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KURT BUSCH - No. 97 Rubbermaid Taurus (Qualified 16th) "We're OK with that. This is the same car we ran here last year and the same type of setup. We've been doing that quite often. At Martinsville we won the fall race and brought the same...

KURT BUSCH - No. 97 Rubbermaid Taurus (Qualified 16th)

"We're OK with that. This is the same car we ran here last year and the same type of setup. We've been doing that quite often. At Martinsville we won the fall race and brought the same car and ran horrible. We expected to do a little better, but we've got Sunday. That's what our forte' is and we always come up through."

YOU WERE THE RUNNER-UP HERE LAST YEAR AND OBVIOUSLY YOU WANT TO MOVE UP ONE MORE SPOT. "I'd love to. It's something that the team has been working hard at and it's something we like to do, which is to come on strong at the speedways. We've been doing well at the short tracks, but we just need to make sure we keep running solidly each and every week. This is the beginning of the second quarter for us and the Rubbermaid Ford just has to be consistent."

ELLIOTT SADLER - No. 38 M&M's Taurus (Qualified 5th)

"These guys have given me a great race car again. I'm so proud of this Pedigree racing team. This is a brand new race car. It never saw a race track until this morning and to come here and perform like that, it's just great. I'm just sitting in a lucky position right now. Everybody at Yates gave me awesome horsepower. This is the sister to the car that we had at Texas, so if we get it to run as good as we ran in Texas that Sunday, we're gonna be in good shape and cause some problems for everybody come Sunday."

BEING A NEW TEAM ARE YOU SURPRISED AT THE SUCCESS YOU'VE HAD THIS EARLY? "You can always tell each other that you're gonna run good and you think you can do it, but it's a different story getting out there. I had no idea it was gonna be this great working with Raymond Fox and Shawn Parker and everybody involved. They get so many people involved on this race team that we don't paint ourselves in any corners and we don't become one dimensional. It's by far an awesome race team and they're doing a great job. As young as this team is, we've got a bright, bright future."

JEFF BURTON - No. 99 CITGO Taurus (Qualified 10th)

"We've been fairly competitive all day. We've really struggled on this kind of race track the past year and a half and this is a totally different kind of car. So far it's paid off. That will give us a decent starting spot at worst and better than what we normally do. I really believe that this team is starting to come together. Brad (Parrott) has been a big help for us and Pierre (Kuettel) being able to stay home and pay attention to things there, that's been a help to us. Paul and I are getting better and better everyday together and I think we'll see better results in the future than we've seen in the past, I really believe that."

MARK MARTIN - No. 6 Viagra Taurus (Qualified 22nd)

"I was shaking a little bit before I made that run and I'm definitely shaking now. I was fussin' about a push all through practice. We weren't slow then because we were loose, but we were awfully loose. We're just hurting a little bit for speed. We've got to keep it driving good. It drove better then and, in race trim, if we can keep it driving like that, a lot of them will back up to us. I'm proud of Ben and all my guys. We made a solid pick-up there, better than I expected and it'll be about where we've been starting, which is mid-pack. That's fine because it's better than the back of the pack."

WHAT'S THE KEY HERE? "You've got to handle good through these corners, that's what it's all about. You can't be short on gas mileage. That cost us one win the first year here, but going through the corners is what it's all about."

RICKY RUDD - No. 21 Motorcraft Taurus (Qualified 35th)

"We just can't seem to get qualified. It seems like everywhere we go, we don't really qualify that well but we race well. This is a track that traditionally I haven't done well at, but I always race well. I finished third here last time and ran in the top five. I'm not really sure. We just can't get it to roll through the middle of the corners like we need to. It's a brand new car and I'm real optimistic. We haven't given up yet, I think it's gonna race well, I just wish we could figure this qualifying thing out."

HOW KEY IS TRACK POSITION HERE? "I like California because you can run inside and outside. You've got two grooves so it's a lot like Michigan in that respect. If you happen to have a poor qualifying effort you can come back, it just takes you about 100 or 200 miles into the race before you show up when you have a good race car. It just makes it a little tougher and puts you in a hole a little bit, but it's something you can overcome, that's for sure."

DAVE BLANEY - No. 77 Jasper Engines Taurus (Qualified 18th)

"I'm real happy. Even though 12th isn't great, we struggled all morning and made a big improvement. We made some changes after practice, so we're happy to see that. When we made our changes this morning there was nothing that made much of a difference, so we hit a little bit on what it was wanting, so that's always good to find out."

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 Grainger Taurus (Qualified 29th)

"I may have just overdrove one a little bit too much. I got down in there and kind of bottomed out on the right-front and pushed up the race track. It's so critical and so easy to lose three-tenths or half-a-second like that, so I just overdrove it a tiny bit I think."

DALE JARRETT - No. 88 UPS Taurus (Qualified 37th)

"We struggled most of the day. We finally got it better and then we made a few more changes. The changes that we made were probably better, but it created another set of problems and circumstances that we weren't prepared for in a two-lap run. We bottomed out the left-front really hard and that makes it difficult to drive. We'll just see what we can do Sunday."

MATT KENSETH - No. 17 DEWALT Power Tools Taurus (Qualified 23rd)

"That wasn't really great. I just needed more overall grip or something. It's always disappointing when you don't back up your practice time at least and we practiced a couple tenths better than that, so I'm pretty disappointed with what we ran."

WHAT'S IT LIKE TO GO BACK AND FORTH FROM THE CUP TO BUSCH GARAGE ON FRIDAY WITH PRACTICE AND QUALIFYING BOTH ON THE SAME DAY? "The cars really aren't that different. They're really getting more and more similar with all the templates they've got, so you just go do it. You just rely on your crews and go do it."

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