Homestead: Motorcraft Racing = Elliott Sadler

Sadler has high hopes for final race with Wood Brothers Racing. Elliott Sadler and his ...

Sadler has high hopes for final race with Wood Brothers Racing.

Elliott Sadler and his #21 Motorcraft Racing team tested for the last time together at Homestead two weeks ago.  Elliott talks about the test and about his final race with Wood Brothers Racing this coming Sunday.

The Ford 400 will mark Elliott's 139th race in a Wood Brothers Racing Ford, ending a four-year run with the team.  It will also be his 141st Winston Cup start.  Crew chief Pat Tryson will be completing his second season with the famed Stuart, Va., family business.  And, this will be the 1,048th NASCAR Winston Cup start for Wood Brothers Racing.     

ELLIOTT SADLER - 21 - MOTORCRAFT TAURUS:  "I think Homestead was probably the best test I've had in the four years at Wood Brothers Racing.  We think we learned more and probably ran better than we've ever run before at a test.  I think it transferred from there to Phoenix this past week. 

"I think Homestead is going to be fun.  I think we'll have a good chance at a top-five in qualifying and I think we are going to race good.

"The guys have definitely done their jobs.  They've worked hard.  They found a setup that I really like and that is what we will be working on."


"No, I did not.  I didn't realize how far off we were on the flat tracks until we went to that track and that test.  We hit up on a few things and it really picked us up a lot.  We were a lot faster then than we have ever been on a flat track this year. 

"Definitely their flat track program is going to be a lot better, and I hope it will show it at Homestead.  The stuff we've learned has made a program a lot better for flat tracks.  I kind of wish I could go back and run on the flat tracks now again now after learning what we've learned in the last few weeks.  That's the way the ball bounces sometimes.  We'll just have to take advantage of it at Homestead."


"I don't know how I'm going to react at Homestead when I get into the car for the last time.  It's going to be tough.  I've made such good friends with them.  They are such normal people and down to earth.  They know how hard this sport is and it's going to be hard to find anybody I like as much as I like these guys.  That's going to be a tough thing to do."    


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