Dover II: GM drivers race quotes

JOE NEMECHEK, NO. 25 UAW/DELPHI CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO: "I'm good (not hurt). I'm not sure what happened there. We lost a right front tire going into the corner. I don't know if I ran over something or what. We'd been just a little bit tight and...


"I'm good (not hurt). I'm not sure what happened there. We lost a right front tire going into the corner. I don't know if I ran over something or what. We'd been just a little bit tight and I'd been taking it real easy on that right front. It just let go going into the corner. It's one of those deals where when I let go; there was nothing I could do. I just tightened my HANS up and it was the best I'd ever felt after I hit something."


"I'm not real sure what happened. I know that something big broke. What a day. Bobby (Labonte) missed a shift on the start and messed up my left front. I got a lap down but was able to get it fixed under that next caution. But we had a great car. For the fifth straight week, we've had cars that I've been real proud of but nothing to show for it. I'm real thankful for the team's effort and we'll get them back. But we're not getting hurt. The races will come around."


"We lost an engine. It came at the very worst time. We'd gotten our lap back and we were absolutely a top-10 car and continued to improve to the point that we were fifth in line there on the race track. It just blew up. We lost one (engine) in practice and we lost one in the race. I'm just disappointed. The engine program didn't even exist a year ago. So you've got to be realistic. I really appreciate all those guys, but I can't hide the frustration because it just really works against you."


"We made real progress today but something just let go in the engine. The car was running pretty good and we got a lot of valuable experience. So we'll come back in Charlotte and go after it then."


"This feels good. I knew if we just kept working at it that we'd have a good strong day. I'm glad it came here in Dupont's backyard down the road from Wilmington. I thought we were going to be better than that. We had a car there a couple of times that was a top three car, we thought. So to come out here with a top five after the way our last month and a half has been, is good. We'll take it. We're happy with that."

WHY DID SO MANY GUYS SEEM TO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH TIRES TODAY? "It's just a very tight race track, so you get very aggressive in the right corner of the car to really get the car to turn and sometimes that will eat that tire up and abuse the tire. And sometimes you've got to start down on pressure too because my right front kept building it up so much because I was so tight. So all the things you can do to fix it are potential tire problems."

IS THIS A TURNING POINT FOR THE TEAM? "We've been performing good. We just haven't been putting it together there at the end. We still missed it just a little bit there at the end to take us out of contention for the win. But we made good adjustments and the car was probably as good as it was all day long there at the end. The way our last month and a half has been, I'll take a top five."


"It was a good day for the GM Goodwrench Chevy. We ran five laps down here in the spring running as hard as we could last time and to come back and finish in the top five today is a credit to all these GM Goodwrench guys. We didn't want to adjust too much and knock ourselves out because we thought we were capable of finishing in the top five the way we were. So we just did small adjustments and then really just picked at it but could never get the push out of it."

"We had a great car in the beginning and just a slight push in the center at the end. But we had great pit stops and moved up to second in the points. If we keep having runs like this the rest of the season, it'll be a great thing for this team."

"Dover is one of my worst tracks so it's good to come here and run in the top five all day like we did. It's a credit to how hard these guys on this team are working. We might have been able to pick up a little more on that last run, but we didn't want to over-adjust. We kept it to simple changes and it paid off in the end."

TONY EURY SR., NO. 8 BUDWEISER CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO - On the race today and Dale Earnhardt Jr's condition -

"We had a good car. It was just a stupid call on track position. If a man is not capable of getting his lap back, he doesn't need his lap back. These leaders run the race hard all day to lap people and get them a lap down and NASCAR gives it back to them. So, it's a stupid rule and it's going to be stupid as long as they use it."

HOW IS DALE JR? "He's fine. The track crew said he was knocked out. So they're going to take him (to the hospital) and give him a scan and make sure his head is okay. But he's fine. I talked to him. He's got a bump on his foot and a raspberry on his arm. Other than that, he's fine. We were kind of worried when he didn't get out of the car. But he said the track crew wouldn't let him get out of the car. He was trying to get out but they made him stay in the car because they thought he was unconscious when they got there. He says he wasn't, but they he was. So they just made him stay in there until they could get him out themselves. I just talked to him and he's fine."

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