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Michigan International Speedway

CARL EDWARDS, No. 99 Aflac Ford Fusion (Finished 5th)

“I was going to go all the way to the top of the grandstands today. I just appreciate all the fans coming out here. This is a great race track and track position is so important. Sadly, down force is such a big factor in these cars and I am really hoping that NASCAR will take the opportunity in 2013 to take down force away so the fans can see the guys race race cars and not race down force. That would be cool.”

WHAT IS THE CHALLENGE IN LAYMAN'S TERMS? “All the cars are very close. So let’s say all of the cars are a tenth apart and you are behind two or three cars, your car is two-tenths of a second slow. You can’t make up. I am not whining. Denny earned this win and those are the rules we are under. Track position was huge and I just wish it wasn’t like that.”

Matt Kenseth, Roush Fenway Racing Ford
Matt Kenseth, Roush Fenway Racing Ford

Photo by: Ashley Dickerson, ASP Inc.


MATT KENSETH, No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion (Finished 2nd)

“I just couldn’t quite get Denny. After restarts we were kind of slow and tight in the middle which isn’t a good thing to be in a short shootout. We had a great car in the long run though. I tried what I could to get around him but I slipped on the restart. I just needed more laps to get it going.”

LOOKED LIKE YOU GUYS HAD THE RIGHT SETUP ALL DAY, HOW DID THE TRACK CHANGE TODAY? “We had a great race car. The Crown Royal Ford was really fast. We got behind a couple of times and when we were going to be short on fuel I had to slow way down to save fuel. When you have to do that it is hard to figure out the balance of your car because you change your driving style so much and what the car feels like. I didn’t know what to do for adjustments at the end. So we just left it, threw a couple tires on it and tried it.”


GREG BIFFLE, No. 16 3M Ford Fusion (Finished 15th)

“The car drove great. The pit stops were great. Everybody did a great job. Everything is perfect.”


AJ ALLMENDINGER, No. 43 Best Buy Ford Fusion (Finished 13th)

“That run was a credit to the Ford team in general. We struggled really bad. We were okay Friday and started struggling at the end of the day and we were really bad in qualifying. We looked at some notes and went off the other Ford cars, a different direction than we had been before and the car was great all day. I am going to blame Dale Inman, I think he did something in his past life to give us all this bad luck on this team (laughter).”

DOES LOSING A CHANCE TO GAIN POINTS THIS WEEK MAKE NEXT WEEK MORE CRITICAL FOR YOU? “No. Points don’t matter right now. We have to get better. We aren’t a Chase team right now. Points to me, obviously you want to score every point you can but we need to be better before we worry about making the Chase. Today was a big step. We were never really good here and we were a top-five car all day. Thirteenth sucks in the end compared to what we had, but I am proud of what we did today instead of the points.”


DAVID RAGAN, No. 6 UPS Ford Fusion (Finished 20th)

“Right from the get-go, nothing was really going our way. Our UPS Ford was a top-10 car, but after our first trip into the pits, the No. 88 and No. 51 got together and ran us up the race track and we had to come back in and fix our fender. We went back out on track in the high 30s and drove back towards the front and we had the speed, but we didn't catch the cautions right. We tried short pitting to get back on the lead lap and it just didn't work out. I think we had a top 10 or top-five car; we could just never seem to get up there. It's just very disappointing. Everything that could go wrong did and we'll just have to regroup.”

Trevor Bayne, Wood Brothers Racing Ford
Trevor Bayne, Wood Brothers Racing Ford

Photo by: Ashley Dickerson, ASP Inc.


TREVOR BAYNE, No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion (Finished 16th)

SO IT’S A 16TH-PLACE FINISH FOR YOUR FIRST RACE BACK IN THE NASCAR SPRINT CUP SERIES. HOW DID THE 200 LAPS FEEL FOR YOU? “Good. I feel fine, so I’m ready and I’m back and it was good to finally get back in this Cup car. It wasn’t too bad for our first run back there, 16th-place finish. This team is doing a really great job this year. We struggled on pit road there for a little while, but we finally got that figured out at the end of the race, so that helped us. Then, the car was really tight into the center and loose off, so we fought that all day long up until the very last lap.”

WAS THERE ANYTHING YOU LEARNED TODAY THAT YOU’LL APPLY? “I learned a lot about just applying, how to apply the brakes to keep the car turning all the way through the center of the corner and I think that’ll transfer to everywhere, every race track we go to. So I’m going to keep trying to use that. I’ve got to get better at figuring out what this thing needs in practice, and telling exactly what it needs so we can get better in the race. But we’ll keep working on that as well. It was a pretty hard-fought 16th. We got a couple of them there at the end. At least we were moving forward there at the end of the race. The No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion still looks good. There are not too many bumps and bruises on it, so we can keep running this thing.”

THIS WAS A HOMETOWN RACE FOR YOUR SPONSORS, MOTORCRAFT AND QUICK LANE, AND FORD. HOW DO YOU BALANCE PLAYING HOST AND DRIVING? “It’s good. I love the Ford people being here in Michigan (including Frederiek Toney, Vice President of Ford Customer Service Division and Brett Wheatley, Director, Marketing, Ford Customer Service Division). That’s the easy part, is balancing that. Because once I get in the race car, it’s all what I do anyway. I don’t really have to think about it.”

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