Homestead: Johnny Benson preview

Final Race For Benson in ...

Final Race For Benson in #10, Pontiac & Winston

Sunday's NASCAR Winston Cup Race at the newly reconfigured Homestead-Miami Speedway marks the final race for Pontiac in NASCAR, the final race for Winston as the series sponsor and the final race for Johnny Benson in the #10 Valvoline Pontiac.

Benson hopes a two-day Goodyear tire test on Oct. 28-29 will give him an advantage over other drivers who will see the reconfiguration for the first time on Wednesday during a day-long test session.

Benson On The Final Race:

"You always want to do well, but when you know it will be the last time for everyone together on this team, the last time for Pontiac and the last time for Winston then this race is probably a little extra special.

"Things change in this sport pretty fast. Everyone is looking to the future now but I think we will always remember the things we have done in the past. Hey we went from this team being nearly bankrupt in 2000 to winning a race. All of the credit goes to the crew guys who have worked on this team.

"Winston and Pontiac leaving the sport just proves that nothing ever stays the same. Both have been great for the sport and helped get it to where it is these days. But I'll miss the people with Winston and Pontiac the most. We welcome the new folks coming in, but it's kind of hard to see the others leave."

Winning On Sunday:

"They say you are only as good as your last race. Well if you win Sunday in Miami you are going to be great all the way into February when we take the green flag at Daytona. Doing well Sunday can make the off season a whole lot of fun."

Will Homestead Be A Better Race Under The New Configuration?

"I believe so. But, it will be unfair to expect side-by-side racing right off the bat. No new track has had that immediately. Some of the NASCAR people are down here and they are looking at different ideas to make it a two-groove track. I think we should put pylons down on the bottom and make everyone practice in the second groove. I think that will help develop that other groove and make the side-by-side racing come quicker. It's just going to take time but if we speed up the process it will be even better."

Does Homestead Now Compare To Another Track?

"Each track has its own characteristics and this track is no different. You are in the gas pedal for an awful long time. It gives you the sensation of the old Atlanta track. I think everyone liked the old Atlanta track so they will probably like this as well."

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