Hermie Sadler Martinsville II race notes

SOUTH HILL, Va. (October 16, 2001)& ...

SOUTH HILL, Va. (October 16, 2001)– Hermie Sadler qualified 23rd and finished 28th at Martinsville Speedway on Monday. For most Winston Cup drivers that would equate to just an average weekend, but in the case of Hermie Sadler, those results are impressive.

Sadler, who is running a limited schedule of Winston Cup races with sponsorship from the Virginia Lottery, has finished 27th and 28th in his last two outings at Dover and Martinsville, respectively. Sadler's team is located in South Hill, Virginia and has three full time employees and several part-time volunteers. Sadler handles his own sponsor negotiations, the team's travel, the bookkeeping, and even drives his own motor coach. He hopes things will be different soon, but for now, he’s making the most out of what’s available.

"There were not any good, competitive opportunities available to me for this year,” stated Sadler. “ I knew if I wanted to race I was going to have to do it myself for now. The last couple of years were tough and my performance had not been what I had hoped for but I have confidence in my abilities to drive a racecar. I hope to show people that I have the ability and the desire to compete at the Winston Cup and Busch Series level, even if it means doing so with limited resources. What we’ve done the last two races has really helped my confidence because Dover and Martinsville are two of the toughest tracks on the entire NASCAR Winston Cup Series schedule. All I want to do is get another opportunity to race competitively. The best way for me to do that is keep racing hard and maybe somebody will notice."

Sadler began racing in the Busch Series in 1993 and despite his years of experience is only 32 years old.

"I guess some people consider me old,” said Sadler. “ Some people in the sport write you off if you have a couple of bad years. I still feel as though I have another 10 or 15 years to race. I am still eligible to run for Winston Cup Rookie of the Year. I know I can still drive a racecar competitively and that is one of the things that drives me to do what I am doing. I want to show people that I can do this and hopefully get a good opportunity to prove it."

Sadler plans to run two more Winston Cup races this season at Homestead and Atlanta but is uncertain for his plans in 2002. According to Sadler, "I have no idea what I am doing in 2002. We have had a great promotion this year with The Virginia Lottery, and I hope we can continue that. Right now, all I can do is run as well as I can in the races I have left and see what happens. This business is all about performance."


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