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Kyle Busch earned his fourth NSCS win of 2008 today at Dover International Speedway and fifth for Toyota. Busch has earned a total of 10 races out of 35 across the three NASCAR series in 2008 -- four in NSCS (Atlanta, Talladega, Darlington and...

Kyle Busch earned his fourth NSCS win of 2008 today at Dover International Speedway and fifth for Toyota.

Busch has earned a total of 10 races out of 35 across the three NASCAR series in 2008 -- four in NSCS (Atlanta, Talladega, Darlington and Dover), four in NNS (Texas, Phoenix, Mexico and Charlotte) and two in NCTS (California and Atlanta).

Busch has led a total of 1,876 laps across the three NASCAR series in 2008 -- 786 in NSCS, 786 laps in NNS and 304 laps in NCTS.

Other Toyota drivers in the field included Dave Blaney (ninth), Brian Vickers (13th), J.J. Yeley (24th), David Reutimann (27th), Michael Waltrip (28th), Michael McDowell (30th), AJ Allmendinger (37th), Tony Stewart (41st) and Denny Hamlin (43rd).

Camry drivers have earned 16 top-five finishes and 26 top-10 finishes in 2008.

Busch extends the unofficial NSCS point lead with his win today at Dover. Busch is 142 points ahead of second place, Jeff Burton.

Other Camry drivers in the top-20 in the unofficial NSCS point standings include Hamlin (ninth), Stewart (11th) and Vickers (19th).

Toyota earned victories in all three NASCAR Series for the first time at Dover this weekend -- Busch (NSCS), Hamlin (NNS) and Scott Speed (NCTS).


KYLE BUSCH, No. 18 Combos Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finishing Position: 1st

How excited are you to get your fourth win of the season? "It was definitely a great race for us. I've got to thank Combos and JGR (Joe Gibbs Racing) and all of these guys from Toyota that work on this thing and just do a phenomenal job for us. MacTools, M&M's, Snickers, Interstate Batteries. We didn't have the car to beat today. Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle were better than us but we made it on the long run as good as they did and we knew if we could get track position and get in front of them that we would be a little bit better. The guys on pit road had a phenomenal day. They got us out front and kept us out front and that's what won it for us here today."

Did you approach this race any different early in the race? "That was all I had. That was it. I was just riding, taking care of it and running 90 percent and not pushing too hard to try to do anything stupid. That was about all she had. There wasn't much that I could have done. If I would've tried driving any harder I probably would've just wrecked myself. I've got to thank all of the fans even if they're not Kyle Busch fans and the Kyle Busch fans that come out and support NASCAR racing for us and watch the races every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's just phenomenal to have their support here and put up with me and everything else that we've got going on."

Can you talk about how important your pit crew was to this win today? "They should enjoy this win. This is their win right here. The crews win. I just drove a race car and drove a race that I just needed to pace myself and just run around the bottom every lap and not really move around much. Even though I could, I just didn't need to. The guys that pitted this thing on pit road definitely won it for us and they are deserving."

How critical was it today to be out front and not be behind guys where you couldn't really catch up to them? "Well, I think it was pretty critical, definitely. There on that last pit stop, we come out of the pits behind (Martin) Truex there, couldn't pass him. I rode behind the sixth-place car for 60 or 70 laps there and couldn't get by him. I just had to run my own line, run my own pace, keep it glued to the bottom as best as I could, just keep going through the corners and not get too loose, wearing out the tires or anything like that. Fortunately for me, it was all the pit crew that was able to gain us stuff."

Did you car react differently when you got behind other cars today? "Yeah. I did experience it a little bit behind Greg (Biffle) there when we were running fast lap times up front at the beginning of the race. He would pull away because he had fresh air. Myself, I couldn't really hold onto it. I think I was overdriving a little bit. Then Carl (Edwards) got by me, I'd fall back by Carl (Edwards) a little bit just to get, you know, probably 7/10ths of a second back is where my car felt comfortable. Once you get up into their wake, their buffer, the car doesn't feel as secure, doesn't feel as comfortable without having the air going over it, the little amount of air that does go over it. So, you know, it's kind of frustrating when you can't gain on somebody. You couldn't go to the top and try to pick up any time, lap time, around the top, because it's just too long around and the cars are too tight."

How are you able to be so fast in anything you drive week after week? "For me, I believe there's a way that you drive the trucks, there's a way you drive the Nationwide cars. That's full out, as fast as you can go. The harder you go, the faster you can go. These cars here, you have to pace yourself a little bit. You have to slow them down. You can drive them hard for the first three or four laps, then you have to start backing off, start slowing down, slowing up your entry, slowing down the center, just kind of moseying around the corner, trying to make the thing stick in one particular groove. I've found something that's worked for me here recently in the past few weeks. I found it at Darlington. I won there. Then I finished third at Lowe's. Then we won here again today. You know, we're gaining on the car as well, too. But I think a lot of it is a little bit of driver. You got to stay calm when you can. You got to get going when the time's right and when you can get riled up."

Was this race exciting today? "Turning as much right as I did today, yeah. It's kind of like next Wednesday, you turn right to go left. But I wasn't trying to turn right, it just was what I had to do. It wasn't I guess all that exciting. You know, that's a product of what we've got going on here. We're working on trying to make our cars go as fast as they can. The faster we make them go, the more aero-dependent they're going to be. The more you put out on the racetrack, the more the air is going to get screwed up. You know, we're all fighting for space. We're all fighting for air. We're all fighting for everything. Sorry it wasn't exciting."

JOE GIBBS, Team Owner, Joe Gibbs Racing

What do you think about how strong the Toyota's have been each week? "You're talking about fast Toyotas. I think our drivers -- I think the world of our drivers. To get Kyle (Busch), see the way he's hit it off with Steve (Addington, Crew Chief), that is great chemistry. Also, as we mentioned, there are some very young guys on our pit crew there with that group. I'm so excited about that. I think you got Tony (Stewart) and Denny (Hamlin) that are good teammates. Obviously they can win any race, too. We've been blessed with good drivers. I think our crew chiefs have just done a fantastic job. And the thing I like about this, it's a team sport. It's everybody back home working on everything. Mark (Cronquist) and everybody flogging the motors. Everybody in every aspect of our race shop deserves a lot of the credit. Certainly, Toyota and TRD (Toyota Racing Development) have been great partners for us. I think up here in pro sports, it's little by little, it's everything. Certainly our drivers have a major, major deal in making it happen."

DAVE BLANEY, No. 22 Caterpillar Toyota Camry, Bill Davis Racing Finishing Position: 9th

Can you talk about your top-10 finish today? "The car was good all day. Steady all day and real good in the long runs so we never got real far behind. It was steady. We never got it great early in the run but we were real good late in the run. We just kind of held our own and inched forward a little bit."

Can you talk about the improvement you've experienced the last month? "We've made a huge improvement here the last month. Gene Nead (Lead Race Engineer) is a big, big part of that. He worked great with Tommy Baldwin (Crew Chief) and it just got me feeling a lot better. This car has run great. We've run it the last three weeks in a row. It just feels good to finally get some good finishes. We've got good enough people and good enough equipment to do this. We just need to put it all together."

What are your thoughts going into Pocono next week? "The Pocono test went well so we'll do the same thing. Try to go over there and be consistent and get a good finish."

J.J. YELEY, No. 96 DLP HDTV Toyota Camry, Hall of Fame Racing Finishing Position: 24th

Can you talk about your run today? "We had early contact. I got hit from behind on the very start of the race and got in the fence. I'm not so sure that we didn't bend something because the car just really didn't drive very good after that. We could dictate what the car did in the entry and center but we never did fix the exit. If you can't get the throttle at this place you're kind of in trouble so I just ran around and brought it back in one piece for a 24th-place finish."

TONY STEWART, No. 20 Home Depot Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finishing Position: 41st

What happened in the accident that took you out of contention? "I take 100% responsibility -- it's my fault for being even anywhere close to Elliott (Sadler). If I'm within a half a lap of him, I expect that to happen. It's my fault -- I'm the one that hit him. When I hit him it caused all the guys behind us to wreck. So it's my fault."

Will you be able to get your car back on the track? "I'm sure it is, but it will look like a Dune Buggy when we get out there, but we'll get it out there. I've got a great group of guys. Unfortunately, adversity is our motto here at Joe Gibbs Racing. We'll be fine, we'll get it fixed and just go out there and ride around and be a fixture out there the rest of the day."

DENNY HAMLIN, No. 11 FedEx Kinko's Toyota Camry, Joe Gibbs Racing Finishing Position: 43rd

How were you involved in the accident? "Our whole FedEx Kinko's Toyota was really coming to the front. We felt pretty good about what we had. It's just everyone going for the same spot. It's so tight off of turn two right there. I feel bad for Elliott (Sadler). I came piling in there way late. I had the 43 (Bobby Labonte) right on my bumper trying not to get hit from him. When I heard wreck off turn two I immediately was on the brakes. It's just these cars don't stop as well as they had in the past. Luckily, I wasn't the last one. It looked like guys even behind me piled in there. It's just part of the race track. It's tough racing early in the going. The 38 (David Gilliland) and the 19 (Elliott Sadler) were right there and I think everyone was trying to get to the bottom right there off two. I really can't say it's anybody's fault right there. It's just tough racing."

What did you see from your driver's seat? "I didn't even see what happened to start it. All I knew was I came off turn two and I was in the brakes. The spotter was telling me to slow way down and even stop but I can't stop any harder than what these brakes will let me. I had the 43 (Bobby Labonte) right on me. The whole No. 11 team was coming to the front. We felt like our car was really good and it was just a complete road block. I had to just choose who I was going to hit basically."

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