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LAST WEEKEND A DOUBLE CELEBRATION, DRIVER CHAMPIONSHIP AND THE WIN, THIS WEEKEND THE OWNER CHAMPIONSHIP AND A WIN: "I just have to thank everybody at KHI. We knew we needed to go out and beat Kyle (Busch). We knew (Ron) Hornaday needed to race safe and do what he needed to do to win the owners championship. Obviously, he won the drivers championship last week. Our goal was to go out and lead the most laps and win the races. They built me trucks and everything I needed to do what I needed to do on the race track. They were flawless in the pits. Just a lot of hard work from all the guys at the shop. Like I said, everybody in this program from Georgia Boot, to Chevrolet, to Rheem, Copart, VFW, Longhorn, all the people who make this program go around."

WHEN THAT LAST CAUTION CAME WERE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT THE CALL TO COME DOWN PIT ROAD FOR FOUR TIRES? "Well, I think you know, when we had to pit under green there and nobody put tires on, everybody was a little concerned about their tires. There was only, not very many trucks left on the lead lap so they came down and put four tires on. We knew we would have a cushion with all the lapped trucks in between. I knew the No. 17 (Timothy Peters) was going to be a sitting duck. It all worked out."

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO GET THAT CHAMPIONSHIP AT A TRUCK OWNER? "First thing I want to say is congratulations to Billy Ballew and Kyle (Busch) and all the guys that have driven the No. 51 truck. That is a lot of fun to race with those guys. Ron means a lot to me as a person. To see him in that truck and winning races and winning championships is something special personally. As a company, it is something that is a lot of fun to have raced for the last three championships. But to see what they have done is something that I am really proud of."

YOU COULDN'T HAVE WRITTEN A BETTER SCRIPT TO END THIS SEASON. "Yeah, I've just got to thank everybody at KHI. They built me two brand new trucks. A lot of different things that we wanted to do. Ernie Cope and all these guys for putting a lot of extra effort into this Georgia Boot Chevrolet. Gotta thank Rheem, Copart, Longhorn, VFW, all the people who have helped us with this program and year Hornaday has had. To close out the season like this is really what we wanted to do. We had to guard against Kyle (Busch) leading the most laps and winning the race. We accomplished that with these two trucks. Going to be a lot changed on these two teams over the next month. Danny Stockman is moving on to be Austin Dillon's crew chief on the No. 3 truck so that makes me proud that a lot of these guys are able to move up in their careers. Really looking forward to making these things better than they were this year and I promise you we will."

YOU WERE DRIVING AWAY TONIGHT AND THEN A LATE CAUTION MADE THINGS REALLY CONFUSING, TALK ABOUT THE CALL TO COME TO PIT ROAD. "I just wanted to know how many guys were on the lead lap. I knew we had a big cushion with all the lap trucks in between us so we just put four tires on. I knew the No. 17 was a sitting duck there with four tires on our truck. It was a lot of fun. Just gotta thank everybody from Georgia Boot again, Chevrolet and everybody at KHI for all their hard work. There's not a whole lot you can say about Hornaday. He's a lot of fun to be around. He's meant a lot to me and to race for championships three years in a row says a lot about the team. We're going to work hard over the off season to make it better. Thank the fans for everything you guys do for us and we'll keep racing hard."

YOU GUYS WERE EXPECTED TO WIN THIS CHAMPIONSHIP AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR, TALK ABOUT HOW YOU WERE ABLE TO TAKE THE BULL BY THE HORNS AND WIN IT SO CONVINCINGLY. "I think obviously the middle of the year was really good. I didn't think we started that good. I think that the end of the year we didn't run as good as we did in the middle of the year with the No. 33. I think there was a little bit of lost focus on that particular team with some of the things going on. The guy behind the wheel makes up for a lot of it. These guys do a great job in the shop but without Ron Hornaday none of us are racing for three championships and he'll race for another one next year."

YOU BUILT SOMETHING SPECIAL, CONGRATULATIONS ON ANOTHER ONE. "Thank you guys. Thanks everybody from SPEED too and all you do for our sport."



KNOW YOU WANTED THE CHAMPIONSHIP, BUT YOU HAD A GREAT SEASON: "I wanted that championship bad, but gosh darnit, I wanted to win. I can't thank these guys enough. This truck was good all night and we worked on this thing so much from when it rolled off the trailer. We knew we had a really good race truck going in to tonight. It qualified seventh, I was pretty happy with that, but I knew I had a pretty good race truck. I just wish we would have been able to run four or five laps there at the end instead of just one."

A GREAT YEAR FOR THORSPORT RACING ALL AROUND: "Yes, definitely. That says a lot for ThorSport and what they have done. We just keep making stuff better and better. Duke and Rhonda Thorson, they just keep giving us what we need to win races and win a championship. We are proving to them we can."

TALK ABOUT THAT MOVE YOU MADE ON THE LAST RESTART FOR THE GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED: "This thing was really good. I pumped those tires up on that last run. The run before that we got behind, just caught some lapped traffic, just wrong position and the No. 4 (Kevin Harvick) and the No. 17 (Timothy Peters) got out on us so far. We could slowly run them down but they had so much distance on us. Right there, the crew chief made a great call to take four tires right there at the end. I said I would rather go down swinging and we did. I hate it what happened when the No. 5 ran in to me and killed my left front fender on that last deal too. But we got to second. I don't know how many second places that is this year, but we have had a lot of them. I have got to thank these guys. We had an awesome race truck right here."

SECOND TONIGHT AND SECOND IN THE STANDINGS, THAT REALLY EXPLAINS THE KIND OF YEAR YOU GUYS HAVE HAD GOOD BUT NEVER QUITE GREAT ENOUGH. "I would say we were the bridesmaids a lot this year. There's been plenty of times when we had the best truck and didn't win races. We got beat on fuel mileage. All I can say is I can't wait until we have normal pit stops again where we take four tires and fuel at the same time because I know we've lost two races because of that pit strategy. All in all a pretty good year. Not ecstatic about it but definitely happy about it because we keep making progress. Duke and Ronda Thorson, Menards, Australian Gold and Chevy and we keep getting better and better and that's what we're out here to do. Building new trucks this winter and we're going to be tough for next year."

YOU'VE GOT TO CRAWL BEFORE YOU CAN WALK, DID THIS YEAR LAY THE FOUNDATION SO YOU CAN GO OUT AND WIN THAT CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT YEAR? "Yeah. I mean we know we can. We've got a great group of guys. I know I can do it and they know they can do it now. Like you said crawl before you can walk and run, really. We've proved that we can do that. We've got the consistency and like I said its so tough to win these races these days. We had two taken away from us and could have been a lot different if those weren't taken away from us but all in all a pretty good year."

CONGRATULATIONS ON A GREAT SEASON. "Thank you. Thank all the fans for coming out and supporting us and everything you guys do for us."

AS FAR AS TONIGHT'S RACE, WAS IT AS MUCH FUN AS IT WAS TO WATCH? "I love this race track. The last two or three years, it hasn't been the best to me. But, we brought this truck that has been real good to us all year. They keep working on it and making it better and better. We are building some new stuff for next year and I can promise you we are going to make one heck of a run for that championship."



IT WAS OFFICIAL A WEEK AGO BUT TONIGHT YOU GUYS CAN REALLY START THE CELEBRATION. "No its not. Kevin and DeLana have been giving us truck all year. To win the owner's you've got to do that. It's everything. You can't just win the driver's it takes a whole team. These guys do it all and like I said when Kyle (Busch) comes over here and runs he just steps up the program and makes us run that much harder. A lot of sponsors to thank. Definitely have to thank Longhorn tonight and Chevrolet. All the fans who stick it out with these guys. We've got Georgia Boots, VFW, I'm so sick I'm out of breath. I didn't even want to run the last 10 laps. Turtle Wax, Wylie-X and just a lot of people have been helping me out especially Indian Motorcycles."

HAVE YOU GOTTEN THE GRAVITY OF WHAT IT MEANS TO HAVE A FOURTH CHAMPIONSHIP IN NASCAR, IT'S QUITE A FEAT? "Well I appreciate that. If it wasn't for getting this owners too it wouldn't have been that good but to come here and win them both. You don't think about that, to come down here and win four championships you don't think about the owners. Busch ran us hard and we had to go out there and try to beat him. Good night for KHI all the way around."

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 4TH NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP: "Thank you. Well first of all I have to thank Camping World for sponsoring this great series that NASCAR's got. But Kevin and Delana have just given me a chance to drive their rocketships. Got to thank Longhorn, VFW, Georgia Boots, Turtle Wax......everybody. It just takes everybody including Rheem and it just takes everybody. Its just so fun to come out here and do this.

"Being as sick as I was I didn't even want to drive the truck and was hoping Kevin would switch the numbers but it worked out for the best and we are going to take this one and go on."

15 -- 20 YEARS AGO YOU WERE SLUGGING IT OUT BUILDING RACE CARS FOR A LIVING, UNTIL A CALL FROM DALE EARNHARDT. DID YOU EVER THINK YOU WOULD BE HERE MULTIPLE TIMES AS YOU HAVE? "Its your dream. And I lost my father a year ago and he gave me a token deal before he passed away he said he has left a lot of room for three or four more championships. And he said don't quit until you fill that up and as long as Kevin and Delana will have me I will keep putting engravements on that and grandma I hope you are doing better we will see you here in a couple of days. Bill and all the family and grandkids back at home we will be home soon."

TALK ABOUT THE RACE TRUCKS YOU HAVE HAD, AND RICK REN AS THE CREW CHIEF, AND THE JOB THAT HE AND EVERYONE HAS DONE. "It just shows you what Kevin and Delana have done, letting these guys build new trucks and its not because of...................Kevin just keeps selling them and they just keep building new trucks week in and week out. Kevin drove a brand new truck tonight and one last week and those are my trucks for next year so that is pretty cool.

"It was so fun and I don't even know how to explain it. Mark Smith thank you for your motors and what you do for us. Congratulations on that championship for him to. PME motors -- they have been with us all year and I really got to thank them because they go through thick and thin and give us some great horsepower. So Mark's happy and thank you very much."

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