Dover: Harvick - Friday media visit

KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 SHELL/PENNZOIL CHEVROLET met with members of the media at Dover International Speedway and discussed his truck sponsorship, the green-white-checkered, his consistency in the season to date, and more. ABOUT DOVER BEING A BIG...

KEVIN HARVICK, NO. 29 SHELL/PENNZOIL CHEVROLET met with members of the media at Dover International Speedway and discussed his truck sponsorship, the green-white-checkered, his consistency in the season to date, and more.

ABOUT DOVER BEING A BIG CHALLENGE "Yeah, every week is a big challenge in some way, shape or form but we have run good here the last couple times here and I am looking forward to getting going today and just seeing where we are and going from there. It's a fun race track and I enjoy coming here because you can be really aggressive and push the car further than you would at some other places and use the banking to your benefit. So it's a fun place to race."


REGARDING REPLACING THE LONGHORN SPONSORSHIP AND THE NEW FEDERAL LAW THAT PROHIBITS TOBACCO MARKETING "Yeah, at the end of June obviously Longhorn comes off the truck and we have known that for about a year now so they have about half of them sold and the truck will run every week regardless, but still looking for sponsorship for about half of those races for the second half of the Truck Series season."

DO YOU THINK ITS RIDICULOUS FOR SOME TO THINK THE CHAMPIONSHIP IS DOWN TO TWO DRIVERS, DENNY HAMLIN AND JIMMIE JOHNSON WHEN YOU ARE LEADING THE POINT STANDINGS? AND CAN YOU ANSWER BOB'S QUESTION? "Well, you look at the way we started the year and we had a mechanical failure at Martinsville or it would be 200 points so the best way I can tell you to look at it is that its ten races and if we can beat them in the first ten, we can beat them in the last ten. And you can't have your car fall apart, then win three races and then have your car fall apart in the other races. So it's not about winning every week, you have to run ten races at the end of the year to put it all together."

DID YOU THINK ABOUT DOING THE TRIPLE THIS WEEKEND SINCE THE RACES ARE ALL SPREAD OUT OVER THREE DAYS? "No, my truck schedule has been set pretty much for what it is and we split that up with Elliott at the companion races. So our schedules have been pretty much set on the truck side for a while and most of that stuff is done in November or December based on sponsorship and things like that."

GIVEN YOUR POSITION IN THE STANDINGS YOU WOULD THINK THAT YOU WOULD BE HAPPY, BUT YOU SEEM A BIT ORNERY. IS IT BECAUSE YOU WERE DISAPPOINTED ABOUT YOUR QUALIFYING EFFORT LAST WEEK OR ARE SICK OF ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CONTRACT? "I really just don't like any of the racetracks we go to, based on past history, in the month of May to be honest with you. There isn't anything wrong with the race tracks but just for us statistically and performance wise it hasn't been our best month.

"I look at Charlotte as our worst race track and I look at Darlington as our second-worse race track and this has not been great track for us statistically so there is just not a lot that I like in May and I think for me, last week was like a victory at Darlington and maybe we can have the same thing happen here and the same thing happen at Charlotte that will really tell us what the performance of our cars are.

"I think we have run well at Pocono and get to go to Indy and a lot of places that we really enjoy....Loudon and get to start going to a couple of road courses so it's just that this month is a challenge for the race tracks that we go to so it's that you have a lot going through your mind and just a lot of stuff going on and you are trying to stay focused on what we are doing to do the best that we can to not let those past results affect what you do now. Just for the fact that obviously just like last week at Darlington when we had a good result there, so for us it's been good."

DO YOU THINK THE FAN-FRIENDLY CHANGES LIKE THE GREEN-WHITE-CHECKERED FINISHES HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL AND WHAT HAS SURPRISED YOU ABOUT THAT?: "The green-white-checkered, you could argue that either way. I think it's obviously something that the fans really like. It's just kind of a crap shoot whether you have enough gas, whether you have the right tire strategy, pit strategy, whatever you want to call it, as far as all that goes. I think the spoiler has been a great move. It seems like the racing has been really good since we put the spoiler on it. Everything seems to be going good from a performance side of it, on the race track with the racing itself."

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT HOW YOUR CONSISTENCY FEELS THROUGH THE FIRST 10 RACES OF THIS SEASON?: "That's what we do. Last year was abnormal for us because consistency has always been the strong point of RCR (Richard Childress Racing) and always our mechanical failures have been at a minimum. Last year we crashed a lot, we ran bad and we didn't make this 20th-place days into 10th-place finishes. Those are the things that we've always done well, we've always been good racers. Maybe not having the fastest car, but always seem to make something out of it. Those are the things we didn't do last year and this year we seem to have fast cars and when we have bad days, we can make those 10th, 11th, 12th-place finishes out of bad days. The cars were just way off last year and this year the cars have speed and they're more comfortable to drive and you can make good days out of bad days because you can get your car where it needs to be."

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE IDEA THAT BRUTON SMITH PROPOSED OF OFFERING A 20 MILLION DOLLAR BONUS TO WIN THE COCA-COLA 600 AND INDIANAPOLIS 500 ON THE SAME DAY?: "I think if he's really realistic about it then he should move his race to Saturday night. Move your race to Saturday night and put your money where your mouth is after that. Give everybody a realistic shot at it. Move the Coke 600 to Saturday night and let Tony Stewart and Juan (Pablo) Montoya and Casey Mears and all these guys that really, it's not a show if you don't give everybody a realistic shot. That way those guys can really prepare for it and be in the cars at the right time and then give them a fair shot."

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