Ford Racing Talladega II qualifying notes

HUT STRICKLIN - 90 - Hills Bros Coffee Taurus - "We've been struggling. Really all we can hope for now is to see how the provisional deal falls, and hopefully we'll get something there. I don't know, we've been missing it somewhere here on the ...

HUT STRICKLIN - 90 - Hills Bros Coffee Taurus - "We've been struggling. Really all we can hope for now is to see how the provisional deal falls, and hopefully we'll get something there. I don't know, we've been missing it somewhere here on the restrictor - plate races and we've just got to find it."

DALE JARRETT - 88 - UPS Taurus - "Actually, the lap we ran the fastest in practice probably had a little help, so, yeah, this is faster than whenever we knew our clean laps were. That was about what we expected."

BRETT BODINE - 11 - Ralphs/Wells Fargo Financial Taurus - "We come here and practice in a certain configuration and we know we got quite a bit saved up. The guys just did a great job getting it prepped for qualifying, and they've done tremendous job, working hard, trying to get this car ready to come here. We had to use a provisional at Daytona, the Fourth of July, and finished ninth with this car, but we needed to get it to qualify better, we're so far back in the points we couldn't count on a provisional, and they have just done a yeoman's job of getting this thing ready to qualify. You know, when you're only a couple hundredths off the 88 car, you're boys have done a great job."

THIS IS BETTER THAN GETTING OUT OF THE CAR AND TAKING THAT SLOW WALK BACK, KNOWING YOU'RE IN TROUBLE. "We've had that before. Our speedway program has come a long way - a lot of that has to do with Robert Yates and their engine program that they supply to us this year, but our guys have worked really, really hard at the wind tunnel and Ford Motor Company has helped us out with some wind - tunnel time, and that's what's made the difference."

RICKY CRAVEN - 32 - Tide Taurus - "We had a decent run, and I really think that will be better than what we practiced, which was 20th. I think that should sort out, hopefully, around 15th, and we'll be happy with that. We can win from there."

DOES IT FEEL ANY DIFFERENT TO SIT IN THE CAR AGAIN AFTER A WIN? "It probably does. I'm trying real hard just to not let it get too out of control, but it's real important to my wife and I and my family and this team - a win's so hard to come by that we're just going to continue to celebrate, and, of course, Sunday, when the race begins, then the slate is wiped clean. So, we'll continue to enjoy it today and tomorrow and look forward to Sunday."

JEFF PURVIS - 51 - Phoenix Racing Taurus - "We came down here and tested and that's what about what it tested at so - it's a good race car. I think this Phoenix Racing team will have a good day on Sunday."

RUSTY WALLACE - 2 - Miller Lite Taurus - "No, I thought we'd run about a 52.30 - we ran it five times in a row then we had to go through tech and it lost two - tenths again, so it killed me. That's just the story, that's the way it is."

RICK MAST - 91 - BAMA Taurus - "We slowed down a good bit. We ran a 52.478, I think, in practice - a little bit of help, but not that much. We didn't get to test the car, we made three runs with it and I was pretty pleased with the way it went. We picked the car up a good bit, we just needed a little bit more. So, we'll see how it turns out here."

MARK MARTIN - 6 - Pfizer Taurus - "That's about what we ran in practice, and we didn't have much else to throw at it - we were doing all we could in practice. So, I'm satisfied with that time. I'm a little surprised by a few cars going even faster, but I think our team has done a great job, certainly, with the way things are right now, the way the rules are and everything - that's a good run for us."

MATT KENSETH - 17 - DeWalt Tools Taurus - "I wish I knew - we should've picked up a little bit from practice, actually. I felt like both of our practice laps in the DeWalt Ford were in really clean air, so I expected to pick up a little bit, so I was as surprised as anybody to go slower."

RICKY RUDD - 28 - Texaco/Havoline Taurus - "I really don't know. Evidently, maybe, we were getting help out there in practice and didn't really realize it. We knew were going to have a tough time when we came down here. You know, Fords, I think, have only let 30 miles of competition in the last 1,400 miles of racing, so we knew were in for a tough weekend. But, a little disappointed, like I say, in practice. We thought we had a clean lap - evidently, we must've had some help."

MIKE WALLACE - 12 - Miller Lite Taurus - "The qualifying effort here - unfortunately, the car just didn't run good enough. We ran really well in practice, where we were top 22nd, 23rd, but some reason it didn't get enough oil temperature in it and we just didn't run the number. We slowed up, it's a shame, but we'll make the best of it and race on Sunday."

TODD BODINE - 66 - Kmart Blue Light Special Taurus - "It's about what I figured. This car has never qualified really fast, but it races great. For some reason, it won't break the air itself and really run free, but once you get out there drafting it really handles good, drives good, drafts good. So, hopefully we can get it into the race."

JIMMY SPENCER - 26 - Kmart Taurus - "It wasn't too bad, but that's all we had. The guys worked really, really hard on the Kmart car. We unloaded about the same speed we qualified at, so we only ran a .43 at practice and a .39 in qualifying, so it wasn't too good. I really don't know. We've struggled in all the restrictor - plate races this year, and hopefully we can get the car handling really good here and not have any bad luck on Sunday and maybe be up there in front."

JEFF BURTON - 99 - Citgo SUPERGARD Taurus - "We slowed a couple of tenths from what we run in practice. We had real clean laps in practice, but you never know why, you know, this place and Daytona are historic for some people pick up for no reason and some people slow down for no reason, and we went a little bit slower. But, it really doesn't matter where you start here, more so here than anywhere. I wonder sometimes if being in 38th isn't safer than being in third. We'll see what happens, 500 miles, and I guarantee you will be at the front at some point and at some point we'll be back at the back."

ELLIOTT SADLER - 21 - Motorcraft Taurus - "We went across the start - finish line, I cut the motor off and let it cool and then I always re - start it, try to circulate the water so I don't burn one of Jack's motors up, and, man, I really burned it up. When I tried to re - start it, there must've been some fuel still in the pipe, raw fuel, and came back up through, I guess, the carburetor. I'm trying to re - start it and all of a sudden the fire got bad, so I called Eddie and Len and said, 'Look, I'm getting out of here. Maybe the fire truck will show up.' I saw the fire truck down there. I got to commend them. They were there very quick. I had my Hutchens and everything on and I was able to get out with all that on. So, everybody's okay. We qualified good. We lost some paint, so we'll fix that. We'll be okay."

THE CAR CAN RUN TOMORROW DURING PRACTICE? "We'll look at it and see. It's burned up pretty bad. I know the motor's messed up, probably - the carburetor and the air cleaner and all that. The hood does not look good. 'Motorcraft' is not reading too well on it right now. But we'll put some new paint on it and some stickers and it'll look good for Sunday."

WHAT ABOUT THAT SECOND LAP? "We ran a .50 - something in practice and we didn't have it all trimmed out, you know, so we were a little conservative on the rear shocks and we were a little conservative on the restrictor plate we had, so we knew we were going to be a little better. I think that NASCAR test we had, that may have helped us a lot. We ran some stuff the first day, and then I had to leave, and the second day Morgan Shepard did a lot of qualifying stuff, and I think it helped us. So, we'll see what happens. We had a good run at Daytona and hopefully we can add to that this weekend."

PAT TRYSON, crew chief - 21 - Motorcraft Taurus - "Obviously we'll have to put a new windshield in it and a new cold - air box. I think we'll be okay. It didn't look like it burned any wiring, so I think we'll be alright. If all the stuff's on the outside, we'll be okay."

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