responsible and as a role model."

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