Homestead: Biffle - Friday media visit

Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion and three-time winner at Homestead Miami Speedway, took time to speak with media after hitting the wall near the end of the first practice session of the day for Sunday's Ford 400. Biffle talked...

Greg Biffle, driver of the No. 16 3M Ford Fusion and three-time winner at Homestead Miami Speedway, took time to speak with media after hitting the wall near the end of the first practice session of the day for Sunday's Ford 400. Biffle talked about having to go to a back-up car, why Roush Fenway Racing has had such success at this track and if NASCAR needs a new champion.

WHAT HAPPENED THERE AT THE END OF PRACTICE? "We let a bunch of air out of the tires and tried to run the top for a qualifying run and it just didn't work."


WHERE DO YOU FEEL YOUR PROGRAM IS LOOKING TOWARD NEXT YEAR AND WHERE YOU GUYS NEED TO GO? "That wreck there was my fault. I got talked into something that I didn't really think was going to be the right thing to do and ended up wrecking the car. You know, that is experience on my part. I let it get the best of me. I think we are positioned really good for next year though. We have really good cars. The stuff is really fast. I just have to use my head better than I did right there."

WHY IS IT THAT ROUSH FENWAY SEEMS TO EXCEL AT THIS TRACK? "We excel at every mile-and-a-half. You can ask yourself why that is, but I don't have any idea. It has been a phenomenon of ours forever. We run really good at mile-and-a-half's. There isn't one that we don't run good at if you look back at it. They don't exist." THIS TRACK IS VERY UNIQUE THOUGH COMPARED TO THE OTHERS. "It is, you are right. This track is completely different than a lot of them. A lot of mile-and-half's have similarities. Kansas, Chicago, Texas and Charlotte, those kinds of places are similar. This place is unique." WITH THE HOLIDAYS AROUND THE CORNER, WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO MOST AT THAT TIME? "I like to spend time off and think about what you are going to be getting to do for the next month or two. Right after Thanksgiving we get to go to Vegas for a week for the banquet. I enjoy spending time with the family and eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving and sitting around and kind of doing nothing."

IS THERE A BIG PUSH FOR YOU TO SELL THE PET CALENDARS HERE OVER THE LAST FEW WEEKS? "Yeah, there has been. We are doing really well with it. Each year it is really great. Right now we have a great business plan. If we were traded publically on Wall Street we would be doing great. Every year we have grown and sold more calendars. This year we are doing exceptionally well and have sold more than we have the years previous. We are really thankful for the people that get behind the foundation and find a use for the calendar with all the drivers and their pets."

TOMORROW THEY ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT DAYTONA AND THE TRACK REPAVE PROJECT BEING PRETTY MUCH FINISHED. HOW HARD IS IT FOR YOU WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN OFF FOR SO MANY WEEKS TO CLIMB BACK BEHIND THE WHEEL OF THE CAR? "It is going to be different this year, more so than ever. One, it is going to be a new surface - a new Daytona that nobody has seen, so that is new. We haven't tested in like three years or something, so that is going to be new. It is going to be different. There are a lot of things that are going to be new."

DO YOU THINK IT IS GOING TO CHANGE THE RACE MUCH? "I definitely think it is going to change the race. It will change it similar to how Talladega changed. I honestly feel like it will change for the better. It will probably be more exciting. We will probably be able to do a little more bump-drafting. We should have more grip and be a little smoother. I think it will be good."

YOU HAVE BEEN WITH GREG ERWIN FOR THREE AND A HALF SEASONS. CAN YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM? "I think it is good. They've got the cars going really good. We are still learning each other I think. He has been in this sport awhile but he continues to learn and make his notebook better for year after year, which is what we need to do."

HOW DOES THIS YEAR COMPARE TO LAST YEAR FOR YOU? "Way better. Our cars are really fast right now and have been ever since Chicago, ever since we kind of copied the RPM cars. As long as we don't screw that up I feel good about 2011 and getting four or five wins instead of two. We had Texas won hands down and had drive train issues that we have now fixed. It seems to be fixed here today and the car is smooth as glass. If we would have had that fixed two weeks ago we would have won at Texas and that would have been three wins. We were on our way to maybe winning Chicago when our engine blew up. A lot of exciting things for 2011 I think with maybe four or five wins and maybe a run for the title I hope."

CHICAGO WAS THE BIG TURNING POINT? "Absolutely because if you look at before and after those dates, before Chicago the whole company was horrible and after the whole company was good. Carl finished second at that race and it was his best finish of the season."

HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK NASCAR NEEDS TO SEE A NEW CHAMPION AFTER FOUR YEARS? "I don't think anybody can disagree that it would be good for us. We want the best guy to win. Right now there are three good guys in the hunt and I think we could be there if we wouldn't have had some stupid stuff happen to our cars. I am okay with any one of the three winning it."

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