Dover II: Ford Racing race quotes

TODD BODINE-26-Discover Card Taurus (finished 40th) "Something internal in the motor. It's pretty much terminal. Came in there just to check it out and make sure we weren't going to drop any fluids, it wouldn't even crank after. So, it's a shame.

TODD BODINE-26-Discover Card Taurus (finished 40th)

"Something internal in the motor. It's pretty much terminal. Came in there just to check it out and make sure we weren't going to drop any fluids, it wouldn't even crank after. So, it's a shame. I think this is like the seventh car we broke this year between Joe and myself. That's unlikely, that's unheard of for a Robert Yates motor to blow up and we've had seven. It's really disheartening. We had a really good car. I messed up on a pit stop, put us way in the back, and worked our way all the way back through. Got spun out by John, went to the back, came all the way back up through, we were like 13th, car running great. Get in the open traffic, the car was as fast as the leaders. So, we had a good race car. Discover Card, it's a shame for them. Great people, great sponsor. Looking forward to a long future, hopefully, but we'll get 'em next week. I love Kansas."

TRAVIS CARTER, co-owner of the No. 66 World Berries Taurus (finished 39th) and No. 26 Discover Card Taurus-THOUGHTS ON HIDEO FUKUYAMA'S WINSTON CUP DEBUT.

"He had a pretty good car, it ran good. It just takes getting accustomed to. Stamina, I think he's kind of worn out and tired. It was a long, hard battle."

WERE YOU HAPPY WITH HOW THIS TURNED OUT? "Yes and no. We wanted to finish the race, but it just didn't work out that way today. And our 26 car had engine trouble again, the second week in a row, so we're kind of frustrated over that, too."

MARK MARTIN-6-Pfizer/Viagra Taurus (finished 2nd)

"We could get to him, but then the front end would push. It was an awfully great run by this whole Viagra team great pit stops. Put ourselves in a pitiful hole there on Friday with a dumb qualifying effort that we had. And, we dug our way out. Fast pit stops, fast race car. And, man, the 48 was fast there at the end. I mean, our car was pretty good. We could've made an adjustment on the last stop, but we decided not to because we just wanted to be conservative. We didn't wan to let something slip through our fingers. And I didn't really think we had a shot to win it, but maybe if we would've made that adjustment we would've give him more trouble."

MATT KENSETH-17-DeWalt Power Tools Taurus (finished 4th)

"It was a great run for the DeWalt Ford, really. We were way off on our setup at the beginning of the race and we were really struggling bad with it. And, we just kept adjusting on it all day and it took us all the way to our last pit stop to get it competitive. So, if we could've had a little better practice setup than maybe we could've got up there maybe one more spot, but the 48 was kind of in a league of his own today - him and the 6."

WERE YOU BETTER ON THE LONG OR THE SHORT RUNS? "Well, it seemed like most of the time we could level off a bit and be a little bit better in the long run. Them guys would take off quite a bit faster, then we'd get closer to their times toward the end of the run. But, that last run we were about a tenth off the leader the whole run, from beginning to the end, and that was the closest we'd been all day."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT HOW TODAY'S FINISH BUILDS ON YOUR SEASON? "Yeah, it's a great finish for us. We've had some problems the last few times we ran here, the last couple of times we didn't handle good, and last time we were on the pole and had some problems and blew a tire. So, it feels great to get out of here with a top-five finish."

RICKY CRAVEN-32-Tide Taurus (finished 9th)-"Yeah, it was good. It's tough, though, when you run that good and then it got away from us at the end. And, then we blew up at the end. Oh, well. When you consider all those things, it was a pretty darn good day."

JACK ROUSH, owner of the No. 6 Pfizer/Viagra Taurus, No. 17 DeWalt Power Tools Taurus, No. 97 Rubbermaid Taurus (finished 7th) and No. 99 Citgo Taurus (finished 6th)

ARE THESE THE TYPES OF DAYS THAT MAKE IT ENJOYABLE TO BE AT THE RACE TRACK? "I enjoy coming to the race track every day. We always learn things that are worthwhile. It's a continuum, there's not really end to an effort when we run our last race at Homestead this year, that will not be the end of something, it'll just be a milestone and we'll just take everything that's happened that's been positive and try to accentuate that going forward and, of course, stamp out and minimize all the minimum things that have happened. We're just anxious to go on and have a good end to the 2002 schedule, so that we can make our plans for the championships that all these guys are capable of as we're going down the road."

YOU AND MARK MAR HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR A LONG TIME. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU TO WATCH THIS UNFOLD THIS LATE IN THE SEASON? "We've got a string of one race here, we really run as good as we hoped we would. We've been real consistent. Mark's done a nice job of recovering from adversity and we haven't fallen out of races, and that's really the reason we're in contention. This is an odd year for the championship. Nobody has really taken off and had the kind of competitive performance that was irresistible that we've had in the past. There hasn't been anybody that's just really made a big run. We're hoping that we can do that now, that we can get ready and go win some of these races that are left and run up front all day."

ELLIOTT SADLER-21-Motorcraft Taurus (finished 25th)

"We had a pretty good car until we came in and made some adjustments. Just went the wrong way, and just our luck the way our luck's been all season, that was the time we had the long green-flag run and caught us a few laps down and it's just hard to make it up from there. But, we had a good car at the beginning of the race. We just went the wrong way a little bit. It was a tough day."

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