Henry's Richmond rumblings 97-09-06

RUMBLINGS -- RICHMOND We can call him Mr. Short Track now...Dale Jarrett's second short-track win in a row, win ...


We can call him Mr. Short Track now...Dale Jarrett's second short-track win in a row, win #5 in 1997, and #13 for his career moves him into a tie with Dick Rathman & Tim Richmond for 39th on the all-time list. Now, if he really wants to impress us, blow 'em away at Martinsville in 3 weeks. There's a track that's always had DJ's number...his 3 races for the #88 team there have resulted in finishes of 29-16-16, and that half-mile may have cost them the title last year.

Hey, is that Hut Stricklin a slalom racer, or what? (G)

Two things from the Busch race on Friday Night....Remember the rumor going around a little while back about Red Adair (or was it his son?) wanting to become a NASCAR owner? Well, if he does, I've got the perfect driver for him....Mike McLaughlin. If Red's looking for somebody who knows how to handle an oil-fire....he's the man!

And, how about that Joe Bessey....man, he's a sharpshooter. With the expansion of Major League Baseball imminent, Joe may get a look-see from a couple of scouts....he sure can throw strikes (G).

Joe Nemechek (6th) had his best run since he was 4th at Dover in September of 1995.

Kenny Irwin's gotta wonder what the big deal is with WC racing. He steps in and gets a Top-10 right off the bat, then tells Bill Weber of ESPN that he's just gotta get a win. Sure hope that was tongue-in-cheek-....cause as Weber pointed out, they may need just a _little_ work on getting in and out of the pits (G).

With Nemechek & Irwin both getting their first Top-10's of the season, we've now equaled the number of drivers who had Top-10 finishes from last season....38, and we've still got 8 races to go. We're still lagging a little behind in Top-5's tho....25 for 1997 vs 27 last season.

Kenny Irwin led a lap....and Lake Speed led a lap tonight for the first time since Atlanta last November. We've now had 40 different lap leaders this season, compared with 45 last year.

Ward Burton equaled his best run of the season....he was 7th back in April at Texas Motor Speedway.

STREAKIN....Dale Jarrett has 4 Top-5's in a row. Jeff Burton has 4 Top-10's in a row. Jeff Gordon has 6 Top-5's in the last 7 races.

One last look back at the qualifying....Lance Hooper & the #1 team is now out of provisionals. With the way that team has been struggling, that's gotta add some weight to those shoulders.

On the money front....the Unocal Bonus will be worth $106,400 at NHIS next week, and the Winston Leader Bonus will roll over to $20K.

This weeks elevator...UP: The operator is Ted Musgrave (+29), Geoff Bodine (+27), Johnny Benson (+24), Dale Jarrett (+22), and Steve Grissom (+21). DOWN: The big dropper is Robby Gordon (-38), Bobby Hamilton (-35), Bill Elliott (-29), and David Green (-29).

Next week we do something the Cup Series has never done before, pay a return visit to the Granite State and the second event of the season at Loudon. With Jeff Burton having won there just 2 months ago, and that team on a big-time roll, I wouldn't think we've gotta look too far for a pre-race favorite. This race also marks the first of 2 in a row for TNN....and we're long overdue for some Buddyism's (G).

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