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TODD BODINE - No. 98 - Lucas Oil Taurus (Finished 34th) "It was a little bit of an unusual deal. The bolt turned out of the end of the axle and pushed the right-side axle out. The axle come out, the tire went sideways, grease on the track, the...

TODD BODINE - No. 98 - Lucas Oil Taurus (Finished 34th)

"It was a little bit of an unusual deal. The bolt turned out of the end of the axle and pushed the right-side axle out. The axle come out, the tire went sideways, grease on the track, the whole bit. But, we're alright."

CAN YOU GO BACK OUT? "Yeah, we're going to fix it and go out and make some more laps."

WITH HIGH TEMPERATURES AND NO CLOUDS, IS THE TRACK VERY SLICK? "The track's pretty slick. It seems like it's changing from the beginning of the run to the end of the run. It gets slicker as it goes."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 - DeWalt Power Tools Taurus (Finished 4th)

"At times in the race we ran really good, capable of winning, and we had a problem in the pits - the clutch went out and I messed up the tire changer, and let the clutch out too early, and got ourselves behind. And then we didn't handle good. We just lost the handle the last two runs. So, for all that stuff to go wrong and still finish fourth is pretty lucky."

ON PICKING UP A NUMBER OF SPOTS IN THE LAST COUPLE OF LAPS. "They all ran out of gas - the 9, 19 and 18 all ran out of gas."

THE TOP-FIVE HAS TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. "Yeah, I'm really happy. Early in the race we ran pretty good. I thought we were going to be a contender, I thought we were going to be a factor. On a pit stop, the master cylinder or something must've leaked on the clutch and let the clutch out and messed them guys up and lost a bunch of track position. And after that pit stop we sort of lost the handle on the car and we were just way too tight the last two runs. So most of the race we were too loose, and we were just too tight the last two runs, I just couldn't do anything else."

DID THE TRACK CHANGE MUCH TODAY? "I thought it started off normal and got real, real loose, and then it went to a real tight stage at the end. I adjusted for the loose stage and had it too tight when the track tightened up."

A TOP-FIVE AFTER A TOUGH BREAK LAST WEEK AT TALLADEGA. "Yeah. We got to finish races and not make mistakes, not make mistakes on track but we got to not have parts break too. The way everybody ran today, hopefully that will get us back up a little more solid in the top-10 in the points and get some momentum going."

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 - Viagra Taurus (Finished 11th)

"We had an awesome car until lap 150 and then something either went wrong or the track went away from us. We had a top-five car for sure. It was a great effort by the team. Ran out of gas on the last lap with a top-10 finish in the bag, but so did a bunch of other guys. It was a good run for us. Great team effort. We had a pretty healthy car, a real healthy car until the last 150, and then the last two runs were just not as good."


THIS WAS A CONSISTENT EFFORT ON A TOUGH DAY. "Actually, a stellar effort. These guys are coming, man. I think we got a shot at getting in that top 10 at the 26, if we can keep this up and build a little momentum, we can even pretty soon, too."

PAT TRYSON, crew chief - No. 6 - Viagra Taurus

"We didn't have any vapor lock problem, we just didn't have enough gas at the end."

THIS IS TWO GOOD RACES IN A ROW. "It's really three or four good ones in a row. We didn't get to finish at Martinsville, but we had a really good car. We had a really good car today, especially early. Thought we might have a shot to win, for sure a top-five car, and then it seemed like the last two runs just went away a little bit, whether the track changed or something happened to the car, I'm not sure. But it was a real good car. The Viagra Ford was good all day and just came a little bit short on the gas, otherwise we would've been eighth or ninth, but we'll take 11th and move on to the next race."

MARK MARTIN CALLED IT A STELLAR EFFORT BY THIS TEAM. "Yeah, We've been really good here the last few weeks. If we get our qualifying straightened out we'll be in really good shape because we got to keep getting better."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 - Keep It Genuine Taurus (Finished 17th)

"It ended up better than we thought it was going to be. We were pretty pitiful when we got here so we had an experimental setup on the car today because we didn't have anything to lose. I was trying to pass Burton and he wasn't going to give me an inch. We bent the fender in and it knocked the handle off of it, but luckily they were able to fix it on a pit stop. We had to give up some track position to fix it, but they were able to get it back to where it was. The crew had some really great pit stops. There was one time when I picked p five positions. The cars were slipping and sliding around out there quite a bit. It is hard to get excited about it, but it is the best run we've had on one of the bigger tracks in quite a while. It would be nice to get out in front again. I will say that we never did get track position all day, but our speeds were about fifth to tenth place finish range. So if we could get up there we might be able to run."

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