Ford Racing Bristol II race notes

ROBERT PRESSLEY --77-- Jasper Engines/Lipton Ice Tea Taurus (Finished 28th) -- "It's like Charlotte. We had a good race car. This Jasper Engines/Lipton Ice Tea car was good tonight too and we just could not get a break. I guess Todd (Bodine)...

ROBERT PRESSLEY --77-- Jasper Engines/Lipton Ice Tea Taurus (Finished 28th) -- "It's like Charlotte. We had a good race car. This Jasper Engines/Lipton Ice Tea car was good tonight too and we just could not get a break. I guess Todd (Bodine) was back there not paying attention or something. I mean, the wreck started when we were just getting into three. I was waving my arms and doing everything, but he was just all over us. That's what makes you mad at Bristol. You come out here and you know you've got to be around after halfway, but some of these guys just cannot do it."

ANDY HOUSTON --96-- McDonald's Taurus (Finished 40th) -- "It's pretty wild. It seems to me like nobody has any respect for anybody. The 27 car just ran in the back of me and turned me around off of two. I hit the inside wall pretty good. He was already a lap down. I mean, we were eighth on the lead lap and I guess he wasn't wanting to go another lap down, so he turned me around."

JIMMY SPENCER --26-- Kmart Taurus (Finished 35th) -- "I had a bad qualifying lap and that was my fault. If we would have been pitting on the front straightaway, I really feel like we would have been contending for the win. We still had a shot at a top five without a question. The Kmart guys worked hard all weekend. This is the best car I've ever had at Bristol really. I really feel bad for my guys and myself really. I'm very upset. We had an opportunity to really gain a lot of points tonight. We're trying to get in the top 10 and win the race. It's just unfortunate, but I like Darlington and we'll be there next week."

RICKY CRAVEN --32-- Tide Taurus (Finished 38th) -- "The guys don't seem to have the grip that they normally do. The cars are sliding around a lot. I just got together with the 88. I feel like he pinched me down to get going. I was trying to respect him as a lead-lap car and I probably slid up some. It's absolutely nobody's fault. It's typical Bristol. I don't know. I think we ran side-by-side for two laps, which is probably one too many and it caught up with us."

MARK MARTIN --6-- Pfizer Taurus (Finished 37th) -- "This is the best car I've had this year and it hurts pretty bad. Everytime they run 100 laps under the green somebody blows a right-front tire out here. Last time (Jeff) Burton was the one and I got caught up in his wreck. This time I was the first one. It was just a matter of time and the next few laps somebody was gonna blow a right-front tire because we had over 100 laps on them. That's happened the last three or four races up here. It's the best race car I've had this year."

TODD BODINE --66-- Route 66/Kmart Taurus (Finished 32nd) -- "I just lost it -- driver error. We got hit earlier in that wreck off of four and it knocked the toe out and the car was driving pretty bad. I was trying to hustle it and trying to hustle it too much. At Bristol you've got to get on top of the wheel and I came up off of four, over the hump, and it just came out from under me. It was my own fault. We had a good race car to start with and we were pretty happy with it. The Kmart Blue Lite Special was pretty good."

MATT KENSETH --17-- DEWALT Power Tools Taurus (Finished 33rd) -- "I didn't see a lot of wrecks really around me until I got wrecked. It seemed like there were more cautions, but from where I was sitting I couldn't really see all the wrecks. We were racing some lapped cars -- me and Dave Blaney. Casey Atwood and there were a couple of cars side-by-side and Blaney went under them three-wide. I tried following him off of four and (Geoffrey) Bodine came down a little bit and it was in the bad part of the corner. I hit him in the door in the right-front and it just spun me out."

RUSTY WALLACE --2-- Miller Lite Taurus (Finished 5th) -- "I just got racing with him in turn three. I got a little bump from behind and lost a position. That's about it -- just Bristol racing."


"No, I just couldn't get stopped."


"No, I'm not smart enough to set it up for short runs or long runs, that's just the way it turned out. What lost me the race probably was I put some air in the right front tire and when I did that it got pushing real bad and I lost about five positions and I got back to like fifth. Then I got the restart and could only get up to third. That was it. It was a good run. I thought I had fourth locked up and Ricky lost his brakes going into three I think." WAS IT A ROUGHER BRISTOL RACE THAN USUAL? "That's night time racing and that just happens."

ELLIOTT SADLER --21-- Motorcraft Taurus (Finished 11th) -- "We had us a great race car. I was just riding there at the beginning, just kind of staying out of trouble and staying up front, and then somebody got into us. It probably bent the tie-rod and bent the toe-out a lot, so after that we pushed a bunch. But, we'll take 11th. The car's in one piece, it could've been a hold lot worse." YOU WERE 30TH AT ONE POINT. "Yeah, we were 30th at one point and almost got a lap down, so we're happy. I would've really liked to get a top-10 for these guys, but I just wasn't able to hold it off there at the end."

RICKY RUDD --28-- Texaco Havoline Taurus (Finished 4th) -- WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE RACE? "I'm not really sure. I think Rusty's brakes went out on him after we took the checkered flag, I'm not really sure. It's just good, hard short-track racing. We might have ruffled up a few feathers coming through the field. We were leading the race and on one of the re-starts one of the lapped cars about took our whole front end off and we had to pit under caution to get it worked on, so we had to come all the from the back. It's hard to do that and not rub anybody. We didn't rub too many, but we might have rubbed a few along the way and I think that was just a little payback at the end." A TYPICAL BRISTOL NIGHT? "Yeah, just good, hard racing all night there just was not a lot of room to race. If you got out of the bottom groove you went backwards. I wish there were two grooves of racing, but that's not the case here, but you've just got to deal with it. It just takes a lot of patience." YOU PASSED A LOT OF CARS TO GET BACK TO THE FRONT. "We came from dead last back there. In the middle stages of the race we ended up on a long run and we weren't that good of a car. We had to make some adjustments to the car and fought a little bit harder and got track position and then we finally got it all back. I don't think we had much more than a fourth-place car tonight. Early on we were good, but our car got pushing real bad."

DALE JARRETT --88-- UPS Taurus (Finished 6th) -- WAS THIS RACE ROUGHER THAN USUAL? "I don't know. It just seemed that the tires were slipping and sliding and you're trying to go as hard as you can. It doesn't take much to send somebody around and guys are wanting to go. Plus, a lot of cars are running the same speed, so that just makes it more difficult."


"Yeah, I was able to hold him off. He came on pretty strong. I knew he had a good car, but I found a line that I could get off the corner a little bit. I was just having a hard time getting off the corner and that's where he could beat me, but I found a line that enabled me to do that. It's a good thing we didn't have anymore laps left."


"I saw Ricky spinning and I was on the outside and I was just trying to miss him so I locked the brakes up."

KURT BUSCH --97-- Sharpie/Rubbermaid Taurus (Finished 25th) -- "It was a really tough day for the Sharpie/Rubbermaid Ford. We were really looking to make a good show here at the inaugural Sharpie 500. Unfortunately, we had a bit of trouble at the beginning that caused us to go a couple laps down, and after that it was tough to gain track position. All in all we finished 25th, so given all that happened in the race we're pretty happy with that."

JEFF BURTON --99-- Citgo SUPERGARD Taurus (Finished 15th) -- "We ran a lot better than 15th. Frank had a great pit strategy going for us and we got a bad set of tires on that last stop. It's the only thing I can figure because it was the worst we ran all night."

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