Dover: Kyle Busch - GM Top-10 interview

KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGGS'S MONTE CARLO SS, WEEKLY TOP-10 BEHIND THE HAULER CHAT Q. Is there something that you want to start with, that you want to say about your probation? "Not really, no." Q. Kyle, do you think the penalty was ...


Q. Is there something that you want to start with, that you want to say about your probation?

"Not really, no."

Q. Kyle, do you think the penalty was fair?

"From their record book, and they way things have been going here lately, it seems that it was fair and it seems that it was consistent with what NASCAR has been doing in the past, so that is what they came up with and that is what we had to take on in order to come back to race."

Q. Do you know what exactly probation means?

"The probation has to do with the off-track stuff, it doesn't have anything to do with on-track contact, and it's mainly on-track activities."

Q. Are you more concerned with missing the Chase by just 25 points?

"I am more concerned with missing the Chase by 25 points, because that put us back to 10th in points, so we have some ground to make up. We have lost over 200 points or so within the past 4 weeks, so there is definitely some ground where we need to improve on and try bring ourselves back up a little bit, and try to run consistent again and try to bring home our top-5's and top-10's in order to keep ourselves on the Chase."

Q. Do you regret what you did last week?

"Of course. It is a tough situation to go through, for anyone to go through, there have been those instances in the past and you try and learn from other's experiences. You never know the severity of it until you do it yourself. I hate that it happened and I am just going to go on with what did happen because that is the only way to do it."

Q. Have you had a conversation with your crew and crew chief?

"Oh yeah, our crew chief (Alan Gustafson), Mr. Hendrick and I sat down and we talked a bit. There are no hard feelings from Alan, and the guys, every time I walk through the shop, they are smiling, happy to be where they are at, and working the way that they are working, and stuff like that. They have always been very receptive to myself and have always been able to come up to me and talk to me if they have an issue, or anything like that, and they just keep telling me to keep going out there and drive the way that I drive and drive the wheels off the thing."

Q. Have you talked to Casey (Mears) at all?

"No sir, I have not."

Q. Casey (Mears) said that you need to learn how to react to things better and grow up a little bit, how do you react to that comment?

"You know, it's his comment. But for myself, you know, I am who I am, and he is who he is, so there is different ways people go about doing different things and maybe I can do something a little bit differently. I definitely need to work on that myself and try to figure out what that might be."

Q. Do you have a hot temper, or when things happen, that moment, the blood just rushes? What is it?

"Yeah, pretty much. Especially after taking a hard lick the way that was and we had a car that was capable of winning. We were coming through the field, some people may not recognize that, we came from 28th on that one pit stop and drove all the way up to 8th on that one run, and it was a tough position. The track was so hard to pass on, and we made up some good ground anyways, and we were coming through, that it's tough not to hold that emotion back and keep that frustration under control, and there is a point of no return, and we stepped over that."

Q. Jeff Burton talked earlier today, and he said that there are so many vehicles for you guys to express yourselves, and he said with five minutes later, you would have had a camera and a microphone in your face and millions of people there, do you think about that now, are there better ways to express your frustration?

"Yeah, I mean there is probably a better way about doing that. The easiest way would have been if my car would have still been drivable, I would have driven it back to the garage area, gotten out and walked in the hauler, and probably would have torn the lounge up. But not having that opportunity, and being stuck out on the race track the way I was; it just wouldn't go anywhere, the first thing that comes to mind was that. That was obviously the worst thing that could have came to mind."

Q. It wasn't that you were angry from the past with Casey (Mears) because he really couldn't control what he did to bother you, was there something from the past, some had speculated that?

"Yeah there was. It wasn't that on-track stuff that happened right there that flared me up."

Q. What was it?

"It has to do with what we've had happen in the past. There was Daytona, there was Las Vegas, there was Phoenix, I believe it was. There has been some areas there where he has had some words, but he hasn't had words with me."

Q. Do feel like you are getting a fair shake from the other drivers, they are pointing their fingers at you, maybe it was your fault, maybe it wasn't.

"It is hard to say, mainly this has to do with opinions, there is not a lot of facts; factual things stuff that everyone can point at me, it has a lot to do with opinions, and everyone has an opinion of how I drive on the race track, and how that kind of stuff happens. They also have opinions on how I am off the race track. The thing is, I show everyone the wrong side of me, and there is a different side outside the race track, and that is what my guys love about me, is that I am not who I am to who I show everybody who I am."

Q. On things that frustrate him and how he handles it:

"It's tough to try to change the way you want to be out at the race track. You're out here doing as much as you can to make your car as fast as you possibly can and try to win the race and everything every week. Competition is so stiff sometimes you get frustrated that way. Today we were up at about 10th on the board in race trim the whole time and we went out in qualifying trim and ended up 30th. That's frustrating. It's like 'What happened? Why are we 30th?' You try to make sure you still keep the guys pumped up cause you're kind of the quarterback or the team leader. You come back to the truck and talk it over and see what kind of changes you can make."

Q. On people seeing a different side of you that isn't you. Does that create a sense of anxiety inside of you?

"It does. I put it on myself so it's my problem. It's what I have to deal with. It's who I show everybody with what I am that gives them the wrong impression."

Q. Why has Dover been so good to you?

"I don't know why it's been good to me. Maybe because I run the three series. I love doing the triple here because it's a great opportunity for me to be able to keep up the with race track and what that entails. Running the Truck Series race, the Busch Series race and the Cup Series race, you're able to run pretty much every lap out there on the race track. It gives you a sense of where it's going and how it's going to change."

Q. Does the track normally change a lot?

"Oh yeah. It changes a lot. When you come here with no rubber on the race track especially this morning after it rained. From last night from truck practice, it started out pretty loose in the Busch car. We stayed loose. It might be a little bit tighter now with the way the rubber has been put down and what not especially in a race when you see guys moving around and stuff because they can't run the bottom because they're so tight they have to move up and try to find fresh concrete."

Q. What are the challenges of going to Pocono?

"For me I was able to go there a few years ago and run in the ARCA race when we were still able to shift. That was the funnest thing being able to run around there and shift and everything. Now it's kind of boring. You don't get to shift or anything. You just run around there and do what you can do. Pocono is a difficult track because there are three distinct corners to it. There's a couple distinct grooves that you can run through turn one but turn two is pretty much on the bottom and turn three is pretty much on the bottom. It's all about getting down along the long front straightway and having some horsepower."

Q. What are your three favorite tracks?

"Lowe's Motor Speedway, Kentucky and Las Vegas."

Q. Kyle Krisiloff has been criticized for being a young, aggressive guy. He said you two have talked this weekend. Do you have a chance to mentor him a bit?

"I tried to a little bit. I helped him somewhat in practice. He did a fairly good job in practice. He learned from what I was telling him and went out there and executed some of my ideas. He did a pretty good job of that. Qualifying, I don't know exactly what happened yet. I haven't been able to talk to him about that yet. He's been doing a fairly good job. He's torn up some stuff, just cosmetic things but he hasn't wrecked or hasn't had to put clips on. Maybe those are things where there's a little bit of calming down to but it is the Truck Series. You go out there and wear fenders out anyway in the Truck Series."

Q. On racing all three series this weekend:

"It's going to be fun. I enjoy it. I love racing with Billy (Ballew, team owner of the No. 51 Silverado). We always have some pretty good stuff normally. I'm looking forward to hopefully coming out of today with a good, strong finish again. If we can't get a win, hopefully it's somewhere within the top five just to have a good time and learn something about the track and what it will do tomorrow."

Q. On having a mentor:

"My biggest mentor that I go to and I'm able to talk with directly about anything is Rick (Hendrick). He's an awfully busy man sometimes and it's tough to be able to catch up with him. We're trying to plan a fishing trip. I want to go fishing with him. We ought to go down the Keys or something. That would be fun."

Q. Have you had a chance to think about what Rusty said? Does having a former champion talk about you like that put more weight into it?

"Rusty is a great ambassador to the sport and has been a champion in the past. A lot of people over the years have criticized him as well too if you go back and recall any of that. I wouldn't say he doesn't have the room to talk but he is an ambassador to the sport and has done a great job."

Q. People say Rick Hendrick really feels like you are a son to him. Is it hard to talk to him?

"He does. It's not hard to go in and have a meeting with Rick anytime. Sometimes it's about good stuff. We'll go in there and we'll talk and sit down about how my house is coming along or what he or I did last week or if he went fishing lately or if he did something that was neat or how little baby Ricky is doing and stuff. Meetings like what we had this week, he be may be here a little bit later in the week where you can ask him but he said he learned an awful lot about myself. He's always been receptive to being able to listen to me and I appreciate that."

Q. People think of you as rowdy Busch. How does that feel inside?

"With what happened, I was still worked up about the incident and what I had done driving on my way home. The day after then you start worrying about what is going happen, what is the penalty going to be, what are we going to have to deal with next. At the time I'm thinking this isn't a very good idea but I'll react later. I need to try to switch my mind back a little bit and say the reaction is not going to be very good so let's go back and do something different."

Q. Does Rick Hendrick tell you to calm down a little bit or does he tell you to be more of yourself?

"He tells me to be more of myself really. That's where I came from a little bit earlier. I show the wrong side of myself at the race track. I like to have a good time and joke around but it's so hard with 42 other guys who have their own agenda in what they do. They've got different plans off the race track. You can't always get their phone numbers and hang out with them because they may have different aspirations than what you do. My teammates, I never hang out with Jeff (Gordon), Jimmie (Johnson) or Brian (Vickers). They're always going off doing their own deal. They go to New York or out on their yacht. Maybe it's because I'm not invited but I never go with them."

Q. If you have another incident you are facing suspension. Is that going to change how you react?

"Of course. If that happens again, which it won't because I know what the consequence is going to be, you basically have to go the Carl Edwards route. 'Oh shucks. Darn. We wrecked. We'll just have to come back and get them next week.' You're going to lose a fiery side but that's basically this what this sport has to endure now."

Q. Who are you friends here?

"You'd have to ask everybody else. I have a great relationship with my team guys, my teammates, my brother of course. Martin Truex, he's a pretty good friend of mine. Dale Jr., I've messed with him a little bit. We're not too terribly close or anything. Carl Edwards, I'm able to talk with him quite bit. David Green is a good friend of mine and Mark Green. If I ran down the list I could probably tell you I have a relationship with everybody but that who I can think of right now."

Q. How are you looking for this race weekend?

"I'm looking forward to it. I think we have a great race car. I don't know if we're going to qualify very well today (Friday). It's kind of a shame. I'm looking forward to being able to race the way that I've been able to race here. Our Busch car isn't too bad here. Hopefully I can make that thing a little bit better where I'm more confident in being able to run up front with that. I'm looking forward to the truck race. It's going to be cool."

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