Dover: Newman post race interview

RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 alltel Dodge Avenger) Finished 2nd NOTE: Newman scored his best finish of the season and his fourth top-10 finish in the last five races. Newman's runner-up finish was the best by a Dodge driver in 2007. Newman has moved up...

RYAN NEWMAN (No. 12 alltel Dodge Avenger) Finished 2nd

NOTE: Newman scored his best finish of the season and his fourth top-10 finish in the last five races. Newman's runner-up finish was the best by a Dodge driver in 2007. Newman has moved up from 26th to 16th in the last five races. He's only 47 points out of 12th place with 13 of 26 regular-season races remaining. Newman also picked up his second straight pole and third of the season at Dover.

"Our thoughts go out to the France Family today. Obviously it's a tough day in respect to that. I didn't know Bill France Jr. real well, but obviously he helped build the sport. Without him and his dad the sport wouldn't be what it is and it's going to change with him gone. They've got a big, strong family and they'll stand by his memory and help NASCAR keep growing as well. My condolences go out to the France Family.

"It was a good day for the alltel Dodge. Congratulations to Martin. He did an excellent job, and he's an excellent driver. He definitely likes this racetrack, and that's unfortunate for me. His entire team did a great job, and my entire team did a great job. Just to be up front all day and lead a lot of laps is a great feeling, even on Monday. Believe it or not I get out of the car with a smile, but I get a smile driving the car, too. It's nice. These guys are doing a good job. We've just got to keep working on it. We're not in the best points' position. We've got to stay focused on that. We don't have anything to give. We have to keep taking.

"Nothing really changed for us during the race. We just didn't have the speed he had. They did a good job tuning on his car. I don't know if they made it any faster. He was fast from the get-go. He was just in the back traffic wise. It was a good run for our alltel Dodge, something to build on for sure. We said we've had strong COT performances, just not the results and these are the results we've been looking for. His car was fast al the way through except maybe for the first 10 laps. Outside of that, he was the car to beat.

"It was a hot and cold day, but it was a good run for the alltel Dodge. I've got to thank everybody at Penske Racing for keeping with us. We'll keep doing it. With finishes like this, good things will come. I think we've had a good program from the get-go. We just haven't had the results to post.

"For Martin to get his first win today was awesome. I've got to congratulate their whole team. We just didn't have the fastest racecar. It was nice to have long runs and an accident-free race for the most part. It was a good run for us and we're looking forward to the rest of the season. It's really nice to get a good finish. We've had some good runs, just not good finishes, and that makes a big difference."

"Michael Nelson (crew chief) and the guys did an awesome job in the pits today. I don't think they could have done any better, and that's all I can ask for. Our car just wasn't quite fast enough to beat the 1 car at the end. Martin drove a smooth race and did an excellent job. He was patient at the same time.

"He was having a good restart. One time I got such a good restart I pulled all the guys in my high line past the lapped cars and that wasn't quite ideal I'd rather have them race it out a little bit. I had a little strategy there and he noticed it. It didn't matter after awhile because we had long green runs at the end and our car wasn't as good as Martin's on the long run. It was good. I can't complain. It just wasn't quite fast enough.

"We've got a good start (four top 10s in last five starts), but we've got to be better than that with what Gordon and Jimmie Johnson are doing as far as putting their numbers up. That's not going to beat 'em. It's a good comeback for us, but hopefully we're working uphill and haven't reached our peak yet. This was definitely a lot better (at Dover) than last year. The car is riding good and driving good. When you finish second after driving 400 miles here and lead as many laps as we did, I can't really complain too much.

"He started out a little looser than we did and that made his car a little better at the end, but I felt like I was on the loose side at the start even though I was a little faster than him. I couldn't afford to be much looser. Our car tightened up a little bit, and I'm sure his did, too. I think from about the fifth lap on through a run he was quicker. We'd pull out four or five car lengths, maybe 10 at one point there, but he just kept inching in. Even here at Dover the dirty air is still a big part of the racing. Even when he was behind us he was still faster, so he had a fast car.

"I commend NASCAR's decision to cancel the test here. It would have been nice to get the experience in testing. I feel like we have a good program when it comes to that, but just to get a couple of extra days at home is definitely nice with the situations we've had with Mother Nature killing our vacation here this year it seems. Outside of that it didn't seem like it took us a whole lot to adjust to the COT at this racetrack. I guess it's the new car now."

-credit: dodge motorsports

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