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Bristol 500

Travis Kvapil, Front Row Motorsports Ford
Travis Kvapil, Front Row Motorsports Ford

Photo by: Eric Gilbert

TRAVIS KVAPIL -- No. 38 Long John Silver's Ford Fusion (Qualified 35th)

"Lap time wise we were a little slower than what we practiced, but it kind of felt OK. We've been fighting a tight race car all throughout practice and it was still tight there, but I thought we were gonna have a little more speed than what we did. We have our work cut out for us on Sunday, but we have some time tomorrow to keep working on it."


TREVOR BAYNE -- No. 21 Motorcraft Ford Fusion (Qualified 19th)

"I think I could have gotten more out of it if I wouldn't have had to practice my Nationwide car. It's tough when you have to go back and forth and the cars are so much different, I would say here more than any other track because of the way they load up and the horsepower so you don't overdrive the corner. We at least backed up what we did in practice, so that's an OK thing. I don't know where that will end up because the track is heating up. You never know what can happen, but we're happy with that for now."


DAVID GILLILAND -- No. 34 TMone/Taco Bell Ford Fusion (Qualified 29th)

"We've been fighting being tight all day. We made some good adjustments, but the sun has come out right now and that's kind of different than we had in practice, so we were just a little too tight overall."


MARCOS AMBROSE -- No. 9 DeWalt Ford Fusion (Qualified 14th)

WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS TRACK THAT AGREES WITH YOU? "I've got no idea, but I can tell you that if I wasn't racing here, I would be drinking beer in the stands because this place is fantastic. It's one of the great race tracks in the world. We've got DeWalt on board for the first time this year and I'm trying to teach them to forget Matt Kenseth and start remembering me. It's great to have them on board. I'm so proud of my team. It's our fourth race in and we're jelling well together. I'm real excited. Hopefully, we'll get somewhere close to a top 15 start and get a little bit of pressure off for the start on Sunday."

GETTING A GOOD PIT STALL IS KEY AS WELL, RIGHT? "That's very important and I'm happy. I've got a great team around me. Todd Parrott has just been fantastic to help me get up to speed with this team and I've just got a lot of people to thank at Richard Petty Motorsports."


MATT KENSETH -- No. 17 Crown Royal Black Ford Fusion (Qualified 11th)

"I didn't feel very good about my car all day, except for qualifying trim so I felt like I got everything I could out of the lap. We didn't have enough speed, but I felt like we got it all."

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT THE CHANGE IN TIRES. WILL THAT IMPACT YOU GUYS? "I don't know how different it is, but we seem to be running about a half-second faster than last year, so I'm sure it's gonna be a lot different than what we had so it's kind of a pretty big mess up to bring something like that and only having one set of tires tomorrow to practice on, it's gonna be whoever guesses the closest."


DAVID RAGAN -- No. 6 UPS Ford Fusion (Qualified 5th)

"We've had really fast cars. I can't say enough about our UPS team and Ford Racing and Roush Fenway. We've had great cars the first three or four races and circumstances have kind of gotten us, but we've got a lot of momentum on our side. I feel like our cars are fast and Bristol is so much fun. When we can come here, unload and have a decent car on Friday, that certainly makes for a lot more fun weekend."


GREG BIFFLE -- No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Qualified 2nd)

"My car was really fast. I probably should have got the gas down a little bit sooner, but woulda, shoulda, coulda. I've got a really fast car and I'm really happy. The guys worked hard. It looks like we've come back from our incident at Las Vegas and we're gonna have a good run."


CARL EDWARDS -- No. 99 Scotts Ford Fusion (Qualified 1st)

"We've got to keep this thing rolling. This is fun. The cars have just been great. For me and Greg to be up there sitting on the front row, I mean Greg motivated me. I didn't think anybody was gonna be able to go that fast. I thought that the track had slowed down a lot more than that, so I was out there driving my heart out. I had my volume turned down too far, so I couldn't hear Bob the first lap. I thought, 'Man, we must not be fast. He hasn't said anything.' I don't know what the times were exactly, but my second lap was petrifying. I was driving for all I could, but this is fun. It's a Scotts weekend here and it's cool to have the Scotts car on the pole right now."

WHAT ABOUT RACING HERE ON SUNDAY? "Racing here is gonna be very tough because everyone is the same speed. It's gonna be really tough. There are gonna be guys running up by the fence, guys on the bottom, I just hope we can stay out front. That pit stall will help. Track position is gonna be huge."

DID IT FEEL LIKE A PERFECT LAP? "No, that was not a perfect lap. The front end was sliding in the center and the rear was sliding off the corner, but the car is just fast. The track slowed down quite a bit from practice. I was driving hard. My hands are still a little shaky right there from that one."

-source: ford racing

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