Dover II: Pontiac Racing race quotes

BOBBY LABONTE, NO. 18 INTERSTATE BATTERIES PONTIAC GRAND PRIX (41st): ON HIS ENGINE FAILURE: "Something broke in the bottom end of the motor. It was just one of those things. There wasn't much we could do about it. "We were getting a little ...


ON HIS ENGINE FAILURE: "Something broke in the bottom end of the motor. It was just one of those things. There wasn't much we could do about it.

"We were getting a little better with the race car. We would have liked to have been out there to run all day to see if we could have gotten better or not. We did make good headway and then the bottom end let go."


"My butt is burnt and my feet are burning. It's a long day out here at Dover. But, it's a good place for us. We ran good all day. We didn't get any points on Mark [Martin], but we got some on the guys ahead of us there, so it's been a real productive day for us. We had a good day."

ON FEELING BURNED AFTER THE RACE: "Both of my heels are burned pretty bad. That, and my butt is a little bit red and sore. But, my feet are what really hurt right now. It's hard to walk on them even. It must have been a lot hotter than we all thought. Long green flag runs get the floor pans hot. That's the only thing I can think of as to why my feet got burned. I had new heel guards on today.

"It didn't affect the finish or the outcome or anything. They really didn't get sore until after Matt [Kenseth] got by me."

ON THE RUN: "That's a solid top five for us. We ran good all day. We had a good car. I thought we were going to have the car to beat, but as the race went on - we followed Jimmy Spencer for 20 or 25 laps, watching him oil the track down and he kept moving around on the racetrack, so you couldn't move around and find a clean spot. It was just flat dirty. Once we got to that stage of the race and once that oil got down we knew we couldn't keep the pace we were on."

ON THE SKIP IN THE MOTOR: "I'm not sure what happened. We just had an intermittent miss. It would come and go. It would do it once or twice down each straightaway and occasionally once through the corners every now and then. But, we don't know what it was."

ON JIMMIE JOHNSON TYING HIS ROOKIE RECORD FOR WINS IN A SEASON: "I think it's great. He's definitely well deserving of it. He's done such a good job this year. He's been very, very smart. He's raced very smart for a rookie this year. I'm just happy to see him get it done. He's a great guy. We're friends and I couldn't think of a better guy that I would rather have tie my record than Jimmie."


"The Home Depot Pontiac was a lot better today than it was yesterday. We made an awful lot of changes this morning. We had a good race car the first 250 or so laps, but we lost a little bit at the end there. We had a skip [in the motor] probably the last 150 laps that would come and go.

"When it was there it cost us two tenths. When it went away we were OK. Then, that last pit stop, we were a little tight. When the skip was there it made it worse, so we freed it up a little bit and it kind of hurt us there that last run. We were a little too free.

"We gained a little bit on some people, but lost [points] to two cars. But, it's a top five. The team ran good again. This whole group of people did a good job."

ON THE NEW TIRE HERE: "It was actually kind of fun. It fell off. You had to come in and put tires on. It was kind of like Dover of past, without a lot of tire problems - nothing compared to normal, so I think that is a huge improvement. My hat's off to[Goodyear]. I know they take a lot of criticism, but they're willing to come back and keep working at it. To me, this looked like it was a big improvement. You didn't run around here every lap like you were qualifying. Your shock and spring package had to be good and you saw it with nine cars or something on the lead lap. That's kind of how racing at this place used to be."


"We struggled there for quite a while. We actually went back - I'm not even sure how far back we went. But, that's no excuse. Mark [Martin] started in the back and ended up second. We just worked and worked hard. We were just off a little bit and getting that lap down really hurt us. We passed some guys that were on the lead lap there at the end - probably four of them, so it's too bad we couldn't have stayed on the lead lap. But, in the same token, that is how it works. We'll still take 10th."


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