Dover II: Chevy teams race quotes

Tony Stewart, No. 20 The Home Depot Chevrolet (Finished 6th) ON TAKING A DAY THAT SEEMED TO BE HEADING DOWNWARD AND PULLING OUT A SIXTH-PLACE FINISH "It could've been worse because the car was much worse all day. But the guys kept working on it...

Tony Stewart, No. 20 The Home Depot Chevrolet (Finished 6th)

ON TAKING A DAY THAT SEEMED TO BE HEADING DOWNWARD AND PULLING OUT A SIXTH-PLACE FINISH "It could've been worse because the car was much worse all day. But the guys kept working on it and we kept battling back and we finished sixth."


WHAT DO YOU FEEL LIKE RIGHT NOW? "Kicking Robby Gordon's butt to be honest. It's racing. We'll get 'em back next week."

Jimmie Johnson, No. 48 Lowe's Chevrolet (Finished 10th)

WHAT WERE YOU TALKING ABOUT IN THE NASCAR TRAILER? "I was just trying to understand the whole pit road thing. It's a weird situation to be in. I guess they thought we were speeding. It's pretty odd. We sit down and take the first pit stall and I guess we stick out like a sore thumb if anything looks wrong or bad we're the only one moving at that point in time. We got hit by something today that I don't think was fair. I don't think we were speeding and I don't think was right. They don't have any computer system in place to back it up. It's just a stop watch. Let's take it from here. At least we established a good day out of it and got a top ten. We didn't lose too much ground and we'll be strong on the next one."

WHAT DID NASCAR TELL YOU? "They said I was speeding. I said that I wasn't."

ON YOUR PEFORMANCE DURING THE ENTIRE RACE "It was a good day. We had one set of tires where we got really tight, blistered the right front tire. It hurt us. We went down a lap at that point. Rather than that, we were probably a top four, top three car. We just got some bad track position with that call on pit road and then that set of tires after we had that penalty. Something was wrong with them. We got really tight and lost a bunch around then."

IS IT SURPRISING A STOP WATCH IS STILL BEING USED? "It is. If you pit down on the turn one side, everybody is running 500 to 1,000 rpm over. You're in a group with 15 guys and no one is going to get nailed. I'm down on the turn four side and leave my pit box strong like I would any other time and didn't even pass a car on the track. I left pit road the same place I went it and I'm speeding. I'm just dumfounded."

DO YOU SUSPECT THAT THOSE MEASUREMENTS AREN'T CONSISTENT WEEK TO WEEK, CAR TO CAR? "The measurements definitely are not consistent on the race track. And then the hardest thing is you have people with stop watches in their hands at start finish line and I'm at the other end of the race track a half mile away. They're at the start finish line looking down trying to look when their nose crosses the timing line to time it. We have enough technology where I think we can put something in place. They'll be a lot of people nailed for speeding but at least you have something valid and proven telling you why and what you did wrong. Right now it's all speculation. I feel I was right. They feel like I was wrong."


Bobby Labonte, No. 18 MBNA Chevrolet (Finished 14th)

"We had a good run. We're getting a little bit better, and we learned some things this weekend. We were pretty fast at the end. We lost one of our laps when we spun entering pit road (Lap 264) and had to come in for a drive-through penalty. I looped it after the commitment line and that cost us a little bit. I think that's only my second pit road penalty in my career. We had one at The Winston a couple of years ago during qualifying. Despite that though, we still had a good run compared to what we've had the last few races and that's encouraging. We're learning and gathering information and that's important. The guys are working hard and we'll continue to work hard."

Jeff Burton, No. 30 America Online Chevrolet (Finished 33rd)

"We must of run over something and cut a right front tire. It's a bad day for us. We had a pretty good race car. We certainly didn't have a winning car but we were a sixth, eighth place car. We kept tuning on it. If we kept tuning on it, who knows what would have happened. We got a lap down early because we got penalized. That really hurt us. It was hard to get our lap back. We were finally in position to do that and we had a bad break. We'll get digging and get this AOL Chevrolet in Victory Lane."

DID YOU HAVE ANY INDICATION BEFORE THAT SOMETHING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN? "No, not really. The car wasn't as good as the run before. We made an adjustment. I thought it was just the adjustment. We had gotten slow, not terribly slow, but we were a little slower than we needed to be and that was the only indication there was a problem. If you slowed down every time you got slower than you wanted to be, you'd spend half your time in the pit. We must have run over something and had a slow leak or something because Goodyear builds awesome tires. I hate it. We got behind early. We pitted out of the box and that was cool we got penalized but NASCAR penalized us and put us a lap down when the field was coming around. We were essentially two laps down. That wasn't right. We deserved to pit but we didn't deserve to be penalized when they penalized us. That was a huge problem for us. The way they penalized us was wrong. They should of penalized us but they shouldn't of penalized us when they did and that put us where we never could get our lap back. We had a seventh, eighth place car but it would have been impossible to get our lap back because the way they imposed the penalty."

Brian Vickers, No. 25 GMAC Chevrolet (Finished 38th)

"We were pretty bad loose at the start of that race. I was just trying to move around and find the line that would work. Up high was working pretty good. I just kept going higher and higher and finally I just went too high. I got up in the marbles and went up and around. It was my bad."

"We were too loose. We were way too loose. We should have went in at the first stop but I didn't. In hindsight it's 20-20. That's just part of it, especially when you're loose and running real high like that. We were getting better especially up high. The car felt so good. I kept going higher and higher and finally got in the marbles."

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