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Bobby Labonte ...

Bobby Labonte #43 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge

"Track position is key no matter where we're racing, but it seemed to be even more important at Loudon. I have no doubts that the Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge could have raced up front last weekend, but we started mid-pack because of qualifying getting rained out and it was tough to make that ground up. If Mother Nature would give us a break and let us take our qualifying laps it would help us a lot. I've qualified well at Dover in the past. It would be a good place to get back on our qualifying schedule. We've had good cars lately and we know we can qualify well."

"Dover has been one of our best tracks over the last several years. We've qualified well, we've raced well and we need to do both this weekend. Dover is tough. It's hard on drivers and equipment. By now everyone has heard about shocks and bumpstops. It seems like we talk about them every week. They are critical at Dover, especially your front shocks. You're almost driving uphill when you come off the corners at Dover, then the car settles really hard on the front shocks. The shock guy will be one of the most important crew members this weekend.

"I always look forward to Dover. The track itself is one of my favorites, but they also get the drivers involved in some cool appearances too. In the spring we taped a cooking show at the casino with Chef Fred and General Mills. That was a lot of fun and the food was good. This time we have a charity billiards tournament. I'll have to say, I can hold my own on a pool table so the others better be ready. Sitting behind a table and signing autographs is fine and I have a good time doing it, but who wouldn't rather shoot some pool?"

* In Labonte's 32 starts at Dover International Speedway he has scored one win at the track, which came in 1999.

* He has amassed a total of 11 top-5s and 14 top-10 finishes at the track.

* Labonte's most recent top-10 finish at Dover came in 2006 when he finished seventh.

* He has won the pole three times at The Monster Mile and has started within the top-10 on 15 occasions.

* Last year Labonte qualified third for the 'spring' race and eighth for the 'fall' race.

* Labonte will be involved in a celebrity billiards tournament on Friday from 7-8:30 PM in the ballroom of the Dover Downs Casino.

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