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This Week in Ford Racing The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup begins this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway with Sunday's running of the Sylvania 300. Ford drivers Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle recently talked about the chase and what ...

This Week in Ford Racing

The Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup begins this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway with Sunday's running of the Sylvania 300. Ford drivers Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle recently talked about the chase and what it's going to take to win the championship.

CARL EDWARDS - No. 99 Office Depot Ford Fusion

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON LOUDON - "New Hampshire is real tough. One time I got the chance to drive the Red Sox car there and we were screaming fast. The car was awesome and I thought, 'Man, I've figured this place out,' and then we came back the next time and I was terrible. So it's a real hit and miss. The car has got to be perfect. We've been working real hard on it because I feel like of all the tracks in the chase, that's the one we were the worst at earlier this year. I'm a little nervous about New Hampshire, but we'll see what happens."

WHAT IS YOUR VERDICT ON THE CHASE FORMAT? "I think it's good because it's more entertaining. I think from a pure racing, determining a champion over the whole season standpoint, I don't think it's the same as before and, in a way, it's kind of not fair to guys like Jeff Gordon, who I believe would have won it a couple years if there wasn't a chase format. It's just different, but I think for the health of the sport it's good. For one or two guys, it hasn't been good."

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT IT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? "I'd give everyone one throwaway race. That would be pretty cool to have one race where you could just say, 'That one didn't matter,' because, like it or not, this is a sport where you can run really well but one bad thing can hurt you so much in the points. So it's not always the fastest guy that ends up being the winner, but that's just the way it is."

DO YOU HAVE TO WIN MULTIPLE RACES IN THE CHASE TO WIN THE TITLE LIKE JIMMIE DID LAST YEAR? "No, it's just math. You just have to have the best average, but the way Jimmie and Kyle [Busch] and everybody is running, you might have to win to beat them. There are going to be days where you definitely have to win to beat those guys, so, for me, we're just gonna go at it just like we've been racing for the last couple months. I don't believe anybody has scored more points than us, or it's been real close, so we're just gonna go do that."

DO YOU STILL SEE GUYS WHO HAVEN'T WON YET AS A THREAT FOR THE TITLE? "Oh, yeah. Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth and Greg Biffle, those guys are good. They've all won championships."

GREG BIFFLE - No. 16 3M Ford Fusion

HOW DO YOU MAKE UP GROUND ON CARL AND KYLE AND WHAT TRACKS ARE YOUR BEST OPPORTUNITIES TO DO THAT? "A lot of the mile-and-a-halfs. You just hope that they're still mad at each other and maybe they'll be beating and banging and take care of themselves a little bit. But some of my good tracks to go to, I could tell you the two that aren't, and the rest are good tracks for me. The two that I don't look forward to as a driver - not that I don't like the track, I just don't run as well - is Martinsville and Talladega. It's not that I don't run good at Talladega, it's just that anything can happen there so it can go in either direction. Those guys could be caught up in the big one or something that got started and I could skim through it or vice versa. Any one of those things can happen. Last year was the first Talladega race I finished, so that was pretty much a highlight of my career at Talladega."

MAKE A CASE WHY IT WON'T BE CARL AND KYLE FOR THE TITLE? "California is a testament to why it's not. The 48 and the 16 car were the fastest cars there and nobody talked about the 18 and 99 all night. That could be a reason why. We go to four more race tracks and the same thing happens, then we've caught them in points because you would have gained 20-40 points on them in one race and they're only gonna be 60-80-90 points ahead, so that's not an insurmountable amount of points."

ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THE BONUS POINT SITUATION AND HOW IT ROLLS OVER? "Hindsight is 20-20. If they would have had this point system in '05, I think we would have won the championship. I'm not sure. Maybe Tony only had one less or two less wins, but, in any event, I would have made the chase in '06 but still would have missed it in '07, but I like the bonus system. One, it puts more emphasis on winning and that's what everybody thought that they wanted to see. I heard an interesting comment the other day that somebody said, 'I'll fix it, let's just pay a million dollars to win every race.' Well, if they would have paid $50 million to win at California, the 48 still would have won and I still would have finished second. It just doesn't matter if they paid 100 points to win, it doesn't matter. A lot of people try to build more into it than it is. We try to win every single week. We try and win. I try and win every week and I'm gonna try and win the next 10. I'm gonna go as hard as I can go to win them. That's all we can do every week."

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