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KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S MONTE CARLO SS - Sidelined due to engine issues - Finished 40th WHAT HAPPENED? "In the motor somewhere. It is really a shame. Obviously the car was running really strong today. We were one of the best cars out...

KYLE BUSCH, NO. 5 KELLOGG'S MONTE CARLO SS - Sidelined due to engine issues - Finished 40th

WHAT HAPPENED? "In the motor somewhere. It is really a shame. Obviously the car was running really strong today. We were one of the best cars out there, we drove from about 20th up to third there that one run and we were catching the leaders every lap. It is just a shame. The Hendrick Motorsports engine department has always been very, very strong. They have always had great horsepower. Today we must have a problem in the top-end. Nothing came out the bottom. We must have broke a valve."




Retired from race due to crash from cut tire - Finished 41st

"The car was tight, I knew we were hard on the right-front tire because it was tight. I was just trying to baby it. I don't know why; I was riding my groove and like a lap before that I tried to go to the bottom. Damn, it's a long way from the bottom to the top when it (the tire) popped on the way in. It was a big hit.


KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 GM GOODWRENCH MONTE CARLO SS - Sidelined due to engine issues - Finished 32nd

ON WHAT HAPPENED: "I blew up. The guys have done a great job all year. That is the first time we had an engine failure and I don't know how long. Good day for the GM Goodwrench Chevrolet guys again. What do you do?

"I blew up a little bit early. These guys have done a great job getting the engines where they need to be. First failure we have had in a long time. We will be fine. Just keep racing."



YOU JUST SAID TO NEVER GIVE UP: "That's exactly right. Naturally we took advantage of having that number one pit stall and good track position but we lost track position and had to get it back. The car was really good on long runs. I'm just really proud of all the guys on the DuPont Chevrolet. Steve Letarte (crew chief) made some great calls. We had great pit stops. That last stop really brought us back into this thing. It got kind of crazy out there with guys getting in and out of sync and then running out of fuel. So we're pretty fortunate to come home third. That's what it takes to be up there in this Chase and running for this championship. Kenseth had the car to beat and the No. 31 (Burton) was tough there in the end as well. We've still got a little bit more work to do, but we've got some really good tracks coming up."



ON HIS RACE: "We just had an off day. I mean, we had a good car. We just kept losing track position for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately we had to pit out of sequence and got down a lap. We had a good car. I think track position was really important here. When we had track position, we would run up front and be strong. We had some problem in the pits and got caught behind, then had to stay out then stop on a green flag stop and the caution came out. That really got us behind, but the guys did a great job, worked really hard today, gave us a great race car. We just got out of sequence and it bit us. I hate it for us. It would have been a good day to capitalize on some things. We didn't lose a lot. But we missed a chance to gain some points."



ON HIS RACE: "We struggled a little bit. We're lucky we finished 21st today. We had a flat tire and we made some real poor pit calls. Hopefully we'll do better in the next several weeks. We've been lucky to be only a to only be 100-some (points) behind, that's pretty fortunate right now."

HOW DO YOU LOOK AT YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP HOPES WITH EIGHT RACES TO GO? "Hopes are great. We're a hundred points out with eight races. That's plenty. We just gotta do great, win some races."


KASEY KAHNE AND KYLE BUSCH FELL OUT EARLY - IS THIS AN EIGHT-MAN RACE NOW? "No, I think Kasey and Kyle Busch still got a shot. I don't know. It's going to be hard but you're never out of it."

YOU GAVE YOUR TEAM A PEP TALK LAST WEEK. HOW DO YOU THINK THEY REPSONDED? "We had pretty much the same performance this week so I'm not going to talk to them all this week; see if that works." (laughs)



ON THE ACCIDENT THAT COLLECTED KASEY KAHNE. "Wrecking is one thing, but when you take out somebody that's in the Chase, you've screwed up a whole team's year by one race. And of all people, it's one of my good friends (Kasey Kahne).

"I don't think this Chase thing was thought out well enough. Brian (France) is a smart guy. We'll see if he can make adjustments to make it right for these guys.

"But you look at what's going on right now. The guys that have an opportunity to win the Chase are guys that just don't have bad luck. That's all there is to it. It's not about anything else.

"Kasey (Kahne) can go out and win the rest of the races and not win the championship still. It's not about who's going to win the championship based on good finishes, it's going to be about guys who just don't have a bad day. That's all this Chase boils down to.

"It's hard to see it from the inside. It was hard to see it while I was in it, but when you're on the outside looking in, it's a lot easier to see how things can be affected. Kevin Harvick is out of the race and he's going to lose the point lead because of something that happened today, because he had a bad day and had bad luck with the motor.

"This Chase thing needs a lot of work, and it's not a matter of how many cars make the Chase. It goes a lot deeper than that."



"It is a really special win. This is really special to take this No. 31 Cingular Chevrolet back to victory lane. Especially with Jeff Burton. He was a little down there for a while. He has been trying really, really hard to get back to victory lane, I am just proud to be a part of getting him back there."



WELCOME BACK, IT'S BEEN 175 RACES SINCE YOU'VE BEEN TO VICTORY LANE: "That was a heck of a race. It is so much fun to race with Matt (Kenseth) and those guys. That was a hard race. I finally snuck by and then I think he ran out of fuel. I hate to see that. That was a tough race.

"I am just so appreciative of Cingular and all my sponsors and everybody on this car that stuck with us through some times that weren't so good. I just want to thank Richard (Childress) for believing in me and for all the hard work that this team has done to resurrect our team and brought me back with it and I am so appreciative of it.

"It has been a long time since we won one of these races. I felt if we just kept putting ourselves in position we would have a chance. We have been doing a good job of that this year. We didn't lead until the end today and we were right when it counted. The things we were struggling with, we did the best today. The last pit stop and the strategy are what won the race. These guys laid it all out and we beat like three cars off pit road and when you see how close it was, man that was the difference between winning and finishing second.

"Matt is such a great racer and that is such a great race team that I knew when I got to him it wasn't going to be easy and take a long time because he was running the top and I was running the bottom. Finally I just drove in there a little deeper than I should have and the back end rolled around and I just got in the gas and it stuck. It was just our time.

"It feels so good to have the support of these guys (team members and teammates) and so many people. When things aren't going well, you just can't quit; you have to keep fighting.

"This thing isn't over, we have eight to go, this deal isn't over. This win is a great deal, but we can't lose focus on what we have going the next eight weeks.

"I will take the points lead and a great weekend for RCR with the sweep, it is really good. I am really proud of the effort of everybody at RCR, not just my Cingular Chevrolet team, but all 360 employees at RCR. They have all stepped it up and are doing an incredible job."

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