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JEREMY MAYFIELD -12-Mobil 1 Taurus (finished third)- SOLID RUN? "Yeah, it was. We made a good run, made the run like that, you know, it turned the momentum around the other way and I'm proud of these guys." THIRD PLACE MUST FEEL PRETTY GOOD.

JEREMY MAYFIELD -12-Mobil 1 Taurus (finished third)-

"Yeah, it was. We made a good run, made the run like that, you know, it turned the momentum around the other way and I'm proud of these guys."


"Man, it does. It feels like a win to this team. You know, We've had a tough start to the year, and just things going wrong, stuff like that, and guys working real hard. You seen today the pit crew, they gained a lot spots on pit road, that's what it's all about, and everybody back at the shop is working hard. I'm just proud of 'em. We're on our way back and show what this Mobil 1 team is made of."

JIMMY SPENCER -26-Kmart Taurus (finished fourth)-
"We're learning a real lot as a team, we made a lot of mistakes last year in the pits, and we didn't want to make many mistakes today and we didn't and came home with a top-five finish."


"The car was real good. The car was real good yesterday afternoon, and we knew the car was good. Darlington, you race it all day long. Towards the end, we sort of didn't want to see the caution because we thought like that cost us third place, and I'm sure the 1 car didn't want to see the caution, either. But, anyway, that's part of it. But I think we have a good race team. I've said it along. You know, we stayed together for a long time. We really ran well the last half of last season and we've started the same thing here. We're running well, we ran well at Atlanta last week and just got problem, ran well at Las Vegas and now here at Darlington. I'm looking forward to my favorite track, Bristol."

DALE JARRETT -88-UPS Taurus (finished first)-


"Steve Park had a great car. I knew that on a short run my car was real good. Steve's car seemed to be better in the longer run, that's where he could get away from me, and I thought that this may play into our hands. When that caution came out, that was probably good for us. For a change, instead of being the best car and having something go wrong, we had a kind of a change of fortune there. There at the end I thought I could get away, my car was really fast on fresh tires."


"I knew that our car was good, I knew that we were good enough to definitely run up front, and I knew what I couldn't make up on the race track that pit crew was going to make up in the pits. They did just an incredible job all day. That's what really won us the race there at the end, that and the adjustment that Todd made. The engine in this thing is just unbelievable."

MATT KENSETH -17-DeWalt Tools Taurus (finished 19th)-
"Early in the race the 4 car pushed us up into the wall - it's pretty bad when you get wrecked when you're letting someone go by. We had some damage and worked all day to fix it. Luck was definitely not on our side this weekend and we really needed a good run. We have good cars every week., it's just always something this team has no control over that knocks us out of contention. We salvaged the finish but we could've been so much better."

RUSTY WALLACE -2-Miller Lite Taurus (finished 10th)-

"Just a little off today. It was little tight at the start and we adjusted the air pressures and got it okay. One set of tires just after the middle of the race made it push like a truck Just after we got it the best it was all day, we had the run-in with the 20 car there on pit road and it was never the same after that. That crash there at the end, I'm not sure what exactly happened. The 31 got up on the high side and got into my right rear. We had great pit stops all day except one. I thought we'd be better than that here today, but we'll take it and go on to Bristol and look for big things there."

RICKY RUDD -28-Texaco/Havoline Taurus (finished eighth)-
"We were good all day long, but we were never great. Probably, at best, a fifth-place car. We were better on the long runs, but I'm not sure a long run at the end would've made much of a difference. Good pit stops kept us in the top 10 or 12 and we never moved much from there."

ELLIOTT SADLER -21-Motorcraft Taurus (finished 17th)-
"I just struggled there at the end. We pumped the tires up to try to make it better but it just made it worse, it made the car slide around. We gave up four or five positions. Wish we would've led a lap. I asked them to please lead a lap, give us five more points, help us in the points, but another frustrating day. We usually run a whole lot better than that here. We'll get better, I guess. At least we're not wrecking, at least we finished in the top 20. Keep doing that maybe one day we'll catch a break and get us a good run."


"I think we did have some good pit stops today. The guys have been working hard at it and definitely a long ways ahead of where we were last year, and I applaud them for that. I killed them a few times in the pits, stalling the car. Anyway, we'll go to Bristol. At least we're not tearing up cars and keeping 'em together, and we'll go to Bristol and do the best we can."

HUT STRICKLIN -90-Hills Brothers Taurus (finished 28th)-
"We had a day where everything stayed on the car - didn't break anything, stayed out of the wrecks. The car was decent today but we just couldn't get track position. It was loose most of the day, but a good kind of loose. It tightened up a bit at the end. Overall, it was a good experience for us. We had some new guys going over the wall, so they got some experience that will help us."

MARK MARTIN -6-Pfizer Taurus (finished 21st)-
"Well, we made some awfully good pit stops. If we would've had those stops with some of the other starts we've had recently, we would've shown something. We didn't have much for a set-up on the race car today. Anyway, we had some of the poorest luck I've ever had on the race track and not wreck. I mean, every where I turned I got delayed and we didn't need that because we didn't have enough car to overcome." WHAT WAS THE CAR NOT DOING. "It wasn't going through the corners fast enough."

KURT BUSCH -97-Roush Racing Taurus (finished 30th)-
"Typical rookie at Darlington. Never seen the place before and hit just about every single wall there was. That's part of the gig. We had a real ill-handling car, tried to go too fast with it and just made a bunch of mistakes." WHICH WALL? "Two, three, four, everywhere but one. The car would not turn all day and it would not turn during practice, it would not turn anytime at all." DO YOU KNOW WHY? "We hope there's something wrong with the car. That car we raced at Rockingham and Dover and Rockingham in the fall, and it will not turn. So, hopefully, we won't bring that car back anymore." SOUNDS LIKE A SHOW CAR. "Yes, it sounds like it."


"Yeah, I wish I was born in 1901 so I could've raced this place in the '20s and '30s when it was supposed to be raced on. This is just one of those hard places to get around, and it's tough with these new-style tires."

-Ford Racing

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