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RICKY CRAVEN --32-- Tide Taurus "It was a combination of not getting enough practice and allowing the Busch North cars to qualify right before us just makes no sense to me. We work all year long to have these cars for two races and then they...

RICKY CRAVEN --32-- Tide Taurus

"It was a combination of not getting enough practice and allowing the Busch North cars to qualify right before us just makes no sense to me. We work all year long to have these cars for two races and then they send you out after they run two hours of Busch North qualifying. Every one of the first four or five cars are sliding around and I just overdid it, but the Tide Ford has been strong the last month. I'm proud of the guys and I guarantee you we'll battle back from this on Sunday."


"Oh yeah. It was like, I knew I was done as soon as I got there. It's one of those deals where you say, 'Well, I wish I had it to do over again,' but I don't know that it would matter because of the circumstances. We sort of built ourselves a deficit this morning by not getting a lot of practice. I stepped it up a notch and, under these conditions, you've got to back it off a notch. Right now you can't run hard. Given the opportunity to do it again, I'd back off and probably run a 113-flat pretty easily."

MARK MARTIN --6-- Pfizer Taurus

"It's pretty unfortunate. We lost a second from practice basically. I hate that because we had an awfully good race car. Certainly, we'll probably wind up a little bit better than we would if we just ran off the race track, but I don't know how much better. I mean, a 12.90 is not good. An 11.90 would be good and I think we could run one. It's too bad. It's too bad they feel like they need to put race cars out there in between our practice and qualifying. We're gonna have our work cut out for us on Sunday, but at least it wasn't me just running off the race track. We didn't have much grip, so we just had to do the best we could."

JIMMY SPENCER --26-- Kmart Taurus

"We were real free and I don't know why. I think some of that had to do with the rubber on the race track from the Busch North cars. I think that hurt a lot of the cars, but, still, there are some other guys that ran a lot faster than that. We really thought we should have run that fast, but we probably messed our air pressure up a little bit. We didn't get the air pressure quite right, oh well, we'll take what we got there. It's not gonna be that great, but it's not gonna be as bad as starting with a provisional. All in all, I think we'll have a good day on Sunday."


"Yeah, it's gonna take seven years."

DALE JARRETT --88-- UPS Taurus

"I'm really happy. I don't know that I could do it better if I would go back out there and don't know what I would change. The car was great and I was able to hit all of my marks, so it was a pretty good lap for me."


"Yeah, it'll be up front and that's the main thing here is getting yourself a starting position that you can race your race and be up front -- see how these guys race and see what I can learn. Who knows what can happen on Sunday then."


"Yeah. When I was up here testing I had time to go out and watch Boris (Said) and Robby (Gordon) and Ron Fellows some and I think that probably helped me as much as anything. Just seeing how they did things a little differently than what I was accustomed to -- how much further they could get in the corners, so we had to work on our car to make sure that we could make our car do those type of things. It's become a little bit of a competition. I'm sure on Sunday those guys are gonna show just how good they are. The road racers are in a tough position here, especially the ones that don't have a provisional. They can't be all out on a qualifying lap, so you can't go strictly on that. I'm sure they'll be there Sunday, but, hopefully, we'll be there racing them too." YOUR LAP? "I didn't make any mistakes. Even testing here for two days, each time we went to make a simulated qualifying run I always messed up somewhere. We made some changes right before qualifying and they helped the car. The places that I was comfortable, they made the car even better and places where I was having some trouble, we really helped the car there."


"We were just really loose. We've been tight all day. We didn't change anything and just figured we'd rather be tight. I just got real loose up through the esses and that hurt us. I had to get all the way back out of the gas at the top of the esses and that really hurt our straightaway speed. I don't know, just real loose."

KURT BUSCH --97-- Sharpie/Rubbermaid Taurus

"There are so many things a driver can do to pick up a lap time or actually lose time when you're qualifying on a road course. What we learned at Sonoma was all I needed to was make a solid lap. I wanted to pick up quite a bit more than that, but it's better to just run what we ran in practice and move on from there. We're happy with that lap time and actually improved some. Most of this year we've actually dropped our qualifying time from our practice time, so we're very happy with what the Sharpie/Rubbermaid car did. The guys are gonna work on it and we're always better in race trim."

MATT KENSETH --17-- DEWALT Power Tools Taurus

"I don't really know what I did wrong. I thought it was a smooth lap, but obviously I just drove it too slow. I thought we had been handling pretty good today. We made a bunch of changes before qualifying and, if anything, I must have been just too cautious."

RICKY RUDD --28-- Texaco Havoline Taurus

"Dale got an awful good lap in and we got not such a good lap in. We had run quite a bit quicker than that in practice and just left a little speed on the table. I guess they have the speed chart that shows where you run good or bad and I was good until we came to the next to the last corner. I think I just got the car slowed up too much. The brakes worked really good and probably stopped us better than they should have and I lost that momentum. There was just no getting it back. There wasn't time to make it back up, but I'm just pleased. It was a good run, but you hate it when you leave a little speed on the table like we did today. Still, it's gonna be a good starting spot."

RUSTY WALLACE --2-- Miller Lite Taurus

"I think I lost a little bit (in turn 10). The car was real strong. The motor ran great. I got into, I guess it was turn 10, I get the turns all messed up here, and I wheel-hopped just a little bit, just enough that I had to get on the brakes a little bit more -- get off and get back on two whoa it down. I thought I was a little soft getting into turn one and got off the gas a little early I thought, but, other than that, I killed 'em up through the esses and out of the inner loop was real good. We're not gonna get the pole, but we'll get one. I can't believe it, nine poles last year and haven't gotten one doggone pole yet this year. I guess we all try to get a bunch of poles because it sounds good and it's cool. You want to get a good starting position, plus you want to get in the Clash in Daytona, but I think all the past winners get in anyway so I guess I'm already in."

BRETT BODINE --11-- Ralphs Supermarkets/RedCell Batteries Taurus

"There's nothing to really talk about. It was terrible. We're just not fast and I really don't have an explanation. We're gonna look at some things and make some front end and suspension changes for the race. Hopefully, we can be better in race trim. I just don't know why we're not any faster than that."


"We really felt confident bringing it here. Maybe we were too confident. We obviously have to make some changes. We've got to find some speed in this thing and, hopefully, we can be a lot more competitive in the race."

TODD BODINE --66-- Route 66/Kmart Taurus

"We made some changes again before qualifying and it worked. The car was a lot better. It turned a lot better and at Watkins Glen, the road courses, you've got to turn through these corners and the car was definitely better. I didn't mess up too much on the lap. I missed a couple of spots a little bit, but, overall, that's just a decent lap. We'll take it. We said we just wanted to be in the top 10 and I think that's gonna be."

ELLIOTT SADLER --21-- Motorcraft Taurus

"I'm pretty happy with that. I tell you, we had a lot of things happen at the Wood Brothers shop this week that I think will probably get us going in the right direction. We're gonna try running some of the old standard stuff like we've been running in the past. We went to VIR last week and got a lot of bugs out and got me used to shifting again. I haven't had any shifting problems today. The guys loosened up the car just enough for qualifying and I think a top 25 qualifying run for us on a road course is pretty good."

BORIS SAID --77-- Jasper Engines/Degree Taurus

"It's not bad. We had a transmission break in qualifying. I couldn't get it into second gear, so that killed our lap. It's disppointing, but at least we're in the race. I'm a little disappointed for everyone at Jasper Engines and Transmissions because we came up here and tested and ran 11.4 pretty easy and we were really fast. Unfortunately, I broke the transmission in qualifying. It just wouldn't get into second gear in turn one and that cost me a lot of time. That was unfortunate. I think we definitely had a legitimate shot at the pole. I think we'll have a good race car and at least we're starting 20 positions better than we were at Sears Point, so that should make the job easier."

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