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Dodge This! Media Teleconference Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2003 Bill Elliott (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid) "It was a great weekend for the whole crowd. I'm very proud of them. They did an excellent job on both Saturday and Sunday.

Dodge This! Media Teleconference
Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2003

Bill Elliott (No. 9 Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge Intrepid)

"It was a great weekend for the whole crowd. I'm very proud of them. They did an excellent job on both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, we can go to Homestead and do just as well."

On meaning of victory...

"I think they get better each and every year. You learn more to appreciate them better because they come less often. Sometimes back when you're going through it you don't realize how hard it is to win these things anymore. I'm just so proud of the team and the efforts that they've given, and how well we've come together in the last few races. Hopefully we can notch out what we need to do at Homestead."

On making a pass on the racetrack...

"That just comes from experience. Right now you've just got to trust, hopefully, that you make the right decision. But you don't always do that. That's just the trust in the ability that you've got and the ability of the guy you're racing against, plus how well your car's handling."

"Tim Fedewa is my spotter, and he does an excellent job. He's been very good at what he does. I'm very proud of working with him. We kind of struggled a little bit in the Busch deal towards the latter part of the season, but he's a really good guy and a really good driver. It helps. To me it helps. He can kind of see things going on that everyone else might not can see and make suggestions or whatever."

"The main thing is just deciding what line he's using and figuring out what line you're going to use and be able make the pass. Sometimes if it takes you too long to make the pass it's hard to make a pass."

"I think it's great. The standpoint of what this team has grown to, it's pretty remarkable - not only myself, but how well Jeremy has been running here lately. They unloaded a Busch car for the first time over there this past weekend and ran real well with it. So, there's a lot of potential in this race team. Ray's dedicated to it. Mike Ford is dedicated to it, and those are the things that you've got to have to make a winning race team."

On announcing plans for 2004

"Yes, I've got a timetable, but I'm not saying what it is."

"No, I don't think I'd change a thing. Yeah, you look back and hindsight is 20/20, but you can't change things that you didn't know any differently at that point in time. But, looking back on my whole career I've been a very fortunate person. I've been in the right places at the right time, and not only myself but everybody I was involved with worked hard to get to the next level."

"Well, you don't know what Nextel is going to bring to the table, but you know what Winston has done for the sport. Looking back over the last, almost, 30 years that I've been racing I can say pretty safely that I've been around the sport just about ever since Winston became involved. The first race that I went to was at Atlanta in 1973. I was just a spectator in the infield at that time. My dad had a car that ran down there, but I never was around it that much because I was kind of doing my own racing on the shorter tracks. But, looking back on the years that they've built and grown the sport, and how involved they were, they had the foresight to go between Bill France Sr., and Bill France Jr., and bring it to the next level. It took a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice, but I've basically seen it every step of the way."

"You've got to look at the whole perspective. If you look at where we were at six months ago it's been a fantastic second-half of the season. That's what we've got to build and expand on. This sport is so apt to change, and so many things can happen. Like I said over there in the press box, it's hard to get everything aligned in the right direction. That's the key thing about this sport. If you can ever get it aligned and going in the right direction, you've done a good job. I feel like, from the standpoint of Ray, Mike Ford, the guys at the shop in Statesville, and the engine guys in Concord, they've been able to bring it all together. Ray is dedicated to the deal, and I think that's what makes it all work."

Does the demand all during the week get to be a grind at the end of the season?

"Well, it does to some extent. This is about the time of the year that it all happens anyway. Everybody is on a pretty short stick. It's just to the point where we're all ready for a break. Regardless of how well or how bad you're running, it's about the time of the season where we all need a break."

On Homestead...

"Well, we really don't know anything about Homestead. Once we get down there tonight and check it out we'll know more kind of what's going on. We're looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to the new change. Hopefully we put a good run together this weekend, and go from there."

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