Dover II: Kenseth - Friday media visit

Matt Kenseth, driver of the No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion, is 11th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series point standings after last week's race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and trails leader Denny Hamlin by 136 points. He spoke with members of the...

Matt Kenseth, driver of the No. 17 Crown Royal Ford Fusion, is 11th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series point standings after last week's race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and trails leader Denny Hamlin by 136 points. He spoke with members of the media after Friday's Dover Cup practice.

HOW WAS YOUR TRIP TO WALTER REED YESTERDAY? "It was fun. It's the second time I've been there, but it's always fun to go up there and see some of the troops and hang out with them a little bit and talk to them."

SHOULD WINS BE TAKEN AWAY FROM TEAMS THAT ARE FOUND TO BE ILLEGAL AFTER THE RACE? "I just think they should be consistent, what that is. I don't know a lot about what was wrong or the penalty, but I think as long as they're consistent everybody is happy with that."

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON DOVER THIS WEEKEND? "I always look forward to coming here to Dover, so we'll look forward to trying to get qualified today and try to get our car a little better for tomorrow. We didn't start off good again off the truck, so hopefully we can get a good lap and learn some things in practice to be decent for Sunday. I always like coming here. I always look forward to it. It's one of the tracks I have a lot of confidence at, but you still have to get your car to go fast."

CLINT BOWYER SAID HE THOUGHT A LOT OF CARS WERE OVER THE EDGE AND HE WAS MADE AN EXAMPLE OF. DO YOU FEEL GUYS ARE OVER THE LINE WITH THEIR CARS? "I don't know a lot about it. NASCAR set the precedent early that they're gonna be real serious with this car and if anything is out of tolerance, that's what was gonna happen. That's why they give you a little bit of tolerance. Of course, with everybody being racers and trying to get everything you can out of it, you're gonna push as close as you can to the tolerance. Actually, I think if you look through the last six or seven years, there has probably been less people fined and fewer infractions and fines or penalities for things being wrong with cars than there ever has been. Like I said, I don't know a lot about it, but it seems like it happens less than it used to."

CAN YOU SPEAK TO THE CREW CHIEF CHANGE OF DREW TO THE 6 CAR AND WHAT THAT MEANS WITHIN THE ORGANIZATION? "I don't know much about that either. To be honest with you, I probably found out about the same time you guys did. I don't know a lot about what's going on there. Obviously, they're trying to get David to run better and UPS to run better I imagine. I think Donnie is certainly one of the better and more respected crew chiefs around the garage. I don't know the whole idea for the change. Drew is more than capable of doing the job as well, so I guess sometimes you just mix things up and hope they go a little smoother."

CAN CLINT RECOVER FROM LOSING 150 POINTS AND JUMPING 11 OTHER DRIVERS? "It depends how you run. If you run like Clint ran last week and can run like that in the top three or four every week, and be up there and lead laps and be in contention to win - you can make up a lot of points fast, and there are some races where people could lose a lot of points fast. You never know. Stranger things have probably happened, but it puts you in a pretty big hole. It's tough to come out of that, but the I think the first thing you've got to look at is their performance and see how they perform."

KANSAS IS NEXT WEEK. WHAT IS SIMILAR AND DIFFERENT TO THAT TRACK AND CHICAGO? "They're really similar from the time you drive in there. Everywhere looks a lot like Chicago. You can tell the same people built them at the same time. It's a good race track, it's just a little flatter than Chicago. I think that's about it. The pavement is about the same age and it acts a lot like Chicago. Some tracks are real similar. They're both good tracks."

WHAT DO YOU RECALL ABOUT YOUR CUP DEBUT HERE AT DOVER WHEN YOU SUBBED FOR BILL ELLIOTT? DID THAT GET YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE TODAY? "No, I think it's more than one weekend, but that weekend was obviously under unfortunate circumstances with Bill's father passing away. Once I got to get in the car and work with Mike Beam and Joe Garone and those guys it was one of the more fun days I've ever had at a race track. There was no pressure and no expectations. I wasn't planning on doing that, so I had about a half-hour to think about it. It was a lot of fun. It would be hard to duplicate that and have that much fun. I remember there was one time we were running second to Mark and we were ahead of Rusty and Gordon and Earnhardt and all those guys I used to watch. Every other week I was watching the race on TV on Sundays, and I got to race against a lot of those guys. Like I said, it was probably one of the most fun times I've ever had in a race car, honestly. We had a good time."

DID THEY RECRUIT YOU THAT DAY OR THE DAY BEFORE? "No, it was about an hour before practice on Friday."

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